Sydney Habour Bridge Climb – tickets, prices, day vs night, Pylon Lookout

Sydney Bridge Climb

The Sydney Habour Bridge Climb is one of the most popular activities in Sydney.

Under the guidance of trained guides, you will climb more than 1300 stairs through the outer archways of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to reach its highest point.

From the top, you see the beautiful Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and if the sky is clear the Blue Mountains too.

More than 2.75 Million people have climbed the bridge till now.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

1. Climb hours
2. Worth it?
3. Cost of Bridge Climb
4. Bridge Climb discount
5. BridgeClimb tickets
6. Day vs Night
7. Bridge Climb FAQs
8. Reviews
9. Bridge Climb or Pylon Lookout

Sydney Harbour Bridge hours

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is open 24 hours a day, 363 days a year.

The earliest Bridge climbs depart at 3:15 am, and groups of climbers keep going up till late at night.

For more details on when the day climbs, night climbs, Twilight climbs, and dawn climbs are scheduled, check out the tickets section.

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Is Sydney Bridge Climb worth it?

The Sydney Bridge climb is for people who love a little adventure and like to challenge themselves.

If you only want to see Sydney’s skyline, there are cheaper and easier ways. 

Sydney Tower Eye, for instance.

You won’t have to go through the climb – just get into a lift and reach the observatory in no time.

Whereas, the Sydney Bridge Climb will give you an adrenaline rush like never before.

Sydney skyline will also look prettier because of all the hard work that you would have put in the climb.

Besides, the bragging rights of having climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge is totally worth it.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge climb’s cost

There is no fixed number when we talk about the Sydney Bridge climb price.

This is because many factors affect the cost of the BridgeClimb.

1) The time when you want to climb – dawn, during the day, Twilight, or at night.

2) The age of the climber. All tourists 8 to 15 get a discount over the adult price

3) How far up you would want to go. Will it be the full-distance climb or will it be the much shorter ‘sampler’?

4) The climbing route you choose. Will it be the regular route or will it be the much shorter ‘Express’ route which takes you to the highest point faster?

The costliest ticket is around 388 AUD, and the cheapest Bridge Climb ticket you can buy for an adult is priced at 174 AUD.

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Sydney Bridge Climb’s discount

Officially, the only discount on Sydney Bridge Climb tickets is for children from age 8 to 15 years.

But not to worry, there is always a solution.

You can make a difference of 80 to 100 AUD on a full adult ticket by just making a few adjustments while booking your Bridge Climb experience.

Climbs during different timings are priced differently. So, you can always choose the one with the price you are most comfortable with.

Unfortunately, there is no discount for senior citizens.

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Sydney Bridge Climb tickets

Sydney Bridge Climb tickets
All the Sydney Bridge Climb tickets recommended below are smartphone tickets. Once you make the purchase, a confirmation gets emailed to you. On the day of your climb, you can show this email on your mobile and exchange them for physical tickets – and start your climb right away. 

There are three ways to experience a Sydney BridgeClimb.

You can book a Regular Climb (at dawn, dusk, day time or night), or you can book an Express Climb (a quicker route to the top) or you can opt for a Sampler Climb, to just get a taste of the experience.

With these Sydney Bridge Climb tickets, you get four extras –

  • Pylon Lookout ticket
    (No need to use this ticket on the same day as your climb)
  • Climber Certificate
  • A BridgeClimb cap
  • Photograph with the group you climbed with

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has four Pylons, and the South-East Pylon (also known as the Pylon Lookout) is both an observation deck and a Museum. Most climbers visit this Museum to learn about how the Sydney Harbour Bridge was constructed, its challenges etc.

Tip: Sydney Harbour Bridge tour tickets are very much in demand, so book early to avoid disappointment.

1. Regular Bridge Climb at night

Sydney Harbour Bridge night climb

During winter (in Australia June, July and August are the winter months!) the Sydney Harbour Bridge night climbs start before 5 pm.

During the summer months, they could start after 6 pm.

During this 3.5-hours night climb, you get to see Sydney’s spectacular skyline all lit up.

The night climb is quite thrilling, but tourists who have tried it say that by the time they get down the evening is almost over.

Adult ticket (16+ years): 268 AUD
Child ticket (8 to 15 years): 188 AUD

On the ticket booking page you must select ‘Bridgeclimb Summit: Night’

2. Regular Harbour Bridge climb during day

Sydney Harbour Bridge day climb

The day climbs start as early as 9 am (during peak times these can start much earlier as well).

Day climbs usually stop by 3 pm in summers and 2.30 pm in winters.

Many tourists try and target the last day climb of the day so that they can experience the sunset on the way back.

Adult ticket (16+ years): 308 AUD
Child ticket (8 to 15 years): 208 AUD

On the ticket booking page you must select ‘Bridgeclimb Summit: Day’

3. Regular Sydney Bridge climb at twilight times

Sydney Harbour Bridge twilight climb

This is the most popular Sydney Harbour Bridge climb tour because tourists get to see the sunset from a vantage point.

Therefore, this BridgeClimb is priced higher.

During winter, start times of the twilight climb can be as early as 3 pm.

In summers these climbs start around 4 pm.

Adult ticket (16+ years): 374 AUD
Child ticket (8 to 15 years): 268 AUD

On the ticket booking page you must select ‘Bridgeclimb Summit: Twilight’

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge Express Climb

Sydney Bridge climb can be a little time consuming and tiring. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge Express Climb takes you through a shorter and faster route. It is a whole new experience in itself.

In the Regular Climb, you go up 1,332 steps while in the Express version, you climb along the lower arch of the Sydney Bridge over 1,002 steps.

Adult ticket (16+ years): 320 AUD
Child ticket (8 to 15 years): 216 AUD

On the ticket booking page you must select ‘Bridgeclimb Summit Express’

5. BridgeClimb Sampler

As the name suggests, the sampler is a “sample” of the original climb.

This option is perfect for those who do not have much time to devote to the climb or those who have a fear of heights.

This climb takes you to half of the original height of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This pocket-friendly option lasts 90 minutes.

Adult ticket (16+ years): 175 AUD
Child ticket (8 to 15 years): 150 AUD

On the ticket booking page you must select ‘Sampler Climb’

6. Vivid BridgeClimb Sydney

Vivid Bridge Climb in Sydney
BridgeClimb on Twitter

The VIVID bridge climb lets you be a part of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge light show during the VIVID Sydney 2020.

This climb is only available during VIVID Sydney 2020 celebrations from May 22 to June 13.

You can experience the fantastic light show from the top of the city.

If you’re visiting the city during this period, do not miss this opportunity.

Adult ticket (16+ years): 272 AUD
Child ticket (8 to 15 years): 190 AUD

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Bridge Climb: Day vs. Night

Deciding whether to climb during the day or the night can be a little overwhelming as both the options have their own unique benefits.

With the day climb, you get the beautiful view of the sun shining at the opera house and the city glowing under the sunlight.

It is also perfect for taking pictures and leaving the evening free for further entertainment.

Whereas, the night climb gives you the glowing view of the sparkling city lights and bustling nightlife of the city.

The temperature is more relaxed, and the effort doesn’t seem as tiring.

However, by the time you are done with the climb, you won’t have much evening time to spend elsewhere.

If you are stick stuck, how about a climb in between the day and night slots –  twilight, dawn or the last climb of the day?

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Sydney Bridge Climb FAQs

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

If you are planning to climb up the Sydney Bridge you are sure to have lots of questions.

We try and answer them for you.

1. How many Sydney bridge climb steps are there?

On the Bridge Climb route, climbers scale 1332 stairs and then climb down the same number.

On the Discovery Climb, which also known as BridgeClimb Sampler tourists climb 1002 stairs and then walk down the same number.

2. How many people climb as a group?

Each climbing group is made up of a maximum of 12 to 14 tourists.
This limit is never crossed to provide a personalized experience.

3. What will I get after the Sydney BridgeClimb is over?

You will get a commemorative certificate, cap, and a group photo.

4. Will I be able to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?

If you are reasonably fit, you will be able to climb the Sydney bridge.
Good hand-eye-coordination and reasonable control over yourself are the only requirements.

5. What is the minimum age to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?

A tourist must be 8 years and above to make it on this BridgeClimb tour.
Children under 15 years can’t be on the climb alone – they must be accompanied by an adult.
There is also an upper limit of a maximum of 3 kids per adult.

6. If there a minimum height requirement for Sydney BridgeClimb?

Even if the tourist qualifies the minimum age requirement (of 8 years and above), they need to be 4 feet (1.2 meters) and above to join the Sydney Bridge climbing tour.

7. I am pregnant. Can I do the Sydney Bridge Climb?

If you are less than six months (24 weeks) pregnant, you must consult a doctor and have a signed consent form from them.
If you are more than 24 weeks pregnant, you won’t be allowed to climb.

8. Can I drink before my Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb?

If you are drunk, you won’t be allowed to participate on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb tour.
Every climber is subjected to a breathalyzer test, and those who have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05% or higher won’t be allowed to proceed further.
You will be requested to stand down if you are under the influence of drugs (legal or illegal).

9. What kind of shoes should I wear for the Sydney Bridge Climb?

Shoes with PVC and/or leather soles aren’t recommending for this climb.
We suggest you wear suitable closed-toe rubber-sole shoes – the ones you wear for sporting activities.
Rubber sole shoes will give you the grip, and support you will need on the 3.5-hour long journey.

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Sydney Bridge Climb reviews

Tourists have rated Sydney Bridge Climb very highly on Tripadvisor – 4.5 out of 5.

Here are two reviews we have handpicked, so you know if Sydney Bridge Climb is worth it.

Amazing experience

The bridge climb is suitable for everyone, there is no need to be afraid as everyone is attached, via a link and chain to the actual handrail. You are kitted out with all the gear, even handkerchiefs that are attached to you so that they cannot be dropped!

Everything is well planned and executed, the staff is excellent, and nobody is rushed. I would highly recommend the bridge climb without a doubt. – HA60, Manchester, United Kingdom

Scared of heights and had a ball

I was very dubious about spending all the $$ on this trip, especially since I was 50% sure I would have to back out. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This trip is 100% safe. Honestly. The facilities are well kept, the gear is in good shape, they teach you what to expect, and you do a replica of the “worst” part indoors before you go out on to the bridge. It does take the full 3 hours- and that’s because they spend a lot of time on safety. You are always tethered to the bridge by a cable, and you always have handrails.

Now let’s talk about the view- WOW. Outstanding. – ChrissieRutter, College Station, Texas

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Bridge Climb or Pylon Lookout

While the Sydney Bridge Climb is not a demanding activity (most reasonably healthy folks can do it), it requires a certain amount of commitment.

If you don’t want to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for whatever reason, you can still get a partial experience of the climb – by trying the Pylon Lookout.

Sydney Bridge Pylons
At the end of each arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a pair of 89-metre-high (292 ft) concrete Pylons. Most people assume that these Pylons hold the Sydney bridge together but they have been built only for the aesthetics. Image:

The Pylon Lookout is a viewing platform 200 steps above the bridge.

From the Pylon Lookout, you can see the Opera House, Circular Quay, the two arches of the Harbor Bridge and even the bridge climbers.

From the Pylon lookout, you get to see Sydney from a height of 89 meters (292 feet) at a price that’s much lower than the BridgeClimb.

Check out the video below to know what to expect at Pylon Lookout –

Bridge Climb vs. Pylon Lookout

Looking down on Sydney from a height is heavenly, and a must do for all visitors to the city.

However, depending on the amount of effort you are willing to put in, the time you want to spend and cost you are ready to pay, you have two options.

Here are the three key differences between Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and Pylon Lookout –

1. Pylon Lookout costs $15 whereas the BridgeClimb costs around $300.

2. Pylon Lookout will only take an hour or a half while BridgeClimb will take up three to three and a half hours.

3. On the Bridge Climb, you go up 1300+ stairs to reach the summit while to reach the Pylon Lookout you only need to climb 200 steps.

Sydney Harbour Bridge’s Pylon Lookout

The Sydney Harbour Bridge’s Pylon is a perfect outing for the day.

This Pylon Lookout ticket includes the admission to the Pylon Museum.

The small Pylon Museum displays exhibits which narrate the story of how Sydney Harbour Bridge was constructed, what work went into the building of the magnificent structure and the risks faced by the workers etc.

We recommend this combo tour which besides the Pylon Lookout also includes a visit to Eastern Suburbs beaches of Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte.

This ticket includes a fantastic Australian lunch at a restaurant in Surry Hills or East Sydney.

Popular attractions in Sydney

# Sydney Opera House
# Sydney Aquarium
# Taronga Zoo
# Sydney Tower Eye

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