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Eureka Skydeck, which is on the 88th floor of Eureka Tower offers spectacular floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree views of Melbourne Skyline.

At the height of almost 300 meters (985 feet), it is the tallest observation deck in the Southern hemisphere.

During a holiday in Melbourne, the Skydeck is a must-visit attraction.

In this article, we explain everything you must know before buying Eureka Skydeck tickets.

How to reach Eureka Skydeck

To get to Eureka Skydeck Melbourne, you can opt for either public transport or your private car.

Eureka Skydeck’s location

Eureka Skydeck location map

Eureka Skydeck is on the 88th floor of Eureka Tower, which is perched on Riverside Quay in Southbank by Melbourne’s Yarra River.

It is located close to CBD, Flinders Station, Federation Square, Crown Casino, etc.

Image: Eurekaskydeck.com.au

88th Floor, Eureka Tower, Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne 3006.

Public transport

Since Eureka Tower is in the middle of Melbourne, there are numerous public transport options available.

If you prefer trains, reach the Flinders Street Train Station and a six minutes’ walk over the bridge to the other side of the Yarra River will get you to Eureka Skydeck.

Flinders Street Station to Eureka Skydeck

You can also get on one of the City Circle trams and get down at one of the Flinders Street Tram stops (on river’s Northern side).

A quick 10 minutes’ walk can get you to the Skydeck building.

Flinders Street Tram Stop to Eureka Skydeck

By walk

If you are exploring Melbourne’s city center, you can most likely walk to Eureka Skydeck.

Some distances and walking time to Eureka Skydeck –

CBD1.1 Kms (0.7 Miles)15 mins
Flinders St Station450 meters (490 yards)6 mins
Federation Square550 meters (600 yards)7 mins
Crown Casino450 meters (490 yards)6 mins

Car parking

Since the Eureka Tower is easily accessible by car, most of the locals prefer to drive down.

Wilson Parking “Eureka Car Park” is located beneath the Eureka Tower and entrance to this parking facility is from Southgate Avenue.

Monday to Friday

Entry before 4 pm: 13 Australian Dollars

Entry after 4 pm: 6 Australian Dollars if entry is after 4 pm


Whole day: 11 Australian Dollars

Visitors to Eureka Skydeck pay a discounted flat rate for parking their cars.

They must show their Wilson Eureka Parking ticket to the Eureka Skydeck attendant to receive the discount.

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Eureka Skydeck opening hours

Eureka Skydeck opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm, every day of the year.

Last entry into Eureka Skydeck 88 is at 9.30 pm. 

The Melbourne attraction is open even on Christmas day, New Year’s, etc.

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Best time to visit Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Skydeck at Sunset
Sunset views from the observation deck at Eureka Skydeck. Image: Eurekaskydeck.com.au

The best time to reach Eureka Skydeck is an hour before sunset. 

It will be crowded during sunset, but you can see the Melbourne skyline in three different flavours – during daylight, twilight and night time.

If the weather is pleasant, the sunset views become even more dramatic and spectacular. Book your sunset visit

Eureka Skydeck at night

Eureka Skydeck at night
Night views from the observation deck at Eureka Skydeck. Image: Eurekaskydeck.com.au

Some tourists prefer to take advantage of Eureka Skydeck’s 10 am to 10 pm timing and reach there at night.

If you visit Eureka Tower Skydeck after dark, you get to see Melbourne’s skyline all lit up.

To add to the fun, you can choose from a selection of wines, beers, and champagne from the Kiosk.

Since Eureka Skydeck is a popular Melbourne attraction, it is better to buy the tickets in advance to avoid the long lines at the venue. The best time and day to visit any observatory is when the skies are clear.

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How long does Eureka Skydeck take

You don’t need more than an hour and a half to enjoy your time at Eureka Skydeck’s observatory.

Some visitors are known wind up their visit in just 60 minutes.

However, if you want you can extend your tour of Eureka Tower’s Skydeck by sitting down at the Kiosk for a drink.

Or exploring the 30 viewfinders positioned around Eureka Tower Skydeck to help discover places of interest across Melbourne.

If you want to minimize the time taken at Eureka Skydeck, buy Skydeck tickets in advance and visit early in the morning or late at night.

The Melbourne CBD Pass is a super saver and includes tickets to Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Skydeck, and Melbourne Star observation wheel. You also get a 10% discount code, which you can use (five times!) to get discounts on future purchases.

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What to see at Eureka Tower?

There are three key experiences to try at Eureka Skydeck.

Skydeck Experience

Eureka Skydeck Melbourne is an observational deck at the height of 285 meters (935 feet) on the 88th floor of Eureka Towers.

From this deck, you enjoy spectacular floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree views of Melbourne’s skyline and beyond.

In fact, it is the highest observational deck in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Edge

The Edge is a world’s first in terms of thrill generated at an observatory.

The Edge is a glass cube which projects from the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower and suspends visitors high up in the air.

You can upgrade to The Edge, at the venue or you can book your Eureka Skydeck ticket with Edge access beforehand itself. Book Upgraded Experience


Eureka Skydeck Vertigo is the attraction’s latest green screen installation where you can take memorable photographs – as if you were falling from the 88th floor of Eureka Tower. 

You can decide if you want this experience or not, once you are at the venue. It will cost you 15 Australian dollars/photograph.

VR Experience

The Skydeck Plank is the latest adventure at Eureka Skydeck.

It is an exciting Virtual Reality experience where you must balance yourself on a plank, 285 metres above Melbourne City.

VR simulates a treacherous balancing act even as you avoid strong winds, high-flying birds and even a helicopter.

This experience can only be booked at the venue, for 10 Australian dollars/person.

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Eureka Skydeck discount

Kids 3 years and below get a 100% concession on the ticket price – and thus can walk in for free. 

The next best discount at Eureka Skydeck is reserved for kids aged 4 to 16 years – they get a 30% discount on the adult ticket price.

However, many visitors don’t know that the best discount you get on Eureka Skydeck tickets is what you get by booking them online.

On an adult ticket, you get a discount of 2 Australian dollars if you book online. Yes, that’s right – buying the tickets at the venue is costlier.

A child’s ticket (4 to 16 years old) if booked online, is cheaper by 2.5 Australian dollars.

This is because when you buy your tickets at the venue, you pay what’s known as ‘ticketing window surcharge,’ the cost of maintaining a ticketing window and a person managing it.

It is smarter to buy your tickets in advance. Book your tickets now

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Eureka Skydeck tickets

Eureka Skydeck tickets

There are two ways to experience Eureka Skydeck –

1. You can buy regular Eureka Skydeck tickets


2. You can buy Eureka Skydeck tickets with ‘The Edge’ experience

These are smartphone tickets.

Immediately after purchase, the tickets get emailed to you and on the day of your visit you can show the ticket on your mobile and walk in.

Eureka Skydeck Ticket price

With ‘The Edge’ Experience

Adult ticket (17+ years): 37 Australian Dollars
Child ticket (4 to 16 years): 24.50 Australian Dollars
Infant ticket (3 years and less): Free Entry

Without ‘The Edge’ Experience

Adult ticket (17+ years): 25 Australian Dollars
Child ticket (4 to 16 years): 16.50 Australian Dollars
Infant ticket (3 years and less): Free Entry

Our recommendation: At just 12 Australian Dollars extra for an adult and 8 Australian Dollars per child, we feel the thrill of ‘The Edge’ is totally worth it.

On the ticket booking page, you can choose the experience you want to book.

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Eureka Skydeck sun and stars

Some of the tourists prefer to see the Melbourne skyline during the day and at night.

For such tourists, Eureka Skydeck 88 has the Sun and Stars offer – an option to upgrade your one-visit ticket to a two-visit ticket at the venue.

You can thus visit again at night, or the next day.

This ‘Sun and Star’ upgrade costs 5.50 Australian Dollars per person. Or if you are a family, it will cost you 16 Australian Dollars in total.

This upgrade can also be done at the venue while entering or leaving.

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Restaurant in Eureka Tower

Eureka Skydeck has a kiosk, which serves snack food.

Besides quick bites, they also serve ice creams, hot and cold drinks and a boutique selection of beer and wine.

It is perfect for a quick recharge, but if you are looking for a proper Eureka Skydeck dinner, you won’t get it at this Kiosk.

Instead, we recommend Eureka 89, a restaurant one floor above Eureka Skydeck.

Besides brilliant locally sourced delicacies, Eureka 89 also offers stunning views of the city.

Reservations are essential and pre-payment is a must.

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Eureka Skydeck FAQs

Here are some questions asked often wrt Eureka Skydeck.

  1. What is Eureka Skydeck’s height?

    At 300 meters (984.3 feet) Eureka Skydeck 88 is the highest observatory in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Eureka Tower is one of the top 100 tallest buildings in the World – at 96th position.

  2. How fast are Eureka Skydeck lifts?

    Tall towers usually have high-speed lifts, and Eureka Tower is no different.

    At nine meters per second, Eureka Skydeck’s elevators are the fastest in the southern hemisphere.

    So much so, it can take you from the ground floor to the 88th floor – where Skydeck Eureka is located – in just 38 seconds.

  3. How long is Eureka Skydeck stair climb?

    Eureka Tower has 3,680 stairs.

    Australia’s biggest vertical race called ‘Eureka Climb’ is conducted on these stairs every year.

    However, Eureka Skydeck’s visitors aren’t allowed to use these stairs.

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