Solo Travel

Best advice for travelling alone

Best advice for travelling alone

If you are looking for the best advice for traveling alone, you have made one right decision already – that of traveling solo. Good job so far. “Travel” is perhaps my most favorite word in the dictionary. I love to roam around the world and traveling alone is my favorite mode of travel.

Travelling is adventurous and super exciting too and traveling alone is more exciting as it gives you a lot of freedom to choose the way you want to travel. When you are traveling solo you do not have to worry about what others in the group would think about your travel plans. Neither do you have to coordinate with other people before or during the travel nor do you have to entertain anyone’s whims and fancies. You can pick your location, book your tickets, pack your bag and you are ready for your voyage.

When you travel alone, you become the best storyteller. Just add the little and significant anecdotes from various locations with your personal views and learning from your travel and there you are- you are ready to charm people with your best travel narrative.

Also, when you are traveling alone, you can do anything you want, with anyone you want and no one will be there to stop you or judge you. It’s so much fun.

One should also travel alone simply because it helps you to transcend beyond your defined and set boundaries and go out of the box. Not just that your cultural crutches also take a back seat and you learn to take up new challenges every day.

Going on a solo trip also helps you in getting to know a lot of people from various fields and it helps in building a fresh perspective about things and people already existing around you.

You can also discover some of the best cuisines from across the world and also figure out your favorite eating joints and restaurants as going in a group always has the barrier of not being able to experiment much.

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Best advice for traveling alone

Solo travel advice #1. Do your homework, as in do a proper research before leaving for your destination

Solo travel advice #2. Pack smart. Do not carry too many pieces of luggage as they will tire you.

Solo travel advice #3. Split up you cash and credit cards into different places in case you lost one you have another.

Solo travel advice #4. Do your packing in advance. Keep all your bags ready and do a rehearse packing before you do the final round so that you do not fall short of packing bags at the last moment.

Solo travel advice #5. Make a checklist of what all you want to carry. Your toiletries, sleeping sack, air pillow, eye gear etc.

Solo travel advice #6. If you are traveling to a place with low temps, do not forget to carry ample woolens.

Solo travel advice #7. Carry your safety and first-aid kit: You should carry all medicines along; especially your anti-allergies if you are prone to allergies.

Solo travel advice #8. Do not forget to carry a compass. There cannot be a better guide than a compass to tell you to which direction you should go.

Solo travel advice #9. Always carry route maps of the places you are planning to visit so that you know which route to take and can also estimate your travel time.

Solo travel advice #10. Plan your travel into weeks and days with each day divided for what places you want to cover on a particular day.

Solo travel advice #11. Trust your gut feeling. If you are getting negative vibes from some place or someone just don’t go there coz most of the times our gut feeling never lies.

Solo travel advice #12. Don’t flash money, expensive gadgets or expensive clothing. It could cost you dearly.

Solo travel advice #13. Same times things could take an unpleasant turn, in such situations don’t lose your confidence.

Solo travel advice #14. Befriend with locals especially with service people like taxi drivers, hotel staff, guards, they can help you finding some secret places which are usually awesome.

Solo travel advice #15. Try things which really put you outside of your comfort zone. It could be anything. Try anything which you are afraid of even if it is mere Karaoke, do it.

So, are you ready for an exciting and adventurous solo trip? If yes, then Bon Voyage!

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