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World’s first Lego Colosseum had 200,000 bricks, and it broke the Internet


Sometime back, Ryan McNaught, Australia’s only Lego certified professional, built the World’s first Lego Colosseum.

He used more than 200,000 bricks to make the model Colosseum, which was presented in cross-sections – half in its ruined form, and half as it would have been when Rome’s original Colosseum got completed.

The Lego structure is one meter (3.3 feet) high, 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) wide and 1.8 meters (6 feet) long.

Ryan went into incredible detail while building his Colosseum using just Lego bricks.

Besides the structure, he also added an exciting array of mini-figure gladiators, legionaries, senators, and even an emperor.

In the stands, he placed Roman spectators in togas.

He designed gardens, statues, and mini animals to make it as close to Rome’s most popular tourist attraction, as possible.

He even placed tourists in colorful clothes, near the ice cream stalls.

We share photos below –

A water fountain welcomes you to the LEGO Roman Colosseum

Lego Colosseum's fountain
Image: Ryan McNaught

Area surrounding the Colosseum is as exciting as what one can expect inside

Food truck outside Lego Colosseum
Image: Ryan McNaught

Spectators and officials arrive in their Roman chariots

Lego Colosseum's chariot
Image: Ryan McNaught

Food vendors set up their carts

Exterior of Lego Colosseum
Image: Ryan McNaught

For Ryan, the biggest challenge was to make something oval-shaped out of square bricks.

Lego Colosseum front view
Image: Ryan McNaught

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LEGO Colosseum's side view
Image: Ryan McNaught

Colosseum’s Arena Floor is full of activity

Arena floor of Lego Colosseum
Image: Ryan McNaught

The model even has a trap door from where animals were introduced

Lego gladiators in action
Image: Ryan McNaught

And gladiators entertain the Romans

Lego gladiators entertain the spectators
Image: Ryan McNaught

Tourists stop by to appreciate the Constantinople Arch

LEGO Constantine's arch
Image: Ryan McNaught

Ryan’s LEGO Colosseum has been on display at many places and attracts both kids and adults alike

Visitors appreciating Ryan's Lego Colosseum
Image: Ryan McNaught

Ryan McNaught now leads The Brickman, a team of skilled LEGO® brick artists and craftspeople.

In 2019, he joined Channel Nine’s TV show LEGO Masters Australia as a judge along side host Hamish Blake.

More of Ryan’s LEGO masterpieces can be found here.

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