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Take a Schindler’s Factory Tour in Kraków and unearth the history of the founder of the factory, Oskar Schindler. 

An integral member of the Nazi party, Oskar was a great political activist and an entrepreneur who built an enamel (metal items) factory. 

Amidst World War II, as the Germans relentlessly sought to deport Jews to concentration camps, Schindler undertook a heroic mission to safeguard their lives, offering employment and sanctuary to thousands within his factory.

His heroic acts earned him fame all over the world, and today the enamel factory has been transformed into a museum to honor him. 

So if you’re on tour in Kraków city, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Schindler’s Museum with family or friends. 

This article covers everything you must know before booking tickets for theSchindler’s Factory Tour.

What to expect at Schindler’s Factory

On Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory Tour, travel back to the time of World War II and gain insights into the lives of Jews during Nazi Party rule. 

Learn how Oskar Schindler helped Jews survive the atrocities of the Nazis, and walk past exhibits and photos of survivors that illustrate Krakow’s wartime and post-war history.

Look for the desk of Oskar Schindler and see the list of Jews he saved. 

See how the workers in the factory made pots, pans, utensils, and other enamelware for the German army. 

Tickets Cost
Schindler’s Factory Tour with Entrance Tickets 101zł (€23)
Kazimierz, Schindler’s Factory & Ghetto Guided Tour 224zł (€50)
Half-Day Salt Mine Tour and Schindler’s Factory 360zł (€81)
Jewish Quarter, Former Ghetto & Schindler’s Factory 350zł (€78)
Auschwitz-Birkenau and Schindler’s Factory Tour from Krakow 360zł (€81)
Schindler Sites & Plaszow Camp Group Tour 940zł (€211)

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Where to book tickets

Tickets to the Schindler’s Factory Tour are available online or at the attraction.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

When you book early, you also get your preferred time slot.

Because some attractions sell a limited number of tickets, during peak days they may sell out. Booking early also helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How do online tickets work

Go to the Schindler’s Factory Tour booking page, select the number of tickets, date, and timeslot, and book.

Upon payment, the tickets will be emailed to you.

You do not need to carry printouts. 

On the day of the visit, show the e-ticket on your smartphone and enter. Don’t forget to bring your official IDs.

Schindler’s Factory Tour ticket prices

A standard Schindler’s Factory Museum tour ticket costs 101zł (€23) for adults aged 18 years and above and 93zł (€21) for children between seven to 17 years. 

Students between 18 to 26 years can buy the ticket for 97zł (€22). 

Children below six years of age get free admission. 

Schindler’s Factory Tour with entrance tickets

Schindler's Factory Tour with entrance tickets
Image: Schindlers-Factory-Tickets.com

With this ticket, you get admission to the Schindler’s Factory Museum and access to all the exhibits. 

An experienced guide will accompany you, leading you through every corner of the museum, and sharing significant historical insights along the way.

On the booking page, select your preferred language of the guided tour, and remember that the meeting point will vary based on the language you choose. 

Ticket Prices
Adult Ticket (18+ years): 101zł (€23)
Child Ticket (7 to 17 years): 93zł (€21)
Student Ticket (18 to 26 years): 97zł (€22)
Infant Ticket (up to 6 years): Free

Kazimierz, Schindler’s Factory & Ghetto Guided Tour tickets

Kazimierz, Schindler's Factory & Ghetto Guided Tour tickets
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Grab this ticket, explore the Jewish ghettos in Poland, and take a guided tour of Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory.

Embark on your excursion starting from the Old Synagogue located in the Kazimierz district, symbolizing the enduring history of the Jewish community who endured the Holocaust and other atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis.

Then head to the most popular museum of Krakow, Schindler’s Enamel Museum, and dig into the works and contributions of Oskar Schindler. 

End your tour by walking through Jewish ghettos and see in what conditions they were forced to live during the World War. 

Ticket Prices
Adult Ticket (18+ years): 224zł (€50)
Child Ticket (7 to 17 years): 192zł (€43)
Student Ticket (18 to 26 years): 210zł (€47)
Infant Ticket (up to 6 years): Free

Half-Day Salt Mine and Schindler’s Factory Tour tickets

Half-Day Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory Tour tickets
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Embark on a half-day tour to explore the rich history of salt production in Poland, intertwined with the compelling narrative of the renowned Nazi figure, Oskar Schindler.

Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine and explore the underground chambers, chapels, and all nine levels of the mine. 

See the tools and machines employed by the workers in the Middle Ages to excavate salt and learn about the entire process from your tour guide on a 2.5-hour guided tour of the mine. 

After this, you’ll be dropped off at the next location, i.e., Schindler’s Museum, where you’ll get a 1.5-hour guided tour of the museum.

The best part about this tour is that you will get round-trip transportation in a minibus. 

When booking your tour, you have the option to choose between two alternatives: a tour with convenient hotel pickup or a tour with pickup from a designated meeting point.

Ticket Prices
Adult Ticket (18 to 64 years): 360zł (€81)
Senior Ticket (65+ years): 360zł (€81)
Child Ticket (5 to 17 years): 340zł (€76)
Student Ticket (18 to 25 years): 340zł (€76)
Infant Ticket (up to 4 years): Free

Jewish Quarter, Former Ghetto & Schindler’s Factory Tour tickets

Jewish Quarter, Former Ghetto & Schindler's Factory Tour tickets
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Stroll through the alleyways where Jews once lived and try to understand how their lives were before and after World War II. 

The tour consists of three prime sites, and you’ll begin your journey in Kazimierz, where you will first see the Jewish Quarter, delving into the rich tapestry of Jewish culture.

Then, head to Podgórze, a district known for its Jewish ghettos. 

End your tour by visiting Oskar Schindler’s Museum, which you can explore all by yourself.  

Ticket Cost: 350zł (€78)

Auschwitz-Birkenau and Schindler’s Factory Tour tickets from Krakow

Auschwitz-Birkenau and Schindler's Factory Tour tickets from Krakow
Image: En.Wikipedia.org

On this tour, you’ll visit the Nazi concentration camps of Birkenau and Auschwitz and also the famous Schindler Factory Museum in Krakow.

Visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum and learn about the haunting stories of prisoners of war and see their artworks illustrating the harsh reality of life in concentration camps. 

Travel further back in time as you visit Schindler’s Factory and explore interactive exhibits. 

You get round-trip transportation service, keeping all commute hassles away. 

Ticket Prices
Adult Ticket (18 to 74 years): 360zł (€81)
Senior Ticket (75+ years): 360zł (€81)
Child Ticket (5 to 17 years): 340zł (€76)
Student Ticket (18 to 25 years): 360zł (€81)
Infant Ticket (up to 4 years): Free

Schindler Sites & Plaszow Camp Group Tour tickets

Schindler Sites & Plaszow Camp Group Tour tickets
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Walk past Ghetto Heroes’ Square, the Krakus Mound, and the Oskar Schindler Museum on this legendary Jewish sites tour.

Gain an intimate perspective into the daily lives of Jews within the ghettos and concentration camps, as your tour guide shares heart-rending narratives of the tumultuous World War era and the devastating realities of extermination.

It is up to guests whether they want a hotel pick-up facility or not. 

Ticket Prices

Private tour with hotel pickup

Adult Ticket (18 to 74 years): 940zł (€211)
Senior Ticket (75+ years): 940zł (€211)
Child Ticket (5 to 17 years): 210zł (€47)
Infant Ticket (up to 4 years): 100zł (€22)

Walking tour without pickup

Adult Ticket (18+ years): 120zł (€27)
Youth Ticket (5 to 17 years): 110zł (€25)

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How to reach Schindler’s Factory

Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory is located in the Podgórze district. 

Address: Lipowa 4, 30-702 Kraków, Poland. Get Directions

You can use public transport or a personal vehicle to reach the museum. 

By Tram 

Take trams 3, 6, 9, 20. 49 or 50 and get off at the Zabłocie tram stop. 

By Train

Kraków Zabłocie train station is located within walking distance. 

By Bus 

Bus stop Plac Bohaterów Getta (Bus no. 669) is the nearest to the museum. 

By Car

If you’re traveling by car, turn on Google Maps and get started!

There are car parking lots near the attraction. 

Opening hours of Schindler’s Factory Museum

The timings of Osaka Schindler’s Factory Museum differ based on the peak and non-peak months. 

During the peak season, from April to October, the museum runs from 10 am to 4 pm on Mondays, and from Tuesday to Sunday, it welcomes visitors from 9 am to 8 pm. 

In non-peak months, i.e., November to March, the museum operates from 10 am to 2 pm every Monday, and the rest of the days, it runs through 10 am to 6 pm. 

The last entry to the museum is 1.5 hours before closing time.

The museum remains closed on the following dates: 5 September, 3 October, 4 October, 1 November, 7 November, 11 November, 5 December, 24 December, and 25 December. 

How long does the tour take

The Schindler’s Factory guided tour lasts for about 1.5 hours.

Individual visit duration may vary based on one’s pace and interest. 

The tour of Schindler’s Factory is offered in combination with other iconic Jewish sites like the Jewish quarters and ghettos, Plaszow Camp, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. 

The length of such combo tours can go up to 8 hours. 

Best time to visit Schindler’s Factory Museum

Best time to visit Schindler’s Factory Museum
Image: Schindlers-Factory-Tickets.com

The best time to visit Oskar Schindler’s Factory Museum in Krakow is when the attraction opens at 10 am. 

During the early morning, the museum sees minimal foot traffic, allowing you ample time and space to leisurely explore every corner at your own pace.

After 11 am, the museum gets crowded as many people who are on guided tours start pouring in. 

Weekdays are better than weekends if you want to avoid the rush.

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FAQs about Schindler’s Factory Tours

Here are some questions guests usually ask before visiting Schindler’s Factory Museum.

Where can I buy tickets for the Schindler’s Factory Tour?

Tourists can buy tickets for the Schindler’s Factory Museum online or at the venue, on the day of their visit. For the best experience we suggest you book your tickets online, in advance.

Is the Schindler’s Factory Tour wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Guests in wheelchairs can use elevators to access two floors of the museum. 

Can I take photographs at Schindler’s Factory Museum?

Yes! You can take photos and videos. 

Can I get free entry to Schindler’s Factory Museum?

On Mondays, entry is free with limited tickets. Make sure you make an advance booking to secure admission.

What if I arrive late at the Schindler’s Factory Museum?

Your entry to the museum is strictly regulated by time slots, necessitating punctuality to ensure admission, particularly due to the rush caused by guided tours.

What should I wear for Schindler’s Factory Museum tours?

The museum tours are usually offered in combination with other tours that require immense walking. Mostly, such tours take place outdoors, and you must wear shoes for comfort. Do carry a hat, umbrella, and sunglasses.

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