Venice Legends, Anecdotes and Ghost stories tour

The Venice Legends and Ghost Stories Tour takes you into the city’s mysterious and enchanting side. Behind Venice’s beauty and colors, there is a different side steeped in dark secrets and haunting tales. Walk through the labyrinthine alleys along the silent, moonlit canals with our Venice Legends, Anecdotes, and Ghost Stories Tour. Led by a … Read more

The Ghosts of Salem Walking Tour

The Ghosts of Salem Walking Tour

The Ghosts of Salem Walking Tour will tell you why Salem is considered one of the most haunted places in America. The city is infamous for many strange and horrific events that may take you by shock when you hear them on this tour. Discover the stories of the 1692 Witch Trials and more recent … Read more

Historic Galveston Ghost Tour

Historic Galveston Ghost Tour takes you into the world of shadows and mysteries that lurk behind the charming facade of Galveston, Texas. This unique experience introduces you to the island’s historic locations, passing by grand mansions and other infamous landmarks. Listen to the stories that go back 150 years into Galveston’s haunted history. A knowledgeable … Read more

Denver Twilight Ghost Tour

Twilight Ghost Tour takes you into the supernatural world and shadowed streets of Denver’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. Experience an evening filled with spine-chilling tales, uncovering the haunted secrets of some of the city’s most iconic dwellings. Learn about the mysterious histories, ghostly apparitions, and paranormal occurrences that have left their mark on Denver’s past. … Read more

San Antonio Haunted History Ghost Tour

The San Antonio Haunted History Ghost Tour takes you into the world where the paranormal meets the notorious. Learn about Texas’s grim and mysterious past on this one-and-a-half-hour adventurous journey. Join this spine-chilling journey through the dim-lit streets of San Antonio, where the dead still linger in the shadows. A highly professional and passionate guide … Read more

York Ghost Bus Tour

The Ghost Bus Tour of York is one of the city’s most popular and highly rated ghost tours. York has a long and rich history with so many dark episodes, which is what a ghost tour needs. You will get aboard a ghost bus (Classic Routemaster) to explore the city known for its ghost walks … Read more

Civil War Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour

The Gettysburg Civil Ghost Tour is a captivating exploration of one of the most pivotal moments in American history. Embark on a journey through history like never before. The Battle of Gettysburg is proof of the Civil War’s brutality, shaping the nation’s course. A professional guide leads the tour. He takes you to historic sites … Read more

Is going up Sagrada Familia towers worth it? Find Out!

Visiting Sagrada Familia Towers

Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia is a basilica under construction for over a century, boasting intricate details and astonishing facades. Visitors to Sagrada Familia have a choice to make: either explore the Basilica alone or enhance their experience by ascending the Nativity or Passion Towers. Since the Tower tickets are more expensive than the standard fast-track … Read more

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

New Orleans is famous for its vibrant life, music, food, etc. But there is another side to this wonderful city that many don’t know. The perfect way to discover the haunted history of New Orleans is to go on a ghost tour. This ghost tour is very popular in the city and is loved for … Read more

Savannah Ghost Tour for Adults with Drinks

Savannah Ghost Tour for Adults with Alcoholic Drinks Included

The Savannah Ghost tour for adults with drinks is the best one for you if you are above 21 years. As the name suggests, it is exclusively for adults. No kids. No drama. You will explore the dark side of Savannah during this tour with the help of a professional and entertaining guide. Another exciting … Read more

Singapore Night Safari Tickets & Tours

Singapore Night Safari is the World’s first nocturnal wildlife park. During the Safari, which starts after dark, visitors explore the 35-hectare zoo on a 40-minute tram ride. Even as the nocturnal animals roam freely, the Tram winds through four wildlife trails with live commentary. This night-time journey into the wilderness attracts 1.3 million visitors annually. … Read more

Asheville Walking Ghost Tour

Night-Time Walking Ghost Tour takes you into the spooky side of downtown Asheville. This is the most popular ghost tour operating in the city and it is also the best one. A professional guide with extensive knowledge of Asheville’s dark side and long history will lead this tour. You will see some of the most … Read more

The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Tour

Join the exciting journey through the dim-lit streets of Colonial Williamsburg with The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Tour. It is a captivating and candlelit exploration of the town’s historic secrets. You will see and learn about the lesser-known side of the city on this popular ghost tour. Dare to see the ignored corners and encounter … Read more

Boston Ghost Tours

Boston Ghost Tour Bus

When one thinks about Boston, its illuminated skyline, sparkling Charles River, gorgeous green garden, and unique architecture come to mind.  But besides Fenway Park, Boston Common, New England Aquarium, Harvard University, sightseeing cruises, etc., Boston has many surprises for unsuspecting tourists.  A part of the city’s history is soaked in darkness and tragedy that is … Read more

Charleston Walking Ghost Tour

Pleasing Night-Time Terrors Ghost Tour is the most popular tour in the city. This 90-minute ghost tour will take you into Charleston’s dark world, also known as ‘the holy city.’ Famous Pleasing Terrors Podcast host Mike Brown will lead this tour. He knows almost everything about the hidden side of the city. You will see … Read more

The Family Fun Ghost Tour of Savannah

Fraidy Cat: The Family Fun Ghost Tour of Savannah

The Family Fun Ghost Tour of Savannah is the best ghost tour for families. Hear family-friendly versions of the city’s famous ghost stories and legends.  You’ll learn about Savannah’s history of supernatural and unexplained occurrences as you explore city at night. You’ll discover cemeteries, creepy public squares, and other allegedly haunted locations. Explore Savannah’s many … Read more

Savannah Spirits and Scoundrels Adults Only Ghost Tour

Spirits and Scoundrels Adults Only Savannah Ghost Tour

Savannah Spirits Ghost Tour is one of the city’s most popular ghost tours. It is the best for adults as it is an adults-only tour. Unlike traditional ghost tours, the Spirits and Scoundrels Ghost Tour focuses deeply on Savannah’s dark history and specializes in haunted mansions and associated stories. Not only just stories, this tour … Read more

New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tour

The New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tour is an affordable, exciting evening activity many thrill-seekers love. You may know New Orleans as a cultural hub and an architectural beauty, but there is a hidden side to it that you must see and hear about. The city has a rich history going back centuries with some dark … Read more