How to save money for travelling the world

How to save money for travel

We all know that for traveling one needs money – it is only the question of how much. Not all of us can be frugal travelers and hence live on let’s say $25 per day. Some of us may need more money than that to have a nice satisfactory vacation. Now, where do you bring … Read more

Top 25 safety tips for women traveling solo in India

Safety for solo woman traveller in India

It isn’t easy being a solo woman traveler. Congratulations, on making the tough decision. Having said that, let us assure you that you are in safe hands – don’t worry – we present to you the top 25 safety tips for women traveling solo in India. People everywhere are kind and generous towards women, however … Read more

Safe places in Asia for solo travelers on a budget

Best solo travel destinations

Wherever you go, you will find welcoming and generous people who make traveling more fun for solo travelers. Asia is no exception. Traveling alone or solo is not a taboo anymore. Some of the best places to travel in the World are in Asia. Southeast Asia in particular. Don’t shy away. Don’t wait for company, … Read more