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Travel Writer & Researcher

Mark thrives on the serenity of mountains, the comfort of coffee, and the depth of poetry. As a traveler with a strong passion for history, he delves deep into the cultures and cuisines of the places he visits, often making friends with local cats and dogs along the way.

His extensive travels provide a rich foundation for his writing, filled with authenticity and insightful tips for everyone. Mark’s articles capture the unique spirit of each destination, serving as an invaluable guide for explorers.

Favorite travel movie: Spotlight
Next destination: Italy

Mark Lancy Sebastian

Cities visited: 18

vacations taken: 11

Attractions seen: 32

Next trip: In 120 days

Articles written: 9

The celeb I would like to travel with

Salma Hayek

Traveling with Salma Hayek would be a unique experience. She brings a deep appreciation for the arts and a passionate spirit to every journey. Her Mexican heritage and extensive travels infuse an authentic and diverse perspective into the places she explores. With her engaging storytelling, Salma will make every travel encounter more enriching and memorable.

Salma Hayek

Mark Lancy Sebastian’s articles

St Paul's Cathedral vs Westminster Abbey

St Paul’s Cathedral London vs Westminster Abbey

St Paul’s Cathedral vs Westminster Abbey – Which is better? Asking which of the two—St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey—is better, is like asking a mother of two who her … Read more

Cityscape with St Pauls cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral Crypt – tickets, famous burials, chapels

Did you know that the Crypt at St. Paul’s Cathedral covers the church’s entire footprint and not just a portion of it? In fact, it is so massive it remains … Read more

A restaurant serving English breakfast

Restaurants near St. Paul’s Cathedral

Imagine you are at St. Paul’s Cathedral and you’ve been exploring the attraction’s Crypt, Dome, and main floor for an hour or so.  Suddenly, you hear a familiar rumble and … Read more

St. Paul Cathedral, London

St. Paul’s Cathedral Dome – ticket, architecture, galleries

What would St. Paul’s Cathedral be without its magnificent dome?  Designed by the eminent architect Sir Christopher Wren, the iconic Dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the largest … Read more

Residenz Palace Munich

Residenz Palace – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect, and FAQs

Very few attractions in Germany are as spectacular as the Residenz Palace in Munich. Boasting architectural styles that remind one of the Renaissance to the Neoclassical, the Palace—also known as … Read more

Umadum Ferris Wheel Munich

Umadum Ferris Wheel – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect, FAQs

The Umadum Ferris Wheel is Munich’s new and largest attraction, offering a panoramic view of the capital, the Isar metropolis, and the Bavarian Alps. Umadum, which means ‘all around’ in … Read more

London Eye Nearby Restaurants

Restaurants Near London Eye – distance, menu and timings.

No attraction is complete without a few good restaurants in the vicinity, especially when you need to sate your hunger pangs in an instant. This is especially true of the … Read more

London Eye duration

How Long Does the London Eye Take? – opening hours, duration, and best time to visit.

London, one of the most visited cities in Europe, receives at least 30 million visitors every year.  The city naturally boasts several top attractions. Visiting them all means you need … Read more

River Cruise London Eye

London Eye River Cruise – tickets, cruise timings, how to reach, route and FAQs

What’s the next best thing to do after stepping out of the London Eye? Well, that would be hopping on a London Eye river cruise! Sailing on the Thames brings … Read more