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World War 2 Museum

World War 2 Museum is a place filled with narratives etched out of heroism, sacrifice, responsibility, plea, and struggle for liberation, which brings into light the American experience of “war that changed the world.” 

The Museum of World War II was opened on June 6th, 2000, on the 56th anniversary of Operation Overlord, also known as the D-Day or Normandy invasion, to inspire the generations and enlighten them about the struggle for freedom.

World War 2 Museum exhibits a detailed account of how the World fought the war and how they won it.

This is a must-visit place to connect with the patriotic feeling inside you. 

The place offers vast collections, exhibits, oral narratives and anecdotes, multimedia collections, and much more to entertain the audience from across the World. 

This article shares everything you must know before buying your World War 2 Museum tickets. 

What to expect at World War 2 Museum

Several pavilions spread on 6 acres of land offer you everything from large-scale events and fine-dining to interesting artefacts, exhibit and research galleries, and more. 

It is an experience that is made to both entertain and educate. 

At the National World War 2 Museum, you will also find our personal favorite experience of “Beyond all Boundaries” – a 45 minutes 4D experience that takes you through the happenings of the war. 

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Opening hours

The World War 2 Museum in Louisiana opens daily at 9 am and closes at 5 pm. 

The attraction remains closed on Mardi Gras Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.

“Beyond All Boundaries” runs daily from 10 am to 4 pm. 

A limited number of visitors are allowed at a time, and every show runs at the top of the hour. 

If you do not wish to wait and want a time slot that suits you, booking the tickets well in advance is best. 

The American Sector Restaurant and Bar opens daily at 11 am and closes at 4 pm.

Jeri Nims Soda Shop is operational from 8 am to 3 pm.

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Best time to visit WW2 Museum

A popular place like this usually has a good turnout almost every day, so it isn’t easy to find a time when the crowd is less.

The only possibility to avoid the crowd is if you visit World War 2 Museum in New Orleans early in the morning from 9 am to 12 pm. Or later in the noon, by 2 pm.

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How long does it take

World War 2 Museum is spread on 6 acres, and most users take three to four hours to explore everything on display.

If you wish to see and understand every exhibit in-depth, it will take you close to eight hours. 

If that sounds a lot for a day, we recommend you buy an additional second-day pass to WWII Museum that would cost you only $7 extra. 

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World War 2 Museum tickets

Select your time slot and book Skip-the-line tickets to National World War II Museum to get admission at your preferred time.

We suggest you enter the attraction before 3 pm, so you have enough time to explore everything on display at the war museum.

Ticket inclusions

The general admission WW2 Museum ticket gives you access to everything in the Museum except the “Beyond All Boundaries”, “Arsenal of Democracy”, “Campaigns of Courage,” and the option to visit on the second day. 

However, from the ticket booking page, you can book these experiences in advance for an additional price. 

Timed tickets

To avoid crowding, the World War II Museum tickets are available at fifteen-minute time slots.

When you book a regular ticket, the time on your ticket is the time of entry into the Museum. 

When you choose an option with a Timed 4-D Movie Ticket or a Guided Tour, the time on your ticket is your reserved time for the 4-D Movie or Guided Tour.

With such tickets, you can enter the Museum any time after it opens for the day. 

How online tickets work

Once you purchase your tickets for the Museum of World War II, it gets emailed to you. 

No need to take printouts.

On the day of your visit, enter the main museum entrance on the north side of Andrew Higgins Blvd, show your ticket on your mobile and start your tour. 

Cost of Regular tickets

Adult ticket (5 to 64 years): US$ 31
Student ticket (with ID): US$ 26
Senior ticket (65+ years): US$ 19
Child ticket (up to 4 years): Free Entry

Regular tickets + Beyond All Boundaries 4D Movie

Adult ticket (5 to 64 years): US$ 38
Student ticket (with ID): US$ 33
Senior ticket (65+ years): US$ 26
Child ticket (up to 4 years): US$ 7

Regular tickets + Campaigns of Courage Guided Tour

Adult ticket (5 to 64 years): US$ 62
Student ticket (with ID): US$ 58
Senior ticket (65+ years): US$ 50
Child ticket (up to 4 years): Free Entry

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Box Item:

Choose the New Orleans All-Inclusive Pass for maximum savings and flexibility. Save up to 55% off retail prices on admission to 20+ attractions and tours, including the World War 2 Museum.

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What to see at World War 2 Museum

The World War II Museum in Louisiana welcomes you with a great collection of artefacts, exhibits, multimedia experiences, and oral histories that you will not find anywhere else. 

Here is a list of the most popular exhibits –

The Arsenal of Democracy

The Arsenal of Democracy: The Herman and George R. Brown Salute To The Home Front is the Museum’s new permanent exhibit. 

It is located on the second level of the Louisiana Memorial Pavilion.

It presents multimedia, interactive displays, and an extensive collection letting the visitors experience the events of how the war was fought and victory was brought home closely. 

This exhibit allows the visitors to hear about the men and women who played a crucial part in this war and became victors.

Road To Tokyo

Richard C. Adkerson and Freeport – McMoran Foundation Road To Tokyo: Pacific Theatre Galleries explores the strategy for fighting relentless Japanese forces in Asia and the Pacific.

It demonstrates extreme conditions faced by American Military forces through a recreated environment.

It brings to light the story of Americans who forged a road to Tokyo in the face of all odds.

Road To Berlin

Road To Berlin: European Theatre Galleries is the perfect exhibit if you wish to know more about the personal stories of the war.

It recreates actual battle settings and villages, giving us a rough and evocative landscape that would make you feel as if you were present.

Beyond All Boundaries

Narrated by Tom Hanks, Beyond All Boundaries is shown daily in the Solomon Victory Theatre.

Elements like loud noises, flashing lights, fog effect, and sudden chair movements are a few things one must look out for if you have any medical condition that could be aggravated. 

Option of stationary seating is available too.

The show can be too intense for some viewers due to its very descriptive and graphic nature.

Parental guidance is suggested.

The D-Day Invasion of Normandy

The D-Day Invasion of Normandy is located on the third floor of the Louisiana Memorial Pavilion.

It puts forth the experience and struggles faced by the Allies in Normandy.

The D-Day Invasion of Normandy also explains how the Allies prepared for and overcame challenges.

US Merchant Marine Gallery is situated at the end of Horatio Alger Association American Spirit Bridge.

This exhibit is dedicated to civilian Merchant Mariners who risked their lives transporting weapons, men, and materials to US troops overseas.

It also exhibits their sail under deadly conditions.

Bayou to Battlefield: Higgins Industries during WWII

Bayou to Battlefield narrates the story of WWII boatbuilder Andrew Jackson Higgins through text panels, artefacts, and video presentations.

It celebrates the New Orleans workforce that built more than 20,000 combat watercraft that were crucial to the success of D-Day. 

Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience 

USS Tang Submarine Experience is an interactive experience. 

The visitors get to relive the last epic battle of the USS Tang.

This interactive exhibit only accommodates 27 visitors per patrol.

Everybody will be given a “watch bill” for a particular Tang crew member, and many will be “enlisted” to carry out specific responsibilities to help them get through the fight. 

They will learn at the end of the event whether they were one of the few who suffered in Japanese captivity after a terrifying voyage at sea or one of those who were among the lost.

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Map of World War 2 Museum

It is always wise to keep the map of the place you are planning to visit handy, to be efficient with your time. 

You can devise a proper itinerary and prioritize which pavilion of the Museum you would like to visit first once you have gone through the map. 

Map of World War II Museum New Orleans would also help you find the shops, restaurants, restrooms, etc.

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How to reach the WW Museum

The Museum is located at 945 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. Get directions

Its Main Entrance is on Andrew Higgins Drive. 

You can board any bus with numbers 10, 11, 114, 15, 28, 91, or streetcar number 12. 

The closest bus station to the Museum is Poydras + S Peters, which is a 6-minute walk from the Museum.

The closest streetcar station is St Charles St Joseph, which is just 3 minute walk from the Museum. 


Museum’s parking garage is available on the left side of 1024 Magazine Street.

The parking garage does not accommodate motorcycles and vehicles over 6’8″ tall.

If you have either of these vehicles, you can opt for paid parking spaces at the corner of Camp and Andrew Higgins Street or St.Joseph and Magazine Street.

Bus loading and unloading lane are on either side of Andrew Higgins Drive, behind the Museum. 


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