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15 things to do in Savannah for couples

Ever wanted a vacation where you could experience a tranquil bliss? Look no further! 

Savannah is the heartthrob of romantic couples who love idling through this peaceful city of Georgia. Entering the main streets of Savannah is much like entering the 1800s. 

Everything you see in Savannah takes you back in time. The cobblestone streets and the horse-drawn carriages showcase this place’s beauty and vintage vibe. 

Life at Savannah is very nurturing and inspiring because it is a peaceful place by nature. Numerous parks, such as Forsyth Park, feature lovely water fountains and sculptures. 

The food scene here is truly unique, the Southern city showcasing a variety of cuisines and cocktails. 

You can take your loved one to Mrs. Wilkes’s Dining Room, where you can have the tastiest chicken BBQ, macaroni, okra, and much more. 

In this article, we’ll list the top 15 things to do in Savannah for couples.

Go on a Ghosts & Gravestones Tour

The romantic getaway with your loved one will become even better when you take the Ghosts & Gravestones Trolleybus to tour the city. It is one of the top things to do in Savannah for couples.

As you keep traveling on the bus, you will see shadows play tricks with you. The haunted city of Savannah will manage to surprise you every time the bus takes a dark corner. 

Not just that, your local guide will tell you stories of murder and mayhem, giving you and your sweetheart suspense-filled travel. 

You might also find ghostly creatures creeping out of their habitats, searching for fearful travelers. Hmm. Just kidding, but the point is you are living a brave adventure here on the trolley bus. 

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Enjoy Tybee Island Dolphin Cruise Tour

Enjoy Tybee Island Dolphin Cruise Tour
Vicky Kornevall / Getty Images

One of the top things for couples to do in Savannah is to go for a dolphin cruise tour. There’s plenty of excitement and fun awaiting you and your sweetheart on this tour.

The wild bottlenose dolphins perform great jumps and dives, giving your eyes a treat for the money. The dolphins have a fun time trying to win your attention in return.

You will be headed to a place called the Crab Shack on Tybee Island, where there are a variety of crabs, shrimps, and oysters. You can also see the scenic wildlife and historic Lighthouse from the comfort of your Cruise. 

Enjoy a course of Tybee Island’s steamed seafood that’s tasty and stomach-filling. You can see the Atlantic Ocean by the Lighthouse. 

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Take the History and Sightseeing Trolley Tour

One of the best couple things to do in Savannah is to go for a history and sightseeing tour. Your local guide will tell you all about Savannah’s history, which is interesting.

As romantic couples, you will be thrilled to travel on the cobblestones, viewing stately mansions as you proceed from one place to the other. 

The trolley bus tour lasts for 90 minutes, taking you through historic districts that once played a significant part in the civilization of Savannah. 

This sightseeing tour will take you through all the nooks and corners of Savannah, from where you can view the beautiful squares and plenty of artifacts. 

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Go all spooky at the Bonaventure Cemetery

Go all spooky at the Bonaventure Cemetery
D-Keine / Getty Images

You’d be thinking about why to visit a Cemetery for your romantic getaway. Cemeteries are spooky and haunted, with nobody loving to see them for a tour. 

But Bonaventure Cemetry is more than that. It takes you back to the 18th century, when the place had plantations and massive artistic sculptures. 

Shannon Scott and his team are excellent local guides who can tell you all about the dark side and the Cemetery’s historical significance, giving you chills now and then. 

The Cemetry is well acclaimed for the beautiful sculptures part of the place’s attraction. These sculptures go far back in time, enabling you to visualize how it was back then. 

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Take a helicopter tour of Hilton Head Island

Sightseeing is the best when you choose to do it on a helicopter ride. Take your sweetheart for a helicopter tour down the Hilton Head Island, Tybee Island, and downtown Savannah. 

There are three options available for your helicopter tour. 

The first option consists of ocean views where you can widely view Folly Field Beach and the Port Royal Sound. It is an 8-mile tour where you experience the thrill of a helicopter ride. 

The second option is the beach cruiser, where you can fly past the shores of Hilton Head. From there, your pilot will take you through the busiest beaches of Savannah. 

The third option is a mix of the first two options. The helicopter will take you along the coastal line of Coligny Beach, a famous park in Hilton Head. 

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Book a Beyond Good and Evil Tour

Book a Beyond Good and Evil Tour
Rifat Gadimov / Pexels

Do you want to play the haunted house with your loved one? 

Alright, to be frank, Savannah is quite haunted. Your local guide will take you to Savannah’s haunted locations, such as the 432 Abercorn, The Colonial Park Cemetery.

As it is a walking tour, you can hold your partner’s hand as you walk across the haunted places. The guide will also relate the history of these haunted destinations to make further the walk thrilling. 

Cities such as the former Revolutionary War battlegrounds hold enough credibility to be a haunted place. You can go to other battlefields to experience the site’s historical significance.

Know about Savannah’s long history and many unknown mysteries by participating in 13 Ghosts, Murder & Mystery Tour.

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Go on a Dinner Cruise with Entertainment

A romantic dinner cruise is always special as you experience live music and other entertainment while slowly gliding through the waters. 

The dinner cruise lasts for 2 hours, and within that time, you can easily have had an experience of a lifetime with your loved one. 

Treat yourself to some of the city’s best delicacies as you munch on the fresh Buffet-style dinner. 

After dinner, you can either hop overboard to see the stunning views of the place or join in by dancing along to the tunes played on the Cruise. 

The dinner menu consists of their Signature Savannah Shrimp and Grits, Tender Beef Carving Station, Fresh Catch of the Day, Lemon Artichoke Chicken, etc. 

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Take a Segway tour through Downtown Savannah

Take a Guided Segway Tour through Historic Downtown Savannah

The guided Segway tour is a fun couple of things to do in Savannah. Upon training to operate the Segway, you and your loved one can then head out along the tour route.

Both of you will get a mini radio with which you can communicate amongst each other and other members of the group. 

It is well worth exploring the history of Savannah as you pile across the cobblestones of the place. Stop by the site where General William T. Sherman stayed during his regime course. 

Of course, the most impressive attraction is the bench that featured Forrest Gump, who shared his chocolates. Immersive yourself into the scene to make the character appear in front of you. 

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Go on a Narrated Harbor Sightseeing Cruise

A fantastic experience awaits you when you climb on board the Savannah riverboat to take a trip through the Savannah River. 

You can hear the live commentary from the Captain, who makes the journey memorable. 

The Cruise lasts for 1.5 hrs. As you mingle with fellow passengers and local guides, you will get to know the historical significance of Savannah, which makes the tour colorful.

Old Fort Jackson is a great place to stop by and capture some fantastic pics owing to its historical significance. 

You can view original artillery pieces as well as the cannons in action. 

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Go Touring at the Forsyth park

Go Touring at the Forsyth park
gferdinandsen / Getty Images

Forsyth Park is an incredible place, and visiting the park is one of the top couple things to do in Savannah. The park is very lively, with birds, animals, and people casually moving about. 

The lush green in Forsyth park is accompanied by spaces dedicated to tennis and basketball matches. You can chill the entire day with your loved one in this magical park.

The most iconic attraction of the park is its fountains. The fountains are all arranged in a particular manner to feature beautiful cascading waters.

Forsyth park’s fountains greatly influence romantic couples who would love to click some snaps and selfies beside the fountain. 

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Pay a visit to Wormsloe Historic Site

Pay a visit to Wormsloe Historic Site
Jacob Lund

Wormsloe is a great place to visit, making it one of the top couple things to do in Savannah. 

The place has great historical significance as it has been owned for about 3 centuries by Georgia colonist Noble Jones. 

It serves as an attraction for couples who would love to explore the lush green and ancient buildings. 

Wormsloe was used as a guard post by Jones during the colonial era. 

The land was passed on to generations, and it became more and more developed as different land owners took hold of the place. 

Jones also used the land for agricultural purposes, growing cotton, grains, vegetables, fruits, and berries during his time. 

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Explore the marvel of Old Fort Jackson

Located on the banks of the Savannah River, Old Fort Jackson is one of those historical buildings that was once used as a fortification center. 

The Fort came into existence in the year 1808, and Confederate forces used it as the headquarters of the Savannah River.  

Being romantic couples, both can take a stroll through the Fort and discover all of the structure’s glory. You may also get a chance to view an oceangoing ship. 

You can find some heavy-duty weapons here, such as The 9-inch Dahlgren cannon, which was once predominantly used during the pre-Civil War period. 

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Dine in at Perry lane hotel

Dine in at Perry lane hotel
aimintang / Getty Images

This state-of-the-art hotel offers you great rooftop views, giving you a complete 360-degree look at Savannah. The hotel is just a few minute walk from Forsyth Park.

There’s a certain doorway for all party lovers. You can also rest in the hotel’s lounge, drinking a cocktail to add to the merrymaking. 

The hotel has 67 refreshingly elegant guest rooms, including 12 luxurious suites. 

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Go wining at the Olde Pink House

Olde Pink House is a heartthrob for foodies, natives, or tourists. For romantic couples, dining in at the hotel is one of the top things to do for couples in Savannah.

Do try out the southern dishes that this hotel provides. Fried green tomatoes and specialty grits are some of the favorites you can begin with. 

After dinner comes to the wine tasting sessions, you can also grab a beer or cocktail at the in-house bar. Music and dance events go into action, giving you a chance to celebrate with your sweetheart.

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Admire the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

Admire the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens
Photon-Photos / Getty Images

Last but not least, you can take your life partner to visit the Botanical Gardens along the coastline of Georgia. You can spend some time gazing at the beautiful repertoire of flower arrangements.

If you’re driving from Savannah’s downtown, it will take you about 30 minutes to reach the gardens. But it’s well worth the drive, given the flora you can see after arriving here. 

Capture the romantic moments as you click a snap beside a beautiful rose garden. You can also join in for a class at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens. 

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