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Best cities for New Year’s Eve celebration with family – 2022 to 2023


Are you wondering where to spend your New Year’s Eve 2021 and have the best time of your life?

Well, look no further than this list. This is a comprehensive list of the best family-friendly party places to spend New Year’s Eve 2022.

This list contains 11 New Year’s Eve party destinations to celebrate and welcome the new year with your family.

We have also recommended hotels you can head back after you are done celebrating 2022 and welcoming 2023.

This family-friendly New Year’s Eve party list for 2022 is in no order.

Just choose one party place and have a great time with family and friends.

Whichever city you choose, you will witness one of the finest fireworks on display.

Guaranteed fun, at the New Year’s Party 2022 – 2023 of your choice!

Best cities for new years eve party

Best party places to spend New Year’s Eve

Each of these cities ensures guaranteed fun, at their New Year’s Eve parties 2022 – 2023.

New Year’s Party in New York

New Year's Eve Parties in New York, USA
If you are in New York on NYE, you must not stay at home. The biggest New Year’s party happens at Times Square. All around the city, there are amazing parties and raucous concerts. If you don’t want to spend money there are lots of free things for your family to do. Atmosphere1 / Shutterstock.com

New York is nothing without its blinding neon lights and it only gets exciting during New Year’s Eve.

Add the famous ball drop, and world-class entertainers and you have the typical New York’s New Year’s Eve party for 2022-2023.

Do you not prefer welcoming 2023 at the Times Square? Then there is always the All-Access Meatpacking District Party Pass, which you can go for.

This pass will help you get into the region’s top bars and clubs and do some serious pub crawl.

If you want to sit in one place and watch the festivities, the best place is a table at the Renaissance Hotel’s R Lounge.

The bar’s full glass windows will offer you a view of the fireworks from the comfort of your chair.

Best New Year’s Eve Experiences in New York

>> New York City New Year’s Eve Circle Line Cruise
>> New York City Premium New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise by World Yacht
>> Spirit of New York New Year’s Day Lunch Cruise
>> Bateaux New York New Year’s Day Bottomless Mimosa Brunch

Want to plan your own itinerary? Check out the best tourist attractions in New York.

Best place to stay in New York

With such a nice view, it is worthwhile to go beyond a table. Instead, book a room in the Renaissance Hotel.

The next best hotel for a good New Year party will be New York Marriott Marquis.

Besides being at the Times Square, it conducts two New Year parties and has a five-course dinner.

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New Year’s Party in Sydney

Top New Years Eve Destinations
Sydney celebrates New Year’s Eve in style with one of the largest fireworks displays in the world. More than 1 million spectators watch the New Year celebrations along the Sydney Harbour. There are two two firework displays: -one for the family fireworks at 9 pm, and the main event at midnight. Image: Blog.buckitdream.com

This is the New Year’s Party which will usher in 2023 before everybody else.

Every year more than a million people congregate in Sydney to welcome the next year. If you buy a New Year’s Eve vacation package you could be one of them.

Folks in Sydney party in many ways. Some of them hire a boat and head into the water with their own booze and food so they can see the fireworks overhead.

If you are a large family which prefers to celebrate on its own, this can be a good option.

Up to 25,000 families land up in Cockatoo Island to set up their picnic spot and watch the fireworks in the sky.

If you are lucky you may even be able to spend the night there.

Do you want to be on land for the celebrations? Then, book outside tables at one of the waterfront restaurants by Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Be amazed at the world’s biggest firework display here.

>> All-Inclusive New Year’s Eve Cruise in Sydney

Best place to stay in Sydney

Some of the best hotels to stay and welcome New Year 2023 will be Park Hyatt Sydney, Pier One Sydney Harbour, and The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.

These hotels give stunning views of the fireworks.

They have upmarket all-service spas, which can get you back on your feet the day after the New Years’ party 2022.

Family Friendly Sydney

Sydney loves its kids and that’s what makes it a perfect family getaway for New Year’s Eve.

Besides fun indoor things to do in Sydney, your children will also love the family friendly pubs which exist in Sydney aplenty.

What else do you need to spice up your New Year’s Eve family vacation?

Planning a holiday in Sydney? Check out the most popular attractions in Sydney.

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New Year’s Party in London

London New Year's Eve party fireworks
London offers great new year parties with a whole lot of firework displays around all of its popular landmarks such as the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye etc. Photo Credit Giggling Gigi

London lights up its sky for every New Year’s Eve. And how?

By sending fireworks from the base of London Eye and rafts in river Thames!

The best thing to do is to hire a boat and be on the Thames when the fireworks are on. And continue to celebrate for as-long-as you want.

The next best spots to celebrate your New Year’s Eve 2022 are Victoria Embankment and the South Bank.

Do make sure you visit the pubs or have your own alcohol.

What is the point in watching the fireworks without getting high?

Don’t miss the New Year’s Day parade, which is one of London’s major events.

Best New Year’s Eve Experiences in London

>> New Year’s Eve Eclipse Cruise
>> New Years Eve Bus Party and London Fireworks

Before making your plans, check out the things to do in London.

Best place to stay in London

For viewing fireworks, there is no better hotel than the London Marriott Hotel County Hall.

It is also close to the London Eye, so you can go for a walk if you want.

If you want to welcome 2022-2023 from your hotel, we recommend you the Corinthia Hotel London.

It is beautiful and has two New Year’s parties you can choose from.

It also has a full-service spa, which can wash away your sins of the previous night.

Family Friendly London

Almost every child loves Harry Potter and New Year’s Eve holiday in London will help them relive their favorite character.

Check out what all your Harry Potter loving kid can see in London.

In London, entertainment options cut across age groups. No wonder it is one of the most popular destinations for family holidays.

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New Year’s Party in Reykjavik

Night sky in Iceland - just right for New Year's Party fireworks
Now imagine watching the New Year’s Party fireworks on these clear Icelandish skies.

Imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve 2022 – 2023 in a city where the sun sets at 4 pm.

This means, your party can start as early as 4 pm and go on for hours and end.

The people of Reykjavik have a tradition which they don’t intend to break anytime soon.

They have community bonfires and an annual comedy show on TV. It will be a good idea for you to join in.

If you are lucky, besides the man-made fireworks you will also be able to see nature’s own fireworks – in the form of Northern Lights.

Best New Year’s Eve Experiences in Reykjavik

>> New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise in Reykjavik
>> New Year’s Eve Luxury Yacht Cruise
>> New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Reykjavik, with locals
>> Traditional Icelandic New Year’s Eve Bonfire

Best place to stay in Reykjavik

Try the Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel. It is modern and yet nestled in a historic building.

The hotel has romantic suites best suited for couples. It has sky-view windows, which allow you to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

You can also try Hotel Ranga, a hotel which boasts of classic Nordic cuisine. A perfect place to enjoy the day after the party.

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New Year’s Party in Berlin

New Year celebration with Family in Berlin
About one million people celebrate while they wait for the next year, between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column in Berlin. This is one of Europe’s biggest New Years Eve street parties. Image: Thinkhotels.com

When Berlin is celebrating New Year’s Eve, it does it in style. Locally, New Year’s Eve is known as ‘Silvester’.

The perfect place here to welcome 2023 is the 1.2 mile stretch between the Victory Column and Brandenburg Gate.

This is perhaps one of the finest places to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Europe.

The good thing about Berlin’s new year celebration is that they start off in the morning itself.

The first event is the Berliner Silvesterlauf, a fancy-dress race of various lengths. Here, the runners also flip pancakes along the way.

Are you only interested in watching fireworks with your family to welcome the New Year?

Then, Teufelsberg and Viktoriapark are the two best places to be.

Best New Year’s Eve Experiences in Berlin

>> New Year’s Eve Concert at Charlottenburg Palace
>> New Year’s Eve Concert & Dinner at Charlottenburg Palace
>> New Year’s Day Concert at Charlottenburg Palace

Find out the most popular things to do in Berlin.

Best place to stay in Berlin

Right next to the Brandenburg Gate festivities is ‘Hotel de Rome’. We strongly recommend it.

Because of its proximity, you can also decide to watch the New Year’s Eve 2022 fireworks from your hotel balcony itself.

Your other option to stay is ‘Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin’.

This has a full-service spa to help you get back in shape after the night long party.

Two other hotels we recommend for your stay after the New Year’s Party is over are – Brandenburger Hof Berlin and Soho House.

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New Year’s Party in Las Vegas

New Year in Las Vegas
The popular Strip away from traffic. It becomes one huge party destination which can fit up to 300,000 people. As the midnight arrives, the casinos launch a choreographed fireworks display. You can’t see this in any other New Year’s party! Image: Latimes.com

If you are planning to spend your new year at Las Vegas, you have to make a choice early on. Where in Las Vegas will you party?

You can decide to go for the strip strewn with nightclubs of all shapes and sizes. Or you can decide to go to Fremont Street. At the Fremont Street, you will find Four Stages.

Down here, you can enjoy at least nine hours of mind-blowing music to keep you in the party mood.

When the clock strikes at midnight, welcome New Year 2023 by watching the fireworks erupting from casino rooftops.

>> Best things to do in Las Vegas
>> Plan your Las Vegas itinerary on Viator

Best place to stay in Las Vegas

You may get tired to the bone after all the partying. So best is to book a room in ‘The Venetian’.

Or if you want to stay close to the party spot, nothing better than ‘Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino’.

Family Friendly Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an entertainment destination for all age groups.

If you have children, this doubles up as a child-friendly New Year’s Eve family vacation. Check out Kid friendly things to do in Las Vegas.

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New Year’s Party in Rio De Janeiro

New Year party Rio De Janerio
Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro is famous for the amazing New Year celebration and fireworks display. There are other smaller parties you can attend. These are at Ipanema beach, Barra beach and Flamengo beach. Image: Riobybike.com

On New Year’s Eve, more than two million people will be on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

They will all be set to celebrate 2022, the year going by and welcome 2023.

If you buy a New Year’s Eve vacation package you can also join them.

You can watch the amazing fireworks from the Copacabana Beach. The action begins at 7 pm.

You should dress up in whites because the locals believe that the color white brings good luck.

There are stages set up which feature something for everybody in the family. Dance, music, activities and much more.

>> Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Best place to stay in Rio de Janeiro

The best hotel to stay in for this party is the Copacabana Palace.

This is an elegant hotel overlooking all the New Year action. Thanks to its proximity to all the action, it is also very costly during last week of the year.

If you think Copacabana Palace is too costly tryout Mama Ruisa hotel, which is homely and welcoming.

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New Year’s Party in Los Angeles

Best city for New Year Party - Los Angeles
Looking for free New Year events, memorable parties and must-have dinners? Then a New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles is a must for your family. Do make early reservations to make the most of it.

Los Angeles is as much Hollywood as any city can be – so expect a lot of drama in welcoming of the year 2023

Los Angeles has a great club scene and you can choose to welcome the new year from any one of the popular clubs.

You can also decide to be part of Cleopatra’s New Year’s Eve Ball. This ball features the top DJs of Los Angeles.

Nightlong drinking, dancing, and the fireworks make it a complete family celebration.

Once 2022-2023 New Year’s Eve is over, you can head over to Pasadena. Here, you get to watch floats being assembled for the New Year’s Day Tournament of Roses Parade.

The kids in the family will love the floats and will join you in the celebration.

>> Best tourist attractions in Los Angeles
>> Plan your Los Angeles itinerary on Viator

Best place to stay in Los Angeles

JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE is the place to be at to welcome 2023. Its sweeping views of the Los Angeles sky is breathtaking.

If you want something more Hollywood like, don’t look beyond The Hollywood Roosevelt.

This hotel has all the good-looking people! Plus, a great swimming pool and great entertainment too.

Family Friendly Los Angeles 

Ever since Disneyland Park was inaugurated in Los Angeles, it has been a kid-friendly vacation destination.

Thanks to Disneyland and the numerous other kid entertainment options in Los Angeles, this city is excellent for a New Year’s Eve break with children.

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New Year’s Party in New Orleans

NYE party on river in New Orleans
If you are in New Orleans on NYE, you head to Jackson Square, which is packed with people who love to party and their families. The “Baby New Year” drops from the top of Jax Brewery which is followed up by an extravagant firework display over the Mississippi. Image: Neworleans.com

New Orleans celebrates it’s New Year’s Eve in its own way, as it does everything else.

The best place for Happy New Year Party 2022-2023 will be at Jackson Square.

Being a city that loves to celebrate things its way, the New Year’s ball drop has been replaced by “Baby New Year” drops.

Jaw-dropping fireworks show over the Mississippi River follow this.

For prime viewing hire a steamboat with your own booze and have fun with your family and friends.

This will also help you celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022 with your near and dear ones in private.

The fireworks are followed by late-night partying at Bourbon Street.

>> Things to do in New Orleans
>> Romantic activities in New Orleans

Best place to stay in New Orleans

If you don’t want to go outside of your hotel on 2022 New Year’s Eve book a room in Hyatt Regency New Orleans.

This hotel offers an amazing view of the fireworks.

It has DJs, live bands, dance floors and an all-night bar to keep you hooked.

If you want to stay close to where you are partying, try the Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans.

Royal Sonesta is right up on Bourbon Street. Here is where the whole night partying will happen after the new year sets in.

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New Year’s Party in Miami

Best New Year Eve Party for Family
If you want to welcome the New Years Eve with your family or a group of friends and you’re looking for a free and entertaining way look no further than Miami. Check out the parties in parties downtown in Bayfront Park and in South Beach. Image: Miami.eater.com

Miami boasts of good New Year parties. But the best is when 250,000 plus locals and international tourists land up at Bayfront Park.

There are live bands, activities for people of all age groups, and fireworks over Biscayne Bay.

There is a touch of the ‘beach’ in everything Miami does and it exists even in the case of New Year parties.

>> Best tourist attractions in Miami
>> Plan your Miami itinerary on Viator

Best place to stay in Miami

In Miami, we recommend only one hotel for your New Year’s Eve 2022 celebrations – Mayfair Hotel & Spa.

It has great style and service and will fit right in with your budget.

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New Year’s Party in Goa

Relaxing NYE party with Music
If you love clear skies, cool and calm ocean along with palm trees, soft live music as your feet feels the sand…your New Year party celebration with your family should be in Goa.

If you love the enigma that is India, Goa is the place to be for the New Year’s Eve 2022 – 2023.

Goa parties are all about dancing on the sand and drinking in the shacks.

So if you think you will love it, just go ahead and book a New Year’s Eve vacation package. The weather isn’t too hot.

The palm trees swing in the breeze and keep you cool as you sip your drink gazing at the stars.

The biggest parties are around the Anjuna beach.

>> Things to do in Goa, India

Best place to stay in Goa

The quality of accommodation in Goa has seen a huge improvement in recent times.

We recommend you choose The Park Hotel, which is on the Candolim beach.

It isn’t on the Anjuna beach, but that’s OK for it is not so far.

Some other cities you shoudn’t miss:

>> New Year’s Eve Party Cruise in Melbourne
>> New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Madeira, Portugal
>> New Year’s Eve Fireworks Sail Boat Tour in Lisbon
>> New Year’s Eve Concert at the Zwinger, Dresden
>> New Year’s Eve Gala in Palais Auersperg, Vienna
>> New Year’s Eve Cruise, Dinner and Variety Show in Moscow

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