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15 things to do in Houston for couples


Houston is full of the live drama that you get to see in modern States cities. In contrast, you will also find unique places in Houston that promise peace, calm, and tranquility. 

One of the major highlights of this city is the Space Center in Houston. You can take snaps or selfies at the place where the space shuttle and the vehicle used to carry it into low earth orbit lies.

There are plenty of couples attractions such as picnic spots, date parks, and honeymoon cruise drives. 

Houston has 19 museums within walking distance and hosts the remarkable history and culture of the place. 

The Buffalo Bayou Park is a fascinating attraction as romantic couples can go hiking, biking, and even kayaking in the park. 

Exploring the lush green, the hot food, and the ambiance of this place makes it one of the top couple things to do in Houston. 

Hike at Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Breathe the fresh air of the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, which is embellished with lush green gardens, diverse pathways, and incredible fauna. 

The pathways in the park are called loops, owing to the interconnections between one place and the other. 

Your loved one will go over the moon when she sees a variety of nature’s wonders in this fascinating park. Every loop has a scenic view of its own. 

The water habitats in the park are home to many birds and other aquatic species that you can easily click a selfie with your loved one and share on social media. 

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Get Romantic at Buffalo Bayou Park

Get Romantic at Buffalo Bayou Park
Davel5957 / Getty Images

You need to take your loved one to Buffalo Bayou Park, and by the end of it, you will have won her heart again. 

The air is full of merry-making and grandeur, with romantic couples walking across the footpaths and having a great time. 

You can go for a bike tour with your sweetheart after you’ve walked a couple of minutes. 

The Bike Barn, located at the Water Works, provides you with excellent bikes that are the best rides inside the park.   

Two iconic lakes, The Lost Lake and The Dunlavy, are maintained so beautifully that you can experience the chill vibe of the park. 

Don’t miss the fun of spotting some turtles here and there. 

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Enjoy at the Hobby Center for Performing Arts

Runaway romances are great when you can manage to put a cherry on the top of the cake. 

Here the cherry is the Hobby Center for Performing Arts. If your loved one is into theatre, arts, and drama, they will enjoy the Broadway shows featured here. 

Romantic symphonies are often played in this show to entertain couples. Energetic dances and broadway musicals are the other highlights of the Hobby Center. 

Famous shows such as Frozen and The Lion King are enacted to strike a chord with Disney lovers instantly. 

You can get majestic views of the Tranquility Park, City Hall, and other major downtown attractions from the Hobby Center. 

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Visit the Space Center Houston 

Visit the Space Center Houston
Chris Putnam

Couples from all over the world come to visit the Space Center in Houston. 

If your loved one is into space science, he would love to learn a thing or two from the information outlets pasted onto the center’s walls. 

The Houston Space Center is pretty much the home of NASA Mission Control, International Space Station Mission Control, and all other training activities regarding space science. 

You will learn so much about America’s human spaceflight program once you’ve gone through the exhibits and artifacts that feature important details of manned spaceflight tours. 

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See artifacts at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH)

MFAH, located in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, is a must-visit place in Houston. 

The museum features about 64,000 works, all of them distinctly from the six continents. 

Well, the other striking part is the historical relevance of this museum. The museum has its dates 6000 years back in time, featuring all significant collections. 

There are two galleries, namely, the Audrey Jones Beck Building and the Caroline Weiss Law Building, that feature all of the historical items. 

If you want to look into the European artworks and decor, go to the Rienzi House. 

Art classes are held in Glassell School of Art, offering you a chance to relive the historical moments. 

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Savor delight by drinking Siphon Coffee

Savor delight by drinking Siphon Coffee

Romantic coffee dates are simply the best when the coffee is up to the mark. In Houston, you can go for a one-of-a-kind mouth-watering coffee, namely the Siphon Coffee. 

The sensational Siphon Coffee is made using halogen burners which complements the flavor of the coffee beans. 

You can choose from a great selection of coffee beans such as the Huckleberry, Flat Track, and Cat & Cloud. The brewed & espresso-based beverages are a delight to the palette. 

Once you’ve smelt the aroma of the coffee and had a sip of it, you will be fully in vote for Siphon Coffee. A drip brewer cannot imitate this coffee. 

There won’t be a single coffee bean left in the cup once you’ve finished it. 

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Play with butterflies at The Cockrell Butterfly Center

Butterflies are always fun to look at, and we even hold them with our fingers. They quickly become an attraction when they open their wings and fly. 

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is an epic place in Houston that features a variety of butterflies and insects.

A popular attraction of this park is the Rainforest Conservatory. 

It is a three-story glass building embellished with a 50-foot waterfall that makes it a paradise for various exotic plants and living creatures, especially butterflies. 

The brown entomology hall is another fascinating place to spot the lovely butterflies. Pollinator gardening is used here to keep the butterflies attached to the plants. 

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Go ace at Wildcat Golf Club

Go ace at Wildcat Golf Club
Comstock / Photo Images

Lofting the golf ball across the park can seemingly be one of the top couple things to do in Houston. Of course, the ultimate aim of the game is to complete an 18-hole golf course.

There are two golf courses, namely The Lakes and The Highlands.

As you progress from stage to stage, you will see all the iconic attractions of this place. You can get a fantastic view of downtown Houston from over the top. 

Once you’ve completed the golf course, you can dine at the Vista Grill with your loved one. The acclaimed restaurant serves you delicious BBQs, chicken burgers, and more. 

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Dine at the gorgeous Spindletop

Dine at the gorgeous Spindletop
Syda Productions

Your Houston vacation is never completed without a visit to the Spindletop, an iconic restaurant at the top of the Hyatt Regency. 

You will view Downtown Houston from the 34th story of the Hyatt building. The glass windows offer stunning views of Houston’s nightscape.

The restaurant moves every 45 minutes to get a 360-degree view of the place. The aesthetics and ambiance of this restaurant is next level.

Spindletop makes your romantic date night special with a sensational cuisine of American seafood coupled with southwestern flavors. 

Food and drink events are held regularly in this place, making the crowd go wild for the mouth-watering dishes that are served here. 

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Get personal at the Gerald D. Hines Water wall Park

Romancing beside the stunning waterfall of Gerald D. is a beautiful thing to do. Located alongside Williams Tower on Post Oak Boulevard, this 2.77-acre Water wall Park is a couple’s paradise.

The waterfall features stunning views of the 64-foot semi-circular fountain cascading water into the air in all its glory. Click a selfie with your sweetheart in this spot to make it a memorable experience. 

Once you’ve had your time at the fountain, you can walk across the towering live oak trees to feel the bliss of this beautiful iconic attraction. 

There is a 360-foot-long lawn flanked by 11.5-foot-wide sidewalks where you can stroll all day long. 

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Take a ride on Houston Hop on-City Tour

Take a ride on Houston Hop on City Tour
vgajic / Getty Images

If you want to capture the entire scene of Houston and that too from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus, look no further than the Houston 2-day Hop-on Tour

You will be boarding a double-decker bus which offers top-class views from aboard. Buffalo Bayou, Rice Hotel, and other attractions can easily be seen and enjoyed from your bus seat. 

The theatre and museum district are great to watch from the outside as people worldwide flock to taste the authentic vibe. 

The tour starts from the Visitors Centre located at Dallas street. Another fun thing for couples to do in Houston is to hear President Kennedy’s speech during the bus ride.

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Watch Indie movies at AMC Houston 8

AMC Houston 8 is all about the experience. Passionate movie lovers can indulge in their favorite activity of watching movies with the ultimate surround experience and video clarity in this theatre. 

The theatre not only features Hollywood Blockbusters but also features phenomenal indie movies. Reserve your seat beforehand to enjoy the entire film.

You can also go for the combo offers that include food and drinks to satisfy your hunger during the movie watch. You can also avail a 30% discount for certain movies. 

Tuesday is the day of discounts. Being a member of the AMC, you can save a lot of money on Tuesday showtimes. 

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Mimic the animals at the Houston Zoo

Mimic the animals at the Houston Zoo
Pexels / Pixabay

Take your sweetheart to the Houston Zoo and have some fun mimicking the animals there. On a serious note, your loved one will be going head over heels for some of the crazy movements of the animals.

There are about 6000 animals housed in the Zoo. There are different timings for visiting each of the animals. Head over to their official website to get an idea. 

The Galapagos Tortoise encounter is so much fun as you see one of the oldest turtles on the planet. They are available only on Sundays and Tuesdays from 10:00 to 10:45 am. 

You can also get to see the funny orangutans on Tuesdays from 11:00 to 11:45 am. 

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Go on a City Sightseeing Tour by Electric Cart

Sightseeing the city from an electric cart is one of the top things for couples to do in Houston. 

You can explore the Arts District, Museum District, and other major attractions from the comfort of your electric cart.

Your local guide will brief you all about the culinary centers in Houston that are the best in the world.  

A prime attraction of this tour is the great Astrodome, which was built in 1965. It is the world’s first indoor air-conditioned stadium.

After sunset, you can ask your local guide to suggest the best restaurants and nightscape areas to enjoy the nightlife. 

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Enjoy a personal time of Spa treatment

Enjoy a personal time of Spa treatment
GlobalStock / Getty Images

A Spa Treatment is just the thing you need if you’re out coming from the hustle-bustle culture of Houston. It is one of the fun things for couples to do in Houston.

Mokara Spa is far acclaimed for its Spa treatment.

You can also opt for the Strawberries Romance package that includes a bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate-covered strawberries during your Spa Treatment. 

If you’re looking for a top-class Spa Treatment, the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston is ideal. They offer you premium Spa treatment comprising luxurious massages. 

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