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Széchenyi Baths Cabin or Locker – which is better?

Do you know your Széchenyi Baths entry ticket allows you to choose between a locker or cabin facility?

Unlike other spa facilities, this choice is essential because you’ll need one of them to securely store your belongings while you enjoy the indoor and outdoor baths.

Let’s explore the differences between these two options to help you make the best choice for your visit.

Cabins or lockers – what offers better privacy

Private cabins at the Szechenyi Baths
Image: szechenyifurdo.hu

At Széchenyi Baths, cabins offer a higher level of privacy than lockers.

While the cabins are not spacious rooms, they are designed to comfortably accommodate one person. 

Couples and families can also make use of this facility to change one at a time.

If you buy tickets with lockers, you’ll need to use the public changing rooms designated for women or men. 

There, you can change and store your belongings in the lockers provided. 

However, if you prefer privacy, cabins offer an ideal solution, providing a more private space for changing and storing your belongings securely.

Inside the cabins, guests will find a clean and purposeful environment, with no frills or unnecessary distractions.

Overall, the privacy of the cabin allows visitors to enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience, unlike lockers, which are communal and open. 

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Lockers or Cabins – what’s more convenient?

Convenience is important as it makes your visit as smooth and hassle-free as possible. 

That said, cabins offer a more comfortable and inviting environment compared to lockers. 

One of the key conveniences of the cabins is their spaciousness.

Lockers resemble standard wardrobe-style boxes typically found in train stations, equipped with a lock for security. 

They measure 120x30x65 cm (1200x300x650 mm) in size. 

On the contrary, cabins are small cubicles or changing rooms that also offer storage facilities. 

With closed doors and a private space, visitors can relax and prepare for their bathing experience without feeling rushed or exposed.

Lockers, while functional, may lack the same level of comfort and privacy provided by cabins. 

In short, the convenience factor of the cabins at Széchenyi differs from that of the lockers due to their enhanced privacy, space, comfort, and versatility. 

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Is locker more affordable or cabins?

Lockers at Szechenyi Baths
Image: szechenyifurdo.hu

When it comes to affordability, there’s a noticeable difference between cabins and lockers at Széchenyi Baths.

While cabins offer enhanced privacy and a more spacious changing area, lockers are budget-friendly and come at a slightly lower price of €2

The additional amenities and privacy provided by cabins justify the faintly higher price tag, making them a preferred choice for visitors who prioritize comfort and privacy.

Lockers provide a more basic storage solution at a lower cost. 

They are included with the standard bath ticket and offer a secure place to store personal belongings while enjoying the baths. 

However, if you are on a budget or you feel like you don’t require the privacy of a cabin, lockers are a more affordable option.

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Wristband sensor – accessing Lockers & Cabins

Szechenyi Baths ticket wristband

Guests at Széchenyi will be provided with a Silicon wristband (also called Smart WristBand).

These wristbands contain a specific chip that acts as the key to accessing cabins and lockers throughout the facility.

Each cabin has its unique opening code generated by a computer system, which is stored on the chip in your wristband. 

This means that only you can access your designated cabin, providing an added layer of security and privacy.

If you forget your cabin, there are scanners located within the thermal baths that you can easily check. 

Simply hold your wristband against the scanner, and within 15 seconds, the scanner will display your cabin number, allowing you to locate it easily.

Similarly, lockers can also be opened and closed using your wristband. 

There is no special code generated for lockers, so you can choose any available locker upon arrival. 

Once you’ve packed your belongings inside, press your wristband against the locker’s door knob to securely lock it.

Using wristbands ensures that cabins and lockers remain secure while you enjoy the baths, saunas, and other facilities. 

Plus, with the wristbands being waterproof and comfortable to wear, you can be rest assured knowing that your belongings are safe throughout your visit.

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Safety boxes at the Baths

Safety boxes at the Szechenyi Baths
Image: szechenyifurdo.hu

Do you know that Széchenyi offers safety boxes for rent to secure your valuables?

While cabins and lockers offer secure storage options, some visitors may prefer extra security for their valuables. 

In such cases, you can inform the cashier and request to rent a safety deposit box. 

These boxes are not oversized but can comfortably accommodate smaller items like cameras, jewelry, passports, and other valuables.

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