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All inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico – Top 5 hotels for vacation packages


If you plan a vacation in Puerto Rico, you know two places are a must-visit – the Flamenco and the San Juan beaches.

Flamenco Beach was listed in the top ten Caribbean destinations ever, and San Juan beach was listed as one of the top 25 beaches in the world.

If visits to these two spots are outside your tour package, speak to your travel agent or resort contacts and add them to your all-inclusive package.

As for the best resort to stay in Puerto Rico, here is our list of the top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico.

Top 5 all inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico

Here are our favorite five all-inclusive resorts –

Resort # 1: Marriott San Juan Resort, San Juan

Marriott San Juan Resort, San Juan, Puerto Rico - All inclusive resort
Marriott San Juan Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico has the best location of the lot. There is a casino nearby as well as some amazing restaurants – just in case you want to eat out of your all inclusive deal.

This all-inclusive resort is just right for families with kids or romantic couples.

This resort is rated highly for location, sleep quality, room service, and cleanliness by the travelers who have stayed here.

The beach is just outside this all-inclusive resort, so you don’t have to drive anywhere.

If you get bored with the beach, there is always a swimming pool.

See if you can speak to them and get an ocean-view room as part of your all-inclusive deal.

If food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) isn’t part of your all-inclusive deal, you can walk to nearby restaurants because of the nice location of Marriott San Juan Resort.

They have a Casino called Stellaris which is a must-try.

Tip: Please discuss your package deal with care because there are a lot of finer points that get missed.

Resort # 2: La Concha Resort, San Juan

La Concha Resort, San Juan, Puerto Rico - All inclusive resort
According to seasoned travellers, the beach next to all inclusive La Concha Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico is the best of the lot.

Romantic couples prefer this all-inclusive resort over families with kids.

The resort’s location, room quality, service, and cleanliness stand out at this all-inclusive resort.

The views from every room are excellent, so you don’t need to worry about the rooms you may get as part of the cheap deal you may have struck.

The staff at this resort in Puerto Rico is excellent and finds appreciate a mention in every traveler’s review.

The travelers who have stayed at this resort also claim that the beach close to this resort is better than the other areas. 

Tip: While discussing your all-inclusive package, see if you can add a few drinks every evening since the drinks in the resort’s bar are expensive.

Resort # 3: Las Casitas Village Resort, Fajardo

Las Casitas Village Resort - All inclusive resort
Las Casitas Village Resort – is perhaps the best all inclusive resort in Puerto Rico

This is an all-inclusive luxury resort with a great location in Fajardo.

It is, in fact, the best resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Families and children prefer this resort, and romantics tend to stay away.

This resort is also known for the sleep quality it provides, the extremely high-end rooms it has, and the cleanliness of the rooms.

Travelers who have stayed at this resort have also given a thumbs up for the room service in Las Casitas Village resort.

If you want, you can only include breakfast in your all-inclusive deal because some travelers don’t like the food at this resort – but there are various restaurants nearby.

Tip: There is a nearby private island where you can jet ski, so please include it in your all-inclusive deal package.

Resort # 4: Royal Sonesta Resort, San Juan

InterContinental Resort, San Juan, Puerto Rico - All inclusive resort
The all inclusive Royal Sonesta Resort in Puerto Rico is the closest to the airport. It is also closest to a casino.

This resort is right next to the airport – about 15 minutes drive.

Romantic couples prefer The Royal Sonesta resort over families and children.

Some of the travelers to this resort have found the rooms to be smaller, which you must keep in mind if you travel with children.

The sleep quality this resort offers is amazing and even the service of the staff at the InterContinental resort is par excellence.

This resort is next to El San Juan Casino, so you should check if an entry to this casino can be part of the all-inclusive deal.

The pool and beach view the rooms offer are excellent and well worth the money spent as part of your all-inclusive deal.

Tip: A Burger King is right next to the resort for those needing help taking in the local cuisine. Of course, you won’t be able to add a few visits to Burger King in your all-inclusive package, so don’t bother. It will look cheap.

Resort # 5: Copamarina Beach Resort, Guanica

Copamarina Beach Resort, Guanica, Puerto Rico - All inclusive resort
The all inclusive Copamarina Beach Resort in Puerto Rico is a huge hit among romantic couples.

This resort is a hit amongst romance-loving couples.

This doesn’t mean families don’t come here – more than 40% of the traffic here is families wanting to vacation with their kids.

If you are bringing your kids along, this is the best resort for picnics because of the nearby mangroves.

At night, you can swim in warm water amidst bioluminescent organisms.

If you are into water sports, booking at Copamarina Beach Resort makes sense, for the beach is right outside the resort.

Rooms have possibly the best ocean views, so you can stare at them and relax.

Do note that you can’t swim on the beach opposite Copamarina Beach Resort.

Tip: Make sure the breakfast, around $20, gets included in your all-inclusive package. Also, if you are traveling with kids, carry some mosquito repellents.

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