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How to pack extra for a family vacation

How to pack extra for a family vacation

How to pack extra for a family vacation is a question which crops up the moment you have booked your tickets for a holiday. We all know that one can’t just pile up numerous bags for a vacation for it can lead to uncomfortable situations.

Needless to say, carrying the whole house for your family vacation is a ridiculous idea. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Let us help you with the art of smart packing.

The first question to be answered on a family vacation is how many bags to be packed, and once that’s answered comes the second question – how to pack extra for the whole family?

Packing extra for a family vacation

Once the tickets are booked the packing of the luggage to be taken on the vacation needs to be planned. Here are some interesting and smart packing ideas that you should keep in mind so that you can stuff more of your family into your suitcases.

Packing Tip #1. Use Small bags

If you are carrying a lot of gadgets with you, please use their small bags which came with them to carry them. You don’t need to pack them with your regular suitcases or bags. Besides occupying space, you may also end up worrying about their safety. These are items like camera, headphones, chargers and other such accessories. This way you can also keep track of your gadgets and /or keep them handy.

Packing Tip #2. Make sure you need what you are packing

People end up packing in their bags or suitcases stuff that they may not need during the family vacation. If you pack your bags this way, get ready to travel with your whole house. You need to make a list of items you’ll need on the basis of the vacation you are going for. Keep marking up the things that you have packed in your baggage. This will help you in packing the things that are really required.

Packing Tip #3. Avoid extra shoes

Shoes are bulky and unsuitable for close packing. Their shape doesn’t allow you to pack them together without wasting space. When going for a vacation, try not to carry more than two pair of shoes. They occupy a great deal of space and it becomes a hard task to follow through. While packing your two pair of shoes, one tip is to insert your socks inside them – just to save some extra space.

Packing Tip #4. Wear bulky items

If you are going for a vacation to a colder region, you will be needing heavy jackets and needless to say such jackets take a lot of space. The best advice we can give you is…wear them. Heavy boots and jackets must be worn instead of being stuffed inside your suitcase. Shawls and mufflers can be used as replacement for sweaters. Smart packing will always help you enjoy your family vacation better.

Packing Tip #5. Roll the clothes

Rolling your clothes is a great idea for optimized packing. Instead of folding your clothes keep them in rolls. You’d be surprised to know that it is a huge space saving technique. There are rolling tubes available in market, just roll your shirt inside them and keep them in the tube. This trick will not just save your space in your suitcase but rolled up clothes will prevent wrinkles also. Trust me, your family will be happy wearing ironed clothes during their vacation.

Packing Tip #6. Prefer soft sided suitcases:

Gone are the ages where people were traveling with a rock hard suitcase. You are advised to carry a suitcase with soft body for a better traveling experience. Such suitcases are very mobile and can be easily kept anywhere. A hard sided suitcase has its own weight that’s hard to carry. So folks, avoid a rock hard suitcase and pick a soft sided one.

Packing Tips for Jewelry and Beauty Products

These items are most likely to get messed up while you pack for your family vacation. To avoid such chaos follow these easy tips.

  • Use pill case or some small container to keep your small jewelry like rings and earrings
  • Keep your jewelry in a plastic pouch to prevent it from moving around inside your bag
  • Instead of carrying a heavy makeup kit, put all your lipsticks and stuff in a plastic pouch. It will save you a lot of space.
  • Take small bottles of shampoo, face wash and other such products while traveling on a family vacation
  • Protect your breakable items by packing them in socks before keeping them inside your bag
  • Put your hairpins and clips inside an old Tic Tac container
  • You can put your makeup brushes and other small beauty products in a sunglasses case so that you can find them easily
  • Don’t pack your entire beauty kit and shampoo and conditioner because now a days almost all hotels provide these basic toiletries.
  • Don’t pack things that you can easily buy there like medicines, nail paints etc.
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