Aarthi P

Travel Writer & Researcher

Aarthi P is a true lover of food and travel. She journeys across the globe, tasting everything from local street food to dishes in famous restaurants. Aarthi embraces the diverse landscapes, cultures, and cuisines of the world, making each trip a unique adventure.

She views travel as both a lifelong learning experience and a source of inspiration for her creativity. Aarthi enjoys making meaningful connections with people wherever she goes. Her favorite cities include Kyoto, Cape Town, Marrakech, and Santorini.

Favorite travel movie: Thelma and Louise
Next destination: Utah

Aarthi P

Cities visited: 18

vacations taken: 11

Attractions seen: 28

Next trip: In 115 days

Articles written: 14

The celeb I would like to travel with

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is known for her dynamic presence and deep cultural knowledge, and I’d love to understand her perspective on every destination. Her ability to engage with local traditions and her adventurous spirit will ensure that every journey is not only entertaining but also deeply educational.

Michelle Yeoh

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