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15 things to do in Charleston, SC, for couples

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Charleston is all about romance. The entire city creates a vibe that most romantic couples can’t resist falling in love with. 

They get lost in the well-laid cobblestone streets and live oak trees that light up this place. The pristine sands, glorious landscapes, and stunning sunset views make this place a natural hit. 

Whether it’s a comfortable stay or mouth-watering foods you’re looking for, Charleston has got it all. You can head on to Sullivan’s Island Beach for a pleasant evening.

The Island Beach is a magical place that captures the heart of romantic couples. The waters that hit the beach’s surface kiss the pristine sands to abide in its aura. 

The Cypress Gardens also promise an intimate setting where romantic couples can pour their heart out for each other. 

Charleston has a rich history that still ignites a flame within the locals who reside here. The Charleston museum features artifacts and exhibits that give you an insight into the history of the place.

This blog will cover 15 Romantic things to do in Charleston, SC, for couples.


Explore the Cypress Gardens

Ever remember the swan-filled paddleboat scene from the movie, The Notebook? 

Noah knew that a paddle through the waters beside the Cypress Gardens was the perfect setting to express his love for his sweetheart. 

The Cypress Garden showcases a variety of flora and fauna, with different species of plants exposed in varying seasons of the year. 

Visiting the Cypress gardens is one of the top things for couples to do in Charleston.

The Peak Camellia Bloom is the talk of the Garden in January. It’s also when you can spot alligators during the sunnier days of the week. 

Towards April, you can get to see native Iris blooming. Southern Blue Flag, Tulip tree, and various other plant species come alive this year. 

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Make peace at Sullivan Island

Make peace at Sullivan Island

If it’s peace you’re looking for, look no further. Sullivan Island, located near the Isle of Palms, promises romantic couples a beautiful seaside walk, watersports, history, shops, and local restaurants. 

You can visit Historic Fort Moultrie to learn about the entire history of the American coastal defense since 1776. The scenic views of the place, especially the lighthouse, is one to look out for.

Dining at Al Fresco on Middle Street or Home team BBQ is one of the top things to do in Charleston for couples. Mex 1 Coastal Cantina is a great place to try out Mexican cuisine. 

Make way for some action by kiteboarding across the river as the wind hits your face. Your loved one will be impressed when she sees you racing along at lightning speeds. 

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Get romantic at Middleton Place

Middleton Place is a haven for romantic couples who would love the scent of springtime roses as they stroll by the picturesque landscapes of this region.  

The Gardens of Middleton exhibit the ideal location for couples who would love a bit of cliché romance. Visiting the Gardens is one of the top things to do in Charleston for couples. 

Right from the beginning, when French Botanist Andre Michaux peppered the gardens with Camellias, the Middleton Garden shines forth with radiant plant species.

The Orantium Aquantium, Magnolia Grandiflora, and Rosa Palustris are some of the principal plant species nurtured in the Gardens. 

Once you’ve breathed the scent of roses in the Garden, make your way to the Middleton Place Museum, which houses historical portraits of men and women who stood up to the cause. 

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Go sailing on The Schooner Pride

Go sailing on The Schooner Pride
Image: Viator

Charleston’s harbor is so magnificent that you can’t resist sailing on the sea to capture the city’s scenic views. 

Sailing the Schooner Pride is one of the romantic things to do in Charleston for couples. 

The Schooner Pride, an 84′ tall ship, will take you through the waters as you toast wine and sample some beer at the ship. A sunset sail promises the best views that you capture from the ship. 

You might see a dolphin or a pelican randomly come by your way and entertain you with some flips and dives. Click snaps to make sailing aboard the Schooner a memorable one. 

The sailing route takes you past the historic Battery, towards Ft. Johnson and Ft. Sumter, and other places like the USS Yorktown that played a significant role during the war. 

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Glance at the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

The Magnolia Plantations and Gardens are eye-catching sites that support the idea of romance altogether. 

The design and setting of the Garden are unique, taking inspiration from modern-style gardens. 

The historical relevance of this Garden comes into the spotlight when you glance your eyes at some of the oldest parts of the Garden. They trace their way down 300 years. 

The variety of flowers, such as camellias, daffodils, and azaleas in this Garden, is arranged in unique themes to attract the eye of the onlooker. 

The Audubon Swamp Garden is a natural habitat for many animals and birds, hiding amongst the cypress and tupelo gum trees. 

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Relax at The Spa at Belmond Charleston Place

Relax at The Spa at Belmond Charleston Place
Skynesher / Getty Images

What’s more satisfying than a first-class Spa treatment? The Spa at Charleston Place, located at the top of the Charleston Place Hotel, offers incredible treatment that’s set to rejuvenate your body. 

A couples massage would be one of the top romantic things to do in Charleston for couples. You can choose from three types of massages. 

Together Swedish Massage ($27-390), Together Deep Tissue Massage ($290-410), and the Together Warm Stone Massage are the three types of massages designated to release the tension within your veins. 

You can also rest in a hot tub and go swimming in an open-air pool to make the experience even better. 

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Enjoy Battery Park and White Point Gardens

Battery park sounds very tech-ish, but the truth is it’s a park that is full of centuries-old live oak trees and tall palmetto trees that decorate the surroundings. 

Visiting the Battery is one of the top things to do in Charleston for couples. 

White point gardens is a historic waterfront park that was once used as a basement camp at the time of war but now showcases some of the most beautiful gardens and alleyways. 

You can indulge in capturing some breathtaking views of Charleston Harbor, Ft. Sumter, and beyond. 

As you walk across the park, you will see cannons placed here and there to pay homage to the fighters who died during the war. There is also a bogus cannon that is set to track the visitors. 

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Visit Fort Sumter with a Ferry Ride

Visit Fort Sumter with a Ferry Ride
Juanmonino / Getty Images Signature

Fort Sumter was once a battleground where America’s deadliest war took place. About 700,000 casualties had come up after the initial firing sessions. 

Explore Fort Sumter with the help of your local guide to glance at fort ruins and study the Museum Store souvenirs. You can take the ferry ride from 2 places. 

Liberty Square in downtown Charleston and Patriot’s Point in Mount Pleasant are the two places from where you can take your ferry. 

Enjoy excellent views of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge as you ride the ferry. Couples who board the ferry from Mt. Pleasant can view the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier. 

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Enjoy the Carriage Tour of the Historic District

A carriage tour is needed to feel the pulse of the city and explore its innermost regions. This tour promises all the fun and excitement of a guided carriage tour.

The tour begins at the Big Red Barn in downtown Charleston. You can choose between mules and horses to match your convenience. 

The tour guide will accompany you to show you the city’s historical landmarks and natural attractions. 

Admire the beauty of Charleston Harbor, Sullivan Island, and other natural attractions as you make your way through the city. 

You can opt for a route where you get to see historical museums, mansions, and gardens. Ask your local guide to narrate stories from the times of the Civil War. 

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Go on a Food Tour – Savor the Flavors

Go on a Food Tour – Savor the Flavors
Monkey Business Images

There’s no compromise when it comes to tasting top-quality food. Tasting diverse cuisines as you proceed from one restaurant to another is one of the top things to do in Charleston for couples.

Taste some delicious food that goes a timeline of 300 years before it came to the main menu. Ask your local guide to lead you across diverse food outlets to give you a surreal experience.

Enjoy traditional Lowcountry cuisine at French Quarter and City Market, which has some world-class restaurants that will instantly attract you. 

The Upper King Street district food tour offers you a more modern side of foods and delicacies perfected with everyday innovation. 

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Get all spooky on the Dungeon Walking Tour

Sometimes it’s good to be a little spooky and dark, send shivers down your spine, and make the world around you go crazy. 

That’s precisely what you’ll feel during the Ghost and Dungeon Walking Tour. Nerve-wracking stories of the past will get you involved in the history of Charleston.

Also, learn why the city has been called “The Holy City” as you walk beside the famous churches.

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon are haunted places that take you back. Learn about the revolutionaries of America and the people who were enslaved at the time. 

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Go bar hopping on the Prohibition Cocktail Tour

Go bar hopping at the Speakeasy Sagas Prohibition Cocktail Tour
RgStudio / Getty Images

Bar hopping is one of the top things to do in Charleston for couples. Given the cocktails served in the bar, you’d be on the quench for trying out all the unique flavors. 

This is also the time when you learn more about Charleston during the Prohibition period. Your local guide will narrate stories that can send a wave of laughs as you stroll across the streets. 

Explore the nightlife of Charleston as you go bar hopping from one cocktail center to another. The Cocktail Club, Gin Joint, and Faculty Lounge are the best cocktail bars in Charleston.

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Visit the Patriot’s Point Haunted USS Yorktown Tour

Paying homage to the US WW11 fighters is something that you can do by visiting the Patriot’s Point, USS Yorktown. It used to be an aircraft carrier that was used during the war.

Several modifications were made to this carrier from time to time as the situation demanded. The carrier also earned five battle stars for its service in Vietnam. 

It was only until 1975, that this historic ship was moved to Charleston to become the highlight of Patriot’s Point. Your guide will narrate stories of the heroes who died for the country.

You can access the areas of the ship that are usually closed with a nighttime access ticket. Snap pics that will remind you of your time at USS Yorktown.

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Stroll through the streets of French Quarter

Take a stroll through Balboa Park
racjunior / pixabay

Strolling through the streets of the French Quarter is probably the best thing to do in Charleston for couples. The tour commences from Charleston’s longest cobblestone road.

As you proceed along the road, you can spot significant attractions such as the Dock Theater, Unity Alley, and St. Philip’s Church. Go all the way to capture excellent views of the harbor castle.

Consider strolling down the cobblestone roads and alleys in the footsteps of the French merchants that once abided here. It’s also a time to visit the old burial grounds. 

Spot nature parks that create a vibe amongst the locals to sit back and relax for a while. 

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Reverse time at the Aiken Rhett House Museum

The Antebellum era will forever be considered as one of the most brutal times when slaves had to face immense challenges to survive their way out in a cold city. 

Visiting the Aiken Rhett House Museum is one of the top things to do in Charleston for couples as it evokes emotions when you get to learn about each of the property’s amenities.

The local guide will narrate incidents and stories to you that provide information based on the main house, the original slave quarters, the carriage block, and the backlot.

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