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15 things to do in Kentucky for couples

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Kentucky is acclaimed for its romantic getaways owing to the region’s scenic landscapes and lush green.

Often referred to as The Bluegrass State, Kentucky pulls you into its vibe like a bar magnet.

The term ‘bluegrass’ is associated with the bluish-purple buds that offer a blue cast to the grass when seen in sunlight.

Kentucky is the perfect place for romantic couples who want to experience the peace and tranquility of the city.

Parks like the Louisville Waterfront Park on the Ohio River offer just that.

Owing to its lush green, many horse ranches feature the world’s best horses, and when they’re on track, they’ll give you a spin for the money.

The food scene is thriving marvelously here, and before you know it, Kentucky will be on your all-time favorite list. You can also sample the best bourbon in the esteemed distilleries of the city.

This article will cover 15 romantic couple things to do in Kentucky. Let’s get started!

Go on a Horse Farm Tour

Keeneland features world-class grounds clad with iconic bluegrass. The horse farm tour will take you through the ranches where thoroughbred horses are raised. 

The local guide will give you an insight into how the horses are fed and maintained to deliver standalone results on the race track. 

The tour lasts for almost three hours. Once you’ve learned about the lifestyle of the horses, stop by the Calumet Farm, which was once the home of the racing dynasty. 

Meander through the race tracks in Keeneland and imagine the thud and raw horsepower with which the horses race to the finish. 

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Get fast and furious at the Corvette Museum

The Corvette is one of the top sleek American sports cars that have a legacy of its own. 

As you venture about the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, see how the iconic car has evolved. It’s great to see the transition from the early Corvettes to the latest’ Vettes. 

The major highlight of the Museum is the Corvette Cave, where you can see and learn about the skin hole that swallowed 8 Corvettes. 

Go for a ride in one of your favorite Corvette models to finish the museum visit with a bang. Stop by the Stingray Grill to refuel. You can also check out the events that feature tours around the USA. 

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Hike at Daniel Boone National Forest

Couple hiking at Daniel Boone National Forest
Photodjo / Getty Images

Spanning 780,000 acres, The Daniel Boone National Forest is spread across 21 counties of eastern Kentucky. You’re in the right place if your loved one is seeking an adventure. 

This forest’s massive number of trails leads to fabulous destinations where you can click a selfie with your life partner.

There are more than 250 recreation sites where you can chill and relax. 

The varied terrains of the Daniel Boone National Forest are a significant highlight for romantic couples who want to lose themselves in the beauty of nature. 

There are more than 3,400 miles of sandstone cliffs, gorges, and ravines cut by rivers and streams, all unique. 

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Enjoy the thrill at Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby is a sought-after destination for couples who want to enjoy the excitement and thrill of one of the best horse races held at Churchill Downs outside Louisville. 

About 20 horses can compete in the Kentucky Derby. The sheer run for victory begins when eight horses compete against each other for the prize. 

The horses begin their stride by initially traveling along the road to the Derby. A series of 35 races takes place before the top horses are shortlisted. 

Horses that get the most points earn a spot in the starting gate and $2 million in cash. 

Several traditions in the Derby are faithfully followed by those legends who left a mark while they lived. The ‘Garland of Roses.’ is a popular tradition.

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Visit Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace

Abraham Lincolns Birthplace National Historical Park
Mellangatang / Getty Images

Thousands of romantic couples flock to the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park in a frenzy of wanting to know more about the former American President. 

The First Lincoln Memorial was constructed between 1909 and 1911 to respect the great President. 

The ever-famous birth cabin of Abraham Lincoln, a one-room log cabin, is featured here to dwell on the early years of the acclaimed personality. 

The Neoclassical Memorial Building features 56 steps to match Lincoln’s age at his death. The Building was made out of Tennessee marble and pink granite. 

The Sinking Spring is a sought-after destination for couples who want to explore and understand how the water that rises disappears into the earth below. 

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Have fun at Mammoth Cave National Park 

The Mammoth Cave National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site enchanted with cave systems that will give you chills as you proceed.

Taking a boat ride underground is one of Kentucky Louisville’s top romantic couple things. After the boat ride, you can engage in other activities and have fun.

Some fun activities to do with your loved one are canoeing, fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming, horseback riding, and balloon riding. 

You can pick the ideal cave tour from a list of custom tours. Tours such as lantern tours and crawling tours demand your adventure spirit. 

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Go sampling on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Go sampling on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Vladans / Getty Images

The rolling hills of Kentucky horse country are laid back with some of the best distilleries that produce top-quality whiskey, such as bourbon. 

Have an Old Fashioned at Louisville’s famed distilleries to start your Kentucky Bourbon Trail from the Welcome Center at the Frazier Museum.

After sampling a drink at the Frazier Museum, reach out for the four KBT distilleries within a one-mile stretch of Main Street.

Woodford Reserve and Maker’s Mark are prime distilleries known for the indigenous bourbon they produce to get the vote of the famous brewery crowd. 

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Hold your breath at Kentucky Kingdom

Have a fantastic time with your loved one as you explore more than 70 rides in the Kentucky Kingdom. Launch off to the skies as you settle yourself in one of the rollercoaster seats. 

Thrilling rides, namely the ‘Eye of the Storm’ and ‘Fearfall,’ will give you goosebumps as the ride progresses. 

The Fearfall takes you to a maximum height of 129 feet (39 meters), from where you can catch a breathtaking view. Before you know it, you’ll be sliding in at 45 miles per hour back to level ground. 

The Hurricane Bay Water Park treats you to jaw-breaking water rides that are due to create an adrenaline rush in your veins. Deep water dive gets you close to 50 miles/hr as you slide down the ride. 

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Enjoy Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Glance at the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
Sean Pavone / Getty Images

Kentucky is all about nature’s paradise. Being romantic couples, glancing at the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is one of the romantic couple things to do in Kentucky.

Referred by locals as the “Niagara of the Sout,” this one-of-a-kind waterfall drops 68 feet (21 meters) into the Cumberland River. It has a staggering width of 125 feet (38 meters). 

Once you’ve set your eyes on the magical waterfalls, you will feel you’ve been transcended to the nether world. 

There are 17 miles of walking trails for you to explore and experience. You can settle for a camp in one of the top spots of the Park. 

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Get ready for an adventure at Red River Gorge

Set out on an adventure with your sweetheart to Red River Gorge. The Gorge has stunning cliffs, sandstone arches, and other geological formations. 

The Gorge Underground is a great place to explore owing to its underwater lake and cavern. You can go on a kayak to catch stunning rock formations. 

The Red River Gorge also features many rock climbing areas to awaken the sportsman spirit within your loved one. 

Climbing toward the top of the rock is one of the romantic couple things to do in Kentucky. Local guides will give you a practical climbing session to ensure everything is ok. 

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Explore the 21C Museum

21C Museum is not just like any other museum. It is a hotel comes to Museum that draws romantic couples to adore the exhibits and artifacts in the Museum. 

The awe-inspiring giant gold statue of David is one of the first statues you’ll notice. The romantic thing is the statue is adorned with giant red plastic penguins. 

The exhibits that are displayed here vary from season to season. That’s why visiting the Museum is one of the top things to do in Kentucky.

Once you’ve explored the Museum, you can dine at the award-winning 91-room boutique hotel, home to the acclaimed Proof on the Main restaurant.

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Grab a bite at Proof on Main

Grab a bite at Proof on Main

Savor some amazing delicacies at the Proof on Main, the cozy restaurant inside Louisville’s famous 21C Museum. The aesthetics and ambiance of this restaurant are next level.

Whether lunch, brunch, or dinner, the food is top-notch for its excellent cuisines and flavors. Fooding at Proof on Main is one of the romantic couple things to do in Kentucky.

There are some iconic dishes if you’re going for dinner – Blackberry pop tart with chicken liver pate & Cracklin, braised rabbit ragout, and roasted bones.

Explore the galleries in 21C while having some cool drinks to cheer you up. The art installations are exciting to gaze upon. 

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Chill out at Old Louisville

Old Louisville is a natural vibe for romantic couples looking to chill in the city’s heart. The people here are forever in the party mood.

Live concerts keep taking place now and then in Old Louisville. The Kentucky Shakespeare Festival in Central Park is one of the most awaited events. 

Go on a mansions tour to see the majestic Victorian-era architecture that lights up the place. Indulge in craft beer as you have a cool time at the place. 

The Old Louisville Hidden Treasures Garden Tour is an event for all garden lovers who want to share personal stories regarding their private gardens.

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Go horse riding at the Kentucky horse park

Go horse riding at the Kentucky horse park
Skynesher / Getty Images

If your life partner is really into horses, take her to the Kentucky horse park down north Lexington. Learn everything about the local horses in the region and their lifestyle.

Go for a horse ride with your favorite horse and explore the park. There are themed barns, such as the Mounted Police Barn; the Breeds Barn, where there are some world-class horses.

If you want to see retired champion racehorses, head to the Hall of Champions. You will also see draft horses that provide the power for an informative trolley tour.

Spend time in the local museums to learn more about the indigenous horses.

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Visit the Muhammad Ali Center

If your sweetheart is a hardcore fan of Muhammad Ali, take him to the Muhammad Ali Centre, which features exhibits narrating his incredible life journey. 

Firstly, an orientation film is played that covers all the major victories and setbacks of his life. After having a general idea of his life, you can move on to the exhibits.  

The exhibits are remarkable as they focus on the belief systems and life visions of Muhammad Ali throughout his life.

Interactive displays and artifacts will help you better understand the humanitarian. You will also learn about the immense contributions of Ali during the Civil Rights era. 

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