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Akshaya Rajkumar is a distinguished travel writer passionate about road trips, tourist attractions, and discovering local cuisines. Her travel ethos is rooted in the belief that the joy of a journey lies not just in the destination but in the experiences along the way.

Her extensive travels have enriched her writing with authenticity and insightful commentary. Akshaya’s work captures the essence of each destination and serves as a valuable guide for those looking to discover new places. Her articles are a treasure trove of tips for locals and tourists, making her a trusted voice in the travel community.

Favorite travel movie: Into The Wild
Next destination: Cape Town

Akshaya Rajkumar

Cities visited: 17

vacations taken: 9

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The celeb I would like to travel with

Shah Rukh Khan

Traveling abroad with Shah Rukh Khan would be a blast because he’s incredibly popular and charming. I’d get to see him interact with fans from all over, hear his fascinating stories, and enjoy unique experiences that would make my trip truly unforgettable.

Shah Rukh Khan

Akshaya Rajkumar’s articles

Inside the Budapest Parliament

Inside the Budapest Parliament – grand stairs, central dome, and crown jewels

The Hungarian Parliament is a well-functioning legislative body that formulates laws and acts as a workplace for more than 700 office workers. Though it is used for government proceedings in … Read more

Budapest Parliament at Night

Budapest Parliament at Night – time of views, Danube cruise ticket

Tourists wonder if they should view the Hungarian Parliament during the day or at night—witnessing the Parliament Building during the day and at night offers two distinct experiences.  Every day, … Read more

Facts about the Parliament Building of Budapest

Fascinating facts about the Parliament Building of Budapest – history and architecture

The Budapest Parliament is one of the tallest and largest buildings in Hungary and the third largest legislative building in the world.  The Hungarian Parliament sits majestically on the Pest … Read more

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House – the facts and what’s inside?

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is not just a museum but a memorial filled with the emotions and hope of a simple Jewish family who dreamed a life of … Read more

Anne Frank House VR Tour

Anne Frank House VR Tour – tickets, prices, experience, FAQs

The Anne Frank House, or Anne Frank Museum, is a popular place in Amsterdam that retells a young girl’s story of hope and resistance during World War II. As one … Read more


Things to do in Venice

Venice is a captivating city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. Venice is built on a group of 126 islands separated by canals and expanses of open water. These islands are … Read more

Belvedere Palace or Schönbrunn Palace

Belvedere Palace or Schönbrunn Palace – Which is better?

Austria’s historic city, Vienna, is a renowned tourist destination known for its majestic palaces and extravagant buildings dating back several centuries. Among these, we have the Belvedere and Schönbrunn Palaces, … Read more

Inside of a Restaurant

Restaurants at the Belvedere Palace – Belvedere Palace cafe, etc

Palace of Belvedere has three cafes—Schloss Café and Cafe-Bistro Menagerie are in the Upper Belvedere, while Parkcafé is in the Lower Belvedere.  The Lucy Bar at Belvedere 21 is another … Read more

Belvedere Palace Gardens

Belvedere Palace Gardens – entrance tickets, free entry, free to visit

Are you interested in witnessing the grand life lived by an imperial officer in the 17th century?  Does taking a relaxing stroll through the vast gardens of a historic palace … Read more