Types of meditation retreats


Blame it on Julia Roberts’ movie Eat, Pray, Love or something else, now everybody wants to have a session at a life changing meditation retreat. Businessmen, couples who want to re-ignite love, creative guys who want better output – all kinds of people are heading towards meditation retreats.

So what are the different types of meditation retreats, which are available out there? Here is our list:

Vipassana Meditation Retreats

These are meditation retreats based on the foundation of Vipassana – meaning, retreats which help you “see things as they really are” for that’s what Vipassana means. Vipassana is a pre-Buddhist meditation technique that was popularised by Gautama Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. As part of any Vipassana meditation one has to observe one’s breathing and then observe the body and these retreats have specialist gurus who help do just that.

Buddhist Meditation Retreats

Buddhist meditation retreats help you understand the ways of the Buddha. You start off as a beginner expanding and experiencing Buddhism beyond the books you may have read and work your way to an advanced course. These retreats are intensive and expect a lot of sacrifice from you and these advanced meditation course can last anywhere from a few weeks to even three years.

Spiritual Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreat

Meditation retreats are getting very popular amongst travellers

The definition of spirituality will vary from person to person so various kinds of retreats fall under this category. From the ones that provide intensive Reiki to the ones which just have a huge white hall where everybody meditates for at least 12 hours in a day – all of these fall under the spiritual meditation retreat category.

Silent Meditation Retreats

This has bit of an overlap with Vipassana meditation retreats, which also has silent meditation as one of its parts. Silent meditation means not talking to anybody for long periods and to ensure that happens one has to meditate for at least 12 hours a day. This is a very difficult type of meditation to follow. Such retreats are small and cater to a niche clientele only.

Transcendental Meditation Retreats

Transcendental Meditation is the 15-20 minutes meditation anybody can do wherever they are. The person sits down and closes their eyes so that the mind settles down and experiences a state of restful alertness. Idea is to get into this state multiple times in a day and end up eliminating stress. There are plenty of resorts that position themselves as Transcendental meditation retreats because it doesn’t require a long commitment or expertise.

Meditation Spa Retreats

These are generally detox retreats where you can meditate and at the same time rejuvenate using the modern or ancient spa treatments. This is of the less serious nature and most times gets mixed up with commercial or luxury retreats.

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