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Best river cruises in India for families and kids


The rivers and backwaters of India have started attracting tourists from the World over.

Indian river cruising has started booming in the last decade or so.

So much so that the Indian tourism industry is trying to come up with interesting river cruise packages every year.

Some prefer to sail gently along watching the greenery and wildlife on the side while some prefer to include pre-cruise and post-cruise elements to the trip and make it hectic.

Either way, we can help you find your perfect river cruise.

If you are open to exploring other cruises on a budget, we recommend

Best river cruises in India for families and kids
Best river cruises in India for families

1. Cruise the Brahmaputra river

Brahmaputra river which makes the whole of Northern India fertile originates in the Himalayas before flowing through the Assamese Valley and finally landing in the Bay of Bengal.

During this trip, the Brahmaputra winds through numerous UNESCO protected national parks, scenic routes, remote villages etc providing you a glimpse of the true north-eastern side of India.

This river cruise happens aboard the comfortable and well-designed MV Mahabaahu.

This is an all inclusive river cruise what with safaris by small boat, jeep and even elephant being part of the package.

As part of this river cruise, you will also meet Mishing, people living on the world’s largest river island.

Starting point: Guwahati, Assam
Ending Point: Jorhat, Assam
Duration of the river cruise: Seven nights
Name of the ship: MV MAHABAAHU
Approx cost of the river cruise: Starting from $2300 to $11200 depending on the cabin.

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2. Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and cruising Brahmaputra river

MV MAHABAAHU river cruise
River cruise ship MV Mahabaahu. Image: Mahabaahucruiseindia.com

The Pandaw Cruise company, which offers this river cruise calls it India’s Golden Triangle and the Brahmaputra.

This holiday is a nice opportunity to combine the beauty of North Eastern India with the grandeur of Northern India.

The ship for this river cruise will be the fabulously built MV Mahabaahu.

After the seven-night river cruise on the Brahmaputra, you head out to Delhi, Agra and then Jaipur in that order.

Once the Golden Triangle is explored, you head back to Delhi for a flight back to wherever you want to go.

Starting point: Guwahati, Assam
Ending Point: Delhi
Duration of the river cruise: Seven nights on the ship (with six on the road)
Name of the ship: MV MAHABAAHU
Approx cost of the river cruise: Starting from $3600 to $5000 depending on the cabin.

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3. Cruising Holy Ganges and Hooghly

You have the choice of an upstream or a downstream cruise with this exciting cruise being offered by Pandaw Cruise Company.

This cruise is an opportunity to pay for one and travel on two rivers – the sacred Ganges and the charming Hooghly.

The view on the sides of the rivers is amazing and so are the people who form part of the civilization around the river bank.

The first and big part of this river cruise is on Hooghly, after which you land up in Patna.

From Patna you will take a train journey to Varanasi, where you will check in a five-star hotel. It is in Varanasi that you begin your cruise on the Ganges.

Starting point: Kolkata, West Bengal
Ending Point: Varanasi, Utter Pradesh
Duration of the river cruise: Sixteen nights
Name of the ship: RV Raj Mahal
Approx cost of the river cruise: Information isn’t available with us, but you can contact information@pandaw.com for the available options.

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4. Cruising the backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala is a unique set of river-lets that meander past palm tree, rice paddies, and lush-green villages before flowing peacefully into the Arabian Sea.

You have the option of landing in Kerala and booking one of the numerous houseboats for your cruise.

Kerala backwaters cruise
There are thousands of such houseboats on the Kerala backwaters and your hotel should be able to guide you to one. Image: Luxoindia.com

However, if you prefer luxury you can opt for the Kerala backwaters cruise offered by Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. 

Their river cruise package is perfect for travelers who prefer to pace their holiday and love soaking in the local cuisine and culture.

These two and three-night itineraries aboard the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda takes the cruise-lovers through the waterways of what is known as the “Venice of the East.”

Allepey is 82 km from Cochin International airport.

Oberoi cruise Vrinda
The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda cruising the backwaters of Kerala. Image: Oberoihotels.com

Starting point: Alleppey, Kerala
Ending Point: Alleppey, Kerala
Duration of the river cruise: 2-3 nights (as per your choice)
Name of the ship: Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda
Approx cost of the river cruise: $2500 for a two-night cruise

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