Checklist for first time traveller to India

Visit Taj Mahal during first travel in India

India is a land of cultural diversity, various religions, countless languages, spiritualty, yoga, food to die for and not to forget Kamasutra. If are going to travel to India for the first time, or you have already reached India on your maiden visit, get ready to be dazzled. Never seen before colors, never-before tastes, smells, … Read more

Best river cruises in India for families and kids

River cruises in India

The rivers and backwaters of India have started attracting tourists from the World over. Indian river cruising has started booming in the last decade or so. So much so that the Indian tourism industry is trying to come up with interesting river cruise packages every year. Some prefer to sail gently along watching the greenery … Read more

Top 25 safety tips for women traveling solo in India

Safety for solo woman traveller in India

It isn’t easy being a solo woman traveler. Congratulations, on making the tough decision. Having said that, let us assure you that you are in safe hands – don’t worry – we present to you the top 25 safety tips for women traveling solo in India. People everywhere are kind and generous towards women, however … Read more