Jamshed V Rajan

Travel Content Expert & CEO

Jamshed V Rajan is a dynamic professional with a rich background in writing and developing internet products and communities. In 2018, he ventured into the travel industry by founding TheBetterVacation.com. Since then, Jamshed has dedicated himself to learning about tourist attractions and experiences worldwide.

His deep commitment to providing accurate and detailed information makes him an invaluable resource for travelers. Jamshed’s expertise positions him as an essential fact-checker for TheBetterVacation.com, ensuring visitors have the most accurate travel insights.

Favorite travel movie: Around the World in 80 Days
Next destination: Ireland

Jamshed V Rajan

Cities visited: 25

vacations taken: 16

Attractions seen: 48

Next trip: In 105 days

Books Written: 3

The celeb I would like to travel with

George Clooney

Traveling with George Clooney would offer a unique blend of charm, wit, and sophistication. His passion for human rights and justice could lead to insightful discussions and visits to impactful projects around the world. His love for adventure and fine living means you might enjoy everything from exploring remote locations to savoring world-class cuisine.

George Clooney