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Najeeb PK is a seasoned traveler who finds joy and freedom in exploring new places by himself. He has a keen eye for architecture, always on the lookout for unique buildings and innovative city layouts.

Najeeb’s passion for travel deeply enriches his writing, providing it with authenticity and perceptive insights. His work captures the essence of each destination, making his articles a valuable resource for those eager to explore new places. Full of useful tips for both locals and tourists, Najeeb’s writing is a treasure trove of information.

Najeeb PK

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Najeeb PK’s articles

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Facts about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – nothing is ordinary here!

Though Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque attracts millions of visitors worldwide, most visitors are unaware about its unique facts. Do you know that Sheikh Zayed is one of the largest mosques … Read more

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Interior

What’s Inside Sheikh Zaid Grand Mosque – from the courtyard to the mihrab

Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque consists of four Minarets known as the lighthouses, 82 domes in various sizes, 1000 columns, 30 acres of mosque premises, a library, the largest … Read more

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Dress Code and Manners at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – abaya and kandura

While visiting the Grand Mosque, women must cover their hair with a scarf and their bodies with lengthy, loose-fitting clothing. Their clothing should reach to their wrist and anklets. It … Read more

PROTOTYP Auto Museum

PROTOTYP Auto Museum – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

The PROTOTYP Auto Museum in Hamburg is a veritable gold mine honoring the contributions and legacies of legendary people in the automotive world.  Nestled near the UNESCO World Heritage Speicherstadt … Read more

BallinStadt Emigration Museum

BallinStadt Emigration Museum – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

BallinStadt Emigration Museum is a moving emigration park and former emigration station in Hamburg, Germany. Its history dates back to the mid-19th century. Named after Hamburg America line Director General … Read more

Pulverlesque Show at Pulverfass Cabaret

Pulverlesque Show at Pulverfass Cabaret – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

Hamburg’s nightlife, which is well-known for its exuberant energy and wide range of entertainment options, entices residents and visitors to see the city as it comes to life at night. … Read more

Hamburg Boat Tours

Hamburg Boat Tours – tickets, prices, discounts, timings, what to expect, FAQs

Imagine a journey on an eve from the illuminated Speicherstadt along the ripples of Hamburg port, looking at the HafenCity, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, and the St. Pauli Piers.  Hamburg … Read more

Zugspitze Mountain Tour

Zugspitze Mountain Tour – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

Zugspitze is Germany’s highest peak and the tallest summit in the Wetterstein Mountains. The Zugspitze, which rises to 2962 meters (9718 feet) above sea level and provides stunning panoramic views … Read more

Hellabrunn Zoo Munich

Hellabrunn Zoo – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

The Hellabrunn Zoo, founded in 1911, is the world’s first geo-zoo. Animal exhibits are organized per their geographic regions, providing a truly immersive experience. One of the best zoological gardens … Read more

Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum – tickets, prices, timings, exhibits, what to expect, FAQs

The Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany, is one of the world’s biggest and most well-known science and technology museums. The museum was established in 1903 and has vast exhibits spanning … Read more

Kunsthalle Munich

Kunsthalle Munich – tickets, prices, exhibitions, timings, what to expect

The Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, commonly known as the Kunsthalle Munich, is a homage to Munich’s rich artistic heritage and is conveniently located in the city center. Founded by the Hypo-Cultural … Read more