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15 Fun things to do in Arizona for couples

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When talking about Arizona, portraits of beautiful stone mountains, landscapes, and natural attractions race through your mind.

Right off the bucket list, you’d be dying to visit The Grand Canyon, a natural wonder in this world.
To add to it, Arizona has marvelous other attractions like the Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, etc.

Arizona offers premium luxury hotels and Spas where you can enjoy the day in a hot bathtub. Phoenix is a beautiful city in Arizona with world-class hotels and restaurants to give you an excellent stay.

The place is also known for its golfing grounds, where tens and thousands of golfers come each day to play a game of golf. If you’re considering shopping, just head to the Phoenix Metropolitan area. The place is full of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

This article shares the top fun 15 things to do in Arizona for couples.

Admire the glory of The Grand Canyon

Admire the glory of The Grand Canyon
tsuchi / Getty Images

If you’re in Arizona, the first thing you need to do is visit the Grand Canyon. Romantic couples can forget themselves in this awe-inspiring natural attraction that captures their imagination. 

There are two rims, namely the North Rim and the South Rim, famous landmarks for couples visiting this natural attraction. 

If you’re entering from the South Rim entrance, the best place to first explore is the Visitor Center. The site is full of trails where you can go for a hike. 

Head on to Mather Point Overlook from the Visitor Center to capture a great view. The view will make you hold your breath as you see the solemnity of the Grand Canyon. 

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Get romantic at The Japanese Friendship Garden

Strolling through the Japanese Friendship Garden is one of the top things for couples to do in Arizona. The Garden is so well maintained and beautiful that you cannot resist becoming romantic.

Spanning 3.5 acres, the Japanese Garden has a mixed bunch of flora and theme-based gardens that accentuate the beauty of this place. 

The Garden is named so due to the headstrong relationship between Phoenix and the sister city Himeji in Japan. 

You can also find a tea garden and tea house in the interiors of this Garden where you and your loved one can spend quality time. 

Flowing streams and waterfalls in the Garden make the sight watching remarkable. 

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Explore the Musical Instrument Museum

Explore the Musical Instrument Museum
dorian2013 / Getty Images

If there ever was a place on Earth where you would find a large collection of musical instruments, the Musical Instrument Museum is the place to checkout. 

The museum showcases more than 8000 instruments originating from around 200 countries. The music influence can be seen in the host of galleries presented here.

There are five galleries: the Geographic Gallery, the Artists Gallery, the Mechanical Music Gallery, the STEM Gallery, and the Experience Gallery.

Signature events, concerts, and exhibitions are held frequently to arouse the power of music within people. The sound of a rare mandolin can take you back in time. 

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Go hiking at Sedona

Go hiking at Sedona
petrunjela / Getty Images

Tucked between red rock mountains, Sedona lies still and cheerful, inviting romantic couples to its prestigious landscape. Sedona is full of natural attractions, scenic landscapes, and hiking trails.

The Cathedral Rock is a unique natural attraction, designed by nature’s rock formation frame of a classic Cathedral. You can get the best view of this rock from Red Rock Crossing Park.  

Another major highlight of Sedona is the stunning Oak Creek Canyon which has rock formations and cliff walls along Highway 89A. 

Slide Rock State Park is one of the major attractions to look out for along this highway. Hiking the trails is one of the top couple things to do in Sedona. 

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Travel back in time at The Heard Museum

The Heard Museum has everything it takes to travel in a time machine. Since the museum was founded in 1929, it has showcased world-class exhibits and artifacts.

The significant exhibits presented here are the stories and whereabouts of ancient American Indians. The culture, traditions, and artworks in the period are displayed here.

The Heard Museum Shop is the next stop if your pockets are full of money. You can buy traditional bracelets, pots, baskets, and textiles to participate in the museum’s mission.

Events are held here occasionally to arouse the historic spirits of natives and visitors.

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Interact with animals at The Phoenix zoo

Interact with animals at The Phoenix zoo
passonitis / Getty Images

With more than 1400 animals, including endangered species, the Phoenix zoo is a sought-after destination for many romantic couples. 

Animal encounters are so much fun, and that’s precisely what you’ll be doing with your time here. In monkey village, you can play with the monkeys as they jump around from one place to another. 

You can feed giraffes who’d love to be friends with you. Hop on the back of a camel to have a camel ride around the zoo. You can click your pictures and frame them for memories. 

There are four trails in the zoo: the Africa Trail, Tropics Trail, Arizona Trail, and Children’s Trail. Each course takes you to see different animals. 

The ostrich and gazelle, part of the Africa trail, is a must-see. 

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Enjoy the views at Monument Valley

The Monument Valley, located on the Utah-Arizona state line near the Four Corners area, is a cluster of sandstone buttes impress the onlooker. 

Take a ride or drive through the rough 17-mile dirt road that begins at the visitor center to capture incredible sights as you proceed to your destination. 

Once you’ve reached Monument Valley, the first place to set foot is the Navajo Tribal Park. Sandstone masterpieces towering at 400-1000 feet can be witnessed here in the Park.

Head on to Mexican Hat, Utah, 20 miles northeast of the Park. 

Upon marveling at the gorgeous rock formations there, you can ask your local guide to tell you the story of the young Mexican Vaquero. 

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Admire The Chapel of the Holy Cross

Admire The Chapel of the Holy Cross
m-kojot / Getty Images

This state-of-the-art Chapel, established on a plateau of Sedona, is nothing short of being the best architectural sight that you can treat your eyes into. 

The major highlight of this Chapel is a 90 ft tall iron cross that is cemented on the southwestern wall.

It was one of the best architectural decisions made by sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude. Getting to know a little history of this Chapel is exciting. 

The Chapel was earlier meant to be established in Budapest, Hungary, but due to war, Staude decided to develop it in her hometown, Arizona.

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Enjoy Glen Canyon National Recreational Area

Capture breathtaking sights of crystal blue water and rocky mountainous landscapes as you hike through the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.

Get a ticket for the Canyon Adventure Boat tour to explore Antelope Canyon and Navajo Canyon. Looking at the Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a treat for the eye. 

The bridge is only 160 acres, but the rock formation design will intrigue your mind. Hike the North or South Trail to reach this place or book the Rainbow Bridge Tour.

The major highlight of this place is the Glen Canyon Dam. It is the second largest concrete arch dam in the USA. 

Kayaking your way through Lake Powell is one of the top couple things to do in Arizona. 

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Fly high to see the Horseshoe Bend

Fly high to see the Horseshoe Bend
Alain Castella / Getty Images

One look at the Horseshoe bend, and you’d be taken for a toss. The majestic and glorious views of horse shoe bend can be captured in a flight seeing tour. 

The Horseshoe Bend is a 270-degree U-turn canyon surrounded by a gigantic rock formation in the middle. 

The crystal blue-green water of the Colorado river strikes a parallel with the dusty sandstone. 

For geological experts, this is a beautiful phenomenon. The Horseshoe Bend is an example of an entrenched meander formed almost 6 million years ago. 

Get your photo clicking sessions done within no time to share them with your friends on social media. 

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Go on a Hot Air Balloon Flight with Champagne

One of the best ways to explore a new city is through a hot air balloon flight. So take one during your stay in Arizona to catch all the breathtaking views this city offers. 

Explore the cities of Sedona, Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon, and Phoenix’s deserts as you venture on your way through the bare lands of Arizona. 

The local guide will inform you of all the major landmarks where you can take your camera and snap some photos. Toast a glass of champagne to feel the magic in the air.

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Explore Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

Explore Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon
kldlife / Getty Images

Do you know why this Canyon is called the antelope canyon? The only reason why it’s named so is because of the herds of pronghorn antelope that once hanged out there. 

The Upper Antelope Canyon is preferably the better one out of the two as you can witness rock walls that reach up to 120 feet. 

The sandstone surface of this Canyon makes it a tricky walk, offering you a challenge to conquer. If you’re looking for more adventure, Lower Antelope Canyon is the hiking trail. 

You have to cover a longer distance to get to the Lower Antelope Canyon. 

Take your camera to shoot some excellent videos of the place while going live in Instagram. 

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Go Mexican at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

The Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is a beautiful village that lies behind the shade of sycamores on the banks of beautiful Oak Creek in Sedona. 

You can feel the air of a Mexican-style village when you’re in Tlaquepaque. The place is full of art galleries, craft shops and restaurants to delight you to a surreal experience. 

This place was created out of the passion towards art. Locals celebrate many art events here in this village. 

You will be taken back in time when you see the cobbled streets, courtyard fountains and majestic archways of the place. 

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See amazing cacti at the Saguaro National Park

See amazing cacti at the Saguaro National Park
CrackerClips / StockMedia

Visiting Arizona, and not catching a glimpse of the Saguaro National Park would be like visiting New York but not taking a gaze at the Statue of Liberty. 

The Saguaro National Park is ever famous for its cactiuses and desert landscapes and is the prime place where you can feel the sun hitting on you. 

The giant saguaro is a universal symbol that is reminiscent of the American West. You won’t be able to find these types of cacti anywhere else in the USA.

There are two sections in the Park, the east and west namely, and both the sections of the park offer inspiring sights of local flora and fauna. 

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Swim in Lake Havasu City

The Lake Havasu City is brimming with life in the otherwise rocky foundations in Arizona. You’d find almost 400 miles of shoreline kissing the clear blue waters of Lake Havasu.

Go for a swim with your loved one and rest along the sandy white beaches when you want to doze off or simply gaze in to the sky. 

Going on a boat ride along Lake Havasu is also a pleasant thing to do. The London Bridge is the major highlight of this city as it carries a rich history along with it. 

There is a museum called The Lake Havasu Museum of History that was established to educate locals and visitors about the history of the place. 

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