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Best places for solo woman travel – safe countries for single lady travelling alone

Solo travel for a woman is not an easy business. The road is full of all kinds of obstacles.

The risk increases when you have not planned your solo travel wisely. It gets risky when you choose a country which is not right for women traveling alone. But don’t worry. If you are a woman that loves to travel solo you have come to the right place.

Check out our list of ten safest places for solo woman travelers.

We do wish that solo travelers could travel to any destination in the World without any fear. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Some countries are more solo holidays friendly than others. But you can’t kill your wanderlust because there are risks involved, right?

Hence, we present to you a list of best countries for solo women travelers. Pick any of these destinations and plan your next holiday trip alone.

You can choose from our list of the best and safe countries for solo woman travelers with no worries. But do remember nothing can be more useful than street smarts to stay out of trouble during a vacation.

Always be conscious of your surroundings and be aware of the local laws wherever you are. Yes, that’s all it takes for a woman traveling alone to have an awesome vacation.

If you are traveling alone for the first time, check out these tips for the first time traveler.

We have hand-picked ten gorgeous countries which are apt for short and long holidays. At the same time, they are incredibly safe for women.


Safest countries for solo woman travelers

DENMARK – best country for a woman

Safe country for solo woman travelers - Denmark

Why is Denmark safe for women solo travelers?

Denmark is safe for anyone in general and for a traveling woman in particular.

You must add this gorgeous city on your card while exploring the world as on your solo holiday.

The charismatic beauty of Denmark has grabbed a good amount of attention in recent decades.

Denmark guarantees more fun than you can imagine. All because of being extremely friendly to solo women travelers on a holiday.

If you are heading out to Denmark don’t miss out on its lush green forests and gorgeous beaches. It’s amazing architectural buildings, beautiful museums and art galleries are awesome too.

You will find plenty of women like you traveling alone on a vacation.

Denmark is ranked one of the safest cities of women traveling alone and feeding their wanderlust. And why not, after all, Denmark is one of the top three happiest countries in the World.

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ICELAND – respect for woman solo traveler

Iceland - perfect for women solo travel
Iceland is one of the best and safest for solo women travelers on holiday. Evenfh /

Why is Iceland safe for women solo travelers?

Iceland is country with a dramatic geographical setup. In Iceland, you’ll get to see many of the natural wonders. It is full of huge mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes and hot springs. You can also see mud pots, glaciers, rivers and much more here.

This country is quite safe for women solo travelers. People here receive women solo travelers with great respect and admiration.

People of Iceland are extremely friendly, which further helps a woman traveling alone.

The crime rate in Iceland is on the lower end.

The tourism scene is rapidly growing here. Thanks to this, you will find localities conversing to you in near perfect English. This reduces the communication problems as well that you may face while traveling alone.

While traveling alone on a holiday you are completely on your own. You can do whatever comes in your mind to make your holiday the best trip you have ever undertaken. You can treat yourself to an excellent spa at Reykjavik. Or, spend an amazing time in Blue Lagoons. You can also dine at beautiful Downtown restaurants.

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FINLAND – warm welcome awaits woman traveling alone

Safe country for solo woman travelers Finland

Why is Finland safe for women solo travelers?

It is often said that traveling alone is the best way to holiday and explore the world.

For women traveling alone, Finland is a perfect destination to head towards. Finland is relatively safe for all kinds of vacations – long and short.

All you need in Finland is a bit of common sense and you can have a great vacation alone.

The local crowd of Finland is energetic and friendly. They will greet you with a warm and welcoming gesture all around.

There is a wide range of exotic places to visit in Finland. You would love the outstanding culture and historical attractions. The natural surroundings make this place ideal for your peaceful trip as a single traveler.

The vibrant cities of Helsinki and Turku are some of the iconic aspects of Finland. For a solo traveler, Helsinki is the apt place to spend time in sightseeing. You can see museums, art galleries, restaurants and indulge in lots of shopping.

Finland is one of the safest countries for a woman traveler hitting the tourist attractions alone.

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NETHERLANDS – popular with females traveling alone

Netherlands is safe country for solo woman travelers

Why is Netherlands safe for women solo travelers?

The Netherlands is one of the most popular tourist holiday destinations in Europe.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is one of the most popular holiday cities for women solo travelers. The best thing about Amsterdam is its people and their liberal lifestyle. People here have a chilled out attitude towards life.

Women on solo trips find Amsterdam very easy to get around. In fact, we are sure that if you had unlimited money you won’t mind having a nice year-long holiday in Amsterdam.

Even late in the night, Amsterdam ends up being a safe place for both genders.

The official language of Netherlands is Dutch. But almost everyone can speak English as their second language.

While on your holiday alone, you can explore the unique culture and nightlife of Amsterdam.

What more do you need to make your solo trip a memorable one! If it is your first solo trip, we recommend you start with the Netherlands.

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SCOTLAND – solo woman traveler always treated as an equal

Scotland is a safe country for solo woman travelers
Scotland is a safe country for solo woman travelers and it is very beautiful too. Photo of a guesthouse on the banks of a river in Scotland.

Why is Scotland safe for women solo travelers?
Scotland has a healthy man-woman ratio everywhere. Even in their parliament. As of 2016, they had a woman Prime Minister, which goes on to prove that a woman is treated as an equal.

The country has a lot of internationals too. This means the Scottish are exposed to all kinds of holiday travelers from all countries. This exposure of the local public to people from all countries has made a huge difference for a woman solo traveler.

The public transport in Scotland suits woman travelers on their solo holidays. Buses, trains, and ferries help you get to places everywhere. Be it any place – along with the coast, the Highlands or the Isles – Scottish public transport is of help.

The accommodations are also very neat and clean. You will find their hostel accommodation culture very conducive for a woman traveling alone. Such places will have the right number of people around you to ensure safety.

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IRELAND – female traveling alone can be herself

Ireland - solo travelling woman
A solo traveling woman enjoys the Kinsale fort in Ireland. Alla Laurent /

Why is Ireland safe for women solo travelers?
Any woman traveling alone in Ireland will find herself safe and at home for many reasons. If you know English there is no language barrier.

When you are in Ireland as a single woman traveling alone, there is no need to dress prim and proper. And no need to act a certain way. In short a woman can be herself, and yet have a great holiday in Ireland.

To top it all the Irish are one of the friendliest people in the world. There is always somebody willing to help a woman traveling solo.

After all, who doesn’t want to surround themselves with smiling people when on a vacation? Ireland also features in The Blonde Abroad’s list of safest destinations for solo female travelers.

Most women have issues with accommodations which aren’t neat and clean, and that’s why they don’t prefer hostels. The good news is that Ireland is full of cheap and best Bed and Breakfasts options. This is perfect for any woman traveling solo.

Bed and Breakfasts are not as costly as the hotels. And there is always some company to talk to if the woman traveler gets lonely.

There is also another advantage of being a solo female traveler staying in a BnB – you can get help from the hosts for trip planning, transport etc.

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THAILAND – more fun per square meter for woman alone

Safe Country Female Travelers - Thailand

Why is Thailand safe for women solo travelers?
Thailand is safe for women solo travelers as long as you are aware and respectful of the local culture. For example, it is not fair to wear revealing clothes in Thailand. This is because there are monks everywhere.

Thailand is a magical place for a woman traveling solo. It has all kinds of entertaining activities to indulge in during your holiday. The country’s rainforests, temples, and beaches are breathtaking.

Many solo woman travelers before you have trailed the routes in this country. Thousands of women like you have traveled alone in this country and got back home safe.

For a solo traveling woman the motorcycle taxies are a great means of transport. You get what you need – a pillion seat to rest your tiring ass while you hop from one destination to another alone.

Since the country is large, women solo travelers are also known to travel in the night. You can cover long distances by bus or train in the night. This way, you can save their hotel accommodation cost.


CANADA – safety for solo women traveler assured

Canada is safe country for solo lady traveler

Why is Canada safe for women solo travelers?

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is one of the safest and ideal countries for a woman who is traveling alone on a holiday.

This multicultural country has an abundance of beautiful landscapes and unique attraction spots. All these places have excellent safety for a solo women traveler.

Ottawa is the best place for a woman traveling alone in Canada. You can find French and English speaking people quite often here.

Ottawa offers lots of fun activities and shopping options. This city also has some very fine restaurants. All these will make your solo holiday exciting and yet safe.

Good public transport options are another attraction.

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COSTA RICA – the happiest place for females traveling alone

Costa Rica is safe country for solo woman tourist

Why is Costa Rica safe for women solo travelers?

One of the happiest countries in the world, Costa Rica is a perfect destination for a solo trip getaway.

It’s not that there is no crime in Costa Rica. But it is on the lower end, which creates safe and favorable conditions for women travelers.

This small country has no army because people of this country are peace loving. Amazing, right?

Costa Rica has world’s largest flora and fauna. It has massive mountains, valleys and rainforests., sandy beaches, volcanoes, lakes and many more.

If you are surf lover, you should check out Nosara which is surfer’s paradise itself.

If you are a nature lover, you can easily relax and enjoy in the lush green dense forests, huge mountains, exotic valleys of Costa Rica. It is a paradise for women wanting to travel solo and have a nice holiday.


NEW ZEALAND – best for women solo adventure seekers

Solo woman traveler is safe in New Zealand

Why is New Zealand safe for women solo travelers?

New Zealand is yet another safe country for women traveling alone on a holiday. New Zealand is also known as backpackers’ paradise.

If everything goes well you may even find some fun company on the way. Women solo travelers holidaying in New Zealand are quite a common sight.

Nobody bothers whether you are traveling alone or with someone else.

If you are a solo woman traveler who loves to indulge in adventure activities, no country is better than New Zealand. There are perfect places of abundant adventure for adrenaline junkies.

The country has amazing landscapes, volcanic craters, hot springs, and mountains. The exotic islands of New Zealand will make you smile all through your solo holidays.

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