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15 Romantic things to do in Orlando

Orlando should be on the top of your romantic holiday destinations as there is no equal to match its elegance, beauty, and park life.

Romantic couples love visiting the numerous theme parks here that evoke the child within them.

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are the two magnanimous theme parks in Orlando that are couples’ favorites to try out thrilling rides and other adventures.

There are almost 32 theme parks in and around the city, each with unique rides and shows. Nightlife is incredible, given the party shows, entertainment, and performances.

Orlando is also famous for its off-the-hook beaches, wilderness, and adventurous trails that make your vacation exciting.

The food scene here is epic, with restaurants like the Nile Ethiopian Restaurant and Taverna Opa, which offer a variety of food choices with multiple flavors.

This article covers the top 15 couple things to do in Orlando.

Enjoy your time at the Universal Orlando Park

Three predominant parks come within Universal Orlando: Universal Studios Florida, Universal’sUniversal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal’sUniversal’s Volcano Bay. 

Relish the moments when you can go beyond the screen and meet your favorite characters, especially those from the Harry Potter series. 

Hagrid’sHagrid’s Magical Creatures motorbike adventure is the perfect ride for romantic couples as they soar through a world of magic and sorcery. 

The Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal’sUniversal’s Islands of Adventure is a great place to go on a tour studying dinosaurs and reliving the Jurassic Park moments. 

It would help if you took the 3-Park ticket option to visit all the three major parks. Universal’s Volcano Bay is a water theme park full of exciting rides and luxuries.  

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Spot your favorite marine creatures

Get closer to sea creatures at Georgia Aquarium
Leung Cho Pan

The Orlando Aquarium is a 360-degree tunnel where you can spot the sea creatures you have always wanted to see. 

This Sea Life tour features different sea creatures as you proceed from one place to another inside the aquarium. The initial sea creatures to watch for are Mia, the seahorse, Magnus, the shark, and Tyler, the sea turtle. 

Once you’ve learned all about these sea creatures, move on to the wall featuring jellyfish, each displaying a color to glow the habitat. Finally, marvel at the Atlantic Ocean from the Ship Wreck.

You can then explore the different kinds of fish in the aquarium. 

Pufferfish are exquisite to watch as they go about their way.

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Be mesmerized by the sights at Gatorland Orlando

Be mesmerized by the sights at Gatorland Orlando
Richard Herron / Getty Images

Gatorland Alligator Park in Orlando, Florida, is also known as the ‘The Alligator Capital of the World.’

The center of Gatorland Orlando is the Breeding Marsh, a natural Cypress swamp where most of the alligators live.

At this couple’s attraction, you and your loved one can see alligators and crocodiles of all sizes, from babies, also known as grunts, to the 14-foot monsters.

But Gatorland is more than just a zoo with lots of alligators – it also has a free-flight aviary, a petting zoo, animal shows, thrilling Gator Zip Line, and the new Stomping Gator Off-Road Adventure.

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Learn a thing or two at Titanic Orlando

Titanic, The Artifact Exhibition takes couples back in time to April 1912, when Titanic set sail. 

Titanic Museum in Orlando features more than 300 artifacts and historical items as well as full-scale room recreations.

The exhibition includes the second largest piece of Titanic ever recovered – a three-ton section of the original ship’s hull, interestingly named the ‘Little Big Piece.’

When you reach the Museum, you receive a replica boarding pass and assume the role of a passenger who was on the ship when it hit the iceberg. 

As you walk through the exhibits, you will learn about the ship and its passengers. 

Some of the highlights of the Titanic Experience in Orlando are the Grand Staircase, First Class Parlor Suite, Verandah Café, and the Promenade Deck, where you can feel the chill of the cold Atlantic air. 

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Surprise yourself at the Museum of Illusions

Go back in time at Saint Louis Art Museum

Romantic vacations become better when unexpected things occur. Surprise yourself with a world of illusions upon entering this Museum of Illusions located at ICON Park. 

It’s a great place to discover how your own perception of reality works while having a fun time tricking your brain. There are over 50 exhibits designed to challenge your senses. 

The Reverse Room will get you flying owing to the anti-gravity in the place. Your loved one will surely enjoy her brief sessions of flight. 

An upside-down living room is the last place you want to be in. That is surely how you will feel as you walk your way up through the room. 

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Reach the pinnacle of The Wheel at ICON Park

Reaching the top of the Wheel at ICON Park is one of the cool things for couples to do in Orlando. You can reach up to a maximum height of 400 feet (120 meters) in this Ferris wheel ride.

This is the tallest observation wheel along the East Coast. Admire the city from the comfort of your air-conditioned capsule by which you are transported all the way up and down. 

You can view all of Central Florida’s landscapes, lakes, and theme parks from the height, and learn more about the other attractions from your iPad that comes along with the capsule. 

Go for the Icon Park Play Pass to see the other attractions in ICON Park. You can then pay a visit to the Museum of Illusions, the 7D Dark Ride Adventure, Madame Tussauds, and SEA LIFE Aquarium.

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Go full ON at iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving

Go full ON at iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving
Marvin Bertrand / Getty Images

At iFLY Orlanda, experience the thrill of skydiving without the worry or cost of leaping out of a plane.

Your instructor will follow you and your loved one into a vertical wind tunnel with speeds of up to 175 mph (282 kph) after private instruction.

This indoor skydiving simulator is popular entertainment for visitors and locals in the Orlando area, with various time slots and year-round hours.

After your indoor skydiving session, you will get a personalized flying certificate.

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Make some noise at Fun Spot America Orlando

Fun Spot America is one of Central Florida’s finest theme parks, with 27 fantastic rides to entertain romantic couples. 

It is home to White Lightning, the only wooden coaster in Orlando.

For extreme thrill seekers, Fun Spot America in Orlando has one of the tallest SkyCoasters in the world. 

The theme park also has Gator Spot – a joint venture between Gatorland and Fun Spot America, where guests can see more than 100 gators.

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Get ready for Orlando’s Tree Trek Adventure Park

Get ready for Orlandos Tree Trek Adventure Park

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is a complete adventure destination for romantic couples, not just a zip line.

Orlando Tree Trek is a 15-acre tree canopy with around 97 games or challenges for climbers of every level. 

You can climb on treetop courses of varying difficulties and soar with Tarzan swings, nets, ropes, trapeze, etc. 

The challenging courses take you higher into the forest canopy, reaching the maximum height of 15 meters (50 feet) into the pine tree forest. 

The climax of the experience is the 130 meters (425 feet) long plunging zip line, an adrenalin rush you are sure to remember forever.

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Visit Kennedy Space Center 

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is one of the top couple things to do in Orlando. You can see the actual space shuttle Atlantis from up here. 

Another crowd-pulling attraction is the gigantic Saturn V which was the largest rocket ever flown. 

Is your loved one curious about what’s happening on Mars? She would have a great time experiencing the exhibit “Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted.” 

The exhibit includes a live theatre presentation that teaches more about the red planet. 

You will also be wonderstruck to see the world’s largest collection of astronaut memorabilia. There’s nothing much like this Space Center anywhere else in the world. 

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Enjoy the marine magic at SeaWorld Orlando

Enjoy the marine magic at SeaWorld Orlando
Sachin Gupta / Getty Images

SeaWorld Orlando is full of killer whales, penguins, and various other aquatic animals. You can watch the killer whales leap at the One Ocean Show which is a delight to the eyes. 

Besides watching the killer whales leap, you can also spot them racing like a ray on Manta the ride. 

Other thrilling attractions are the Empire of the Penguin and an epic voyage with sea turtles at TurtleTrek. The Empire of the Penguin features icy sights where penguins randomly roam around. 

Sea World’s water park, the Aquatic Orlando is full of breathtaking water slides and exhilarating wave pools where you and your life partner can have the time of your life. 

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Go on a Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

Take your sweetheart for a boggy creek airboat ride down the Central Florida Everglades. The Everglades has the most beautiful sights to capture during this ride. 

Withe the expert guidance of your captain, you can learn all about the backwaters, and water trails that pave their way through the Everglades. 

Look out for Florida’s state reptile, the American Alligator swarmping down the waters or laying still behind the green. 

There are so many endangered birds that swoop over the skies. You can take fascinating snaps of these birds, as they are gliding above the waters. 

You can go for a longer trip if you wish to encounter Florida’s wildlife, especially the American Alligator. All it takes is a ticket namely, the Detailed Nature Tour. 

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Drive-Thru Safari Park at Wild Florida

Drive Thru Safari Park at Wild Florida

Safari Park at Wild Florida features more than 100 native and exotic animals that roam freely around the park. You can drive your own car through the rocky terrains of the park. 

You might occasionally also find a giraffe roaming around the park. 

You can feed them and take pictures with your loved one. Watch out for the one and only Crusher, the largest alligator in the park. There are so many other animal encounters that Safari Park provides. 

The Gater Feeding Show demands romantic couples to step up their game while feeding dozens of gigantic alligators. You can play a game called ‘Jumping for Chicken’ while you’re in the crows next. 

The game demands you to draw out a chicken on the line to hold a contest between alligators for their food. 

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Escape back in time at the Dinner and Show

Being romantic couples, both you and your loved one can escape back in time to the 11th century, where heroic knights vie for victory. 

The Hall of arms is the best place to start with. It features medieval artifacts of the weaponry used at the time.You can then grab a beer from one of the Hall of Arms bars. 

Next, take a tour through eight authentic cottages, and observe the arts, crafts that are famous here in Orlando. 

The main event occurs when the royal trumpetors announce the call to the feast, inviting guests to take their seats in the arena. You will then have to choose a seat in your zone. 

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Go crazy at Madame Tussaud

Go crazy at Madame Tussaud

Ever wanted to click a selfie with a celebrity? Make your dream come true by snapping pics besides the wax models of popular figures in Madame Tussad. 

The Pitbull Party Room is a great choice to start your Madame Tussad journey. You can visit famous Americans such as Walt Disney, Martin Luther King Jr, and Thomas Edison. 

If you’re a music maniac, take pictures of Justin Bieber, Beyonce as they are singing their songs.

Movie freaks can get to snap selfies besides their famous celebrities like Johnny Depp, Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston. 

Justice League heroes are also featured here. The Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Superman, Batman and Aquaman are all awaiting to click a snap with you. 

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