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Gellert Spa Facts

Did you know that the mineral-rich thermal waters of Gellert Spa are believed to have healing effects on various ailments, such as arthritis and circulatory issues?

Or did you know that in the 17th century, these mud and mineral water pools were known as Muddy Pools (Sarosfurdo)?

Read this article to learn many such interesting facts about Gellert Spa.

Most tourists often wonder whether to visit – the Szechenyi Baths or the Gellert Baths.

Interesting facts about Gellert Spa

Gellert Spa was built in the Art Nouveau Style

Gellert Spa, attached to the Hotel Gellert at the foot of Gellert Hill on the banks of the Danube River, was built between 1912 and 1918 in the Art Nouveau style.

The intricate mosaics, stained glass, and sculptural elements you will see on the walls, ceilings, and floors reflect this style. 

The gracefully curving staircases, rounded archways, and wavy contours of windows and door frames are also a part of the Art Nouveau movement.

Geller Spa location housed a hospital and Turkish bath earlier 

In the 13th century, Hungarian King Andrew II erected a small hospital at the foot of Gellert Hill to capitalize on the spring water’s healing properties.

When the Turks (Ottomans) arrived in the 16th century, they erected a Turkish bath in its place and called it Acik Iliye.

Gellert Spa got Hungary’s first wave pool

Hungary’s first wave pool was added to Gellert Spa in 1927.

It is an early example of such technology in Eastern Europe and is still in operation at the spa.

This popular feature combines relaxation with fun, encapsulating the luxurious spa atmosphere with periodic waves.

Gellert Spa was open during World War II

The Gellert Spa continued to relax and heal people even during World War II.

However, towards the end of the war, it was bombed, causing significant damage to the Zsolnay pyro granite façade and the wooden interior of the dressing rooms.

It was later restored and expanded to the structure you see now, retaining its original glory. 

Gellért Spa has been a location for several movies and advertisements due to its marvelous architecture and unique ambiance. 

You will see this attraction in scenes from movies like Red Heat, I Spy, and Munich.

These films underline the spa’s visual appeal and ability to enhance the cinematic experience. 

Main Hall is the most photographed part of Gellert Spa

The main hall of Gellert Spa houses the most famous pool, which is also the spa’s most photographed feature.

It is highlighted by its beautiful Art Nouveau gallery and glass roof, designed during the Roman presence in Budapest.

This area best reflects the luxurious style and grandeur of early 20th-century European spa culture.

Gellert Spa became co-ed in 2013

Due to the demands of the time when it was constructed, Gellert Spa traditionally had separate bathing areas for men and women.

However, the attraction was converted into a co-ed facility in 2013 to align with contemporary expectations. 

This change has helped this healing heaven maintain its popular appeal.

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