London Dungeon – tickets, prices, discounts, shows and rides to expect

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon offers an exciting walk-through experience that transports you back in time, recreating harrowing scenes from London’s dark history. Visitors can fully immerse themselves as they see, hear, feel, smell (and fear!) the eerie characters, props, and atmosphere. With live actors, thrilling rides, and captivating special effects, the London Dungeon is an attraction … Read more

Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

The LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Atlanta offers a colorful, creative, and exciting LEGO® World for children and families. From the majestic to the entertaining, you can experience it all with your LEGO-obsessed family. You will love exploring the most fantastic indoor LEGO playground with 12 family attractions and activities. There is something for everyone at the … Read more

Keukenhof Castle – tickets, prices, what to expect

Keukenhof Castle in Amsterdam

Keukenhof Castle is a well-known country mansion from the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic.  It was built in 1641 and still stands today, welcoming both locals and tourists.  Keukenhof Castle is located just outside Lisse, at the entrance of the famed Keukenhof Gardens. The Keukenhof Castle houses fantastic artifacts but is overshadowed by the … Read more

Things to do in Amsterdam

Tourist attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the 17th century capital of the Netherlands. Its historic buildings, stunning museums, beautiful canals, and historical landmarks such as Anne Frank House make it a unique city. This Dutch city built on reclaimed land gets around 20 million tourists every year. If you are in Amsterdam for a longer period, it is better … Read more

Castel Sant’Angelo – tickets, prices, opening hours, guided tour

Castel Sant Angelo in Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo is a fortress located on the right bank of the river Tiber, just outside Vatican City. Built between 135 and 139 AD, Castel Sant’Angelo is also known as Hadrian’s Tomb and the Angel’s Castle. The building of Castel Sant’Angelo has a distinctive cylindrical shape and is characterized by its towering cylindrical drum and … Read more

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi – prices, discounts, what to expect

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Desert safari is a must-do activity during your holiday in Abu Dhabi. After all, it is the best way to explore the vast dunes, rich culture, stunning vistas, and traditional cuisine of the Middle East. On a desert safari in Abu Dhabi, you will indulge in adventurous activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, … Read more

Wild Wadi Waterpark – tickets, prices, what to wear

Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai

Wild Wadi Waterpark is one of the iconic waterparks of Dubai and an unforgettable aquatic adventure for the whole family.  The waterpark is located just in front of the renowned Burj Al Arab and has more than thirty rides and attractions for the guests to enjoy.  The aquatic park is inspired by the tales of Juha, … Read more

Kennedy Space Center – tickets, prices, tours from Orlando

Tourists at Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center near Orlando has been the launch site of every US human space flight since 1968. It is the center of NASA’s major space activities, including launches and space-related events, and is popular with both kids and adults. More than 1.5 million guests enter the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex every year … Read more

Madame Tussauds Berlin – tickets, prices, what to expect

Guests in Madame Tussauds Berlin

If you want to add some glamour to your holiday in the German capital, look no further than Madame Tussauds Berlin. At Berlin’s wax museum, you get to see centuries-old waxwork techniques and rub shoulders with world leaders, politicians, movie stars, sportspersons, and more.  It is a fantastic opportunity to take lots of photos with … Read more

Toledo Zoo – tickets, prices, discount, animals to see, aquarium

Toledo Zoo

Toledo Zoo and Aquarium has over 10,000 animals representing over 720 species and is considered one of the world’s most complete zoos. Some of the most popular exhibits at Toledo Zoo include the Arctic Encounter, where visitors can see polar bears swimming and playing; the African Savanna, where visitors can see giraffes, zebras, and other … Read more

Things to do in Munich


Munich is the third-largest city of Germany and lies on the River Isar on the Bavarian Alps’ fringes. There are many tourist attractions in Munich, including beautiful churches, vast museums, stunning palaces, sports arenas, etc. Munich also offers plenty of day trips to outlying areas, such as the Dachau Concentration Camp, scenic Salzburg, etc. The … Read more

San Diego Safari Park animals and their habitats

Animals in San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Around 1.5 Million locals and tourists visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, California, every year. The 1,800-acre San Diego Safari Park houses more than 2,500 animals of 300 species in open field enclosures.  These animals are divided into 11 primary habitats, each unique to the animals it houses. To explore the wildlife, … Read more