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Darwin or Cairns – what is better for family holiday in Australia

Darwin or Cairns - what is better for family holiday in Australia

If you are planning a family holiday to Australia we won’t blame you for not being able to decide between Darwin and Cairns. Some even call it the Darwin vs Cairns war! It may not just be about a family holiday. It may be something more permanent – you could also be researching about Cairns and Darwin because you want to move over and live in one of the two cities and if that is the case this article won’t be of much help. But you will be able to figure out the weather there.

People planning family holidays to Australia or Australian families deciding between the two destinations for a family holiday – Darwin vs Cairns – have always been confused about the two cities. Even travel experts are split between what is a better vacation for a family. The fight continues to this day. We know for sure that there never will be a winner to this Darwin vs Cairns comparison. Whatever city you decide on at the end of this article, don’t forget your insurance. Check out the best travel insurance plans for Australia.

Darwin or Cairns - Australia

We have provided below what Darwin in Australia offers for the family and what Cairns in Australia offers for the family, and left the choice to you. Do include your family – both the elderly and the children before taking a decision. After all, Darwin holiday vs Cairns holiday confusion isn’t an easy one to solve. However, you can also check out the best beaches in Australia for families, kids, and surfers.

Everything about Darwin, Australia

Darwin, Australia
Family Holiday in Darwin, Australia

If you and your family love nature and a relaxed setting for your holiday you just can’t miss Darwin. Situated at the Timor Sea, it is a perfect melting pot what with people from more than 50 nations living peacefully in Darwin. There are museums for adults and children alike, there are art galleries to suit every taste, there are restaurants with street seating to give you the holiday feel, and then there is nature. Kakadu National park and Litchfield National park are a few hours drive from Darwin so your kids will have fun for sure. As an elderly, if you want to take it easy all you need to do is hop onto a tinny (small boat) and go fishing with your beer.

Things to see in Darwin: The Ghan, Litchfield National Park, Tiwi Islands, Mindil Beach Markets, Arnhem Islands, Katherine, Savannah Way, Darwin’s Waterfront, Darwin’s Art Precincts

Places near Darwin: Kakadu National Park, Alice Springs, Red Center

Some of the top restaurants in Darwin: Hom Café, Aqua, Loong Fong Seafood Restaurant, Four Birds, Hanuman Restaurant, Cool Spot Café

Everything about Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia
Family Holiday in Cairns, Australia

Not long ago, Cairns was a swamp but over the years it has geared towards tourism, and a great tourism place at that. There are many resorts, travel experts, tour guides, souvenir shops and tourists which now make Cairns the happening place it is. Cairns has a lot of hotels and hostels so the people on holiday can stay comfy whatever be their budget. The thing that stands out about Cairns (pronounced by locals as ‘Cans’) is its infectious holiday feel. In Cairns people aren’t in a hurry, there is no reason to get angry or upset, for there are no schedules to stick to. It is just you and yourself. The whole town of Cairns is spotted with nightclubs, bars, eating joints, cafes etc to make life of a tourist as much fun. You may have to take a bus ride to visit a beach, but beach alone isn’t holiday, right? Right next to Cairns is the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest which your kids just can’t miss. If you love driving, don’t miss the Great Tropical Drive.

Things to see in Darwin: The great tropical drive, Mission Beach, The Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas, Kuranda

Places near Darwin: Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, The Daintree Forest

Some of the top restaurants in Darwin: 181 The Esplanade, Cairns Plaza Hotel, Hides Hotel.

What do you think – will it be a Darwin family vacation or will it be a Cairns family vacation this time?

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