twelve things to keep in mind when Visiting  gardens of versailles

Garden in winter

Because of the chilly cold weather, there will be fewer visitors. The garden statues are covered, and the fountains are switched off, but it is still mesmerizing.

Golf Buggy

Rent an electric vehicle (Golf buggy) to go around the Gardens. It costs €38 per vehicle per hour. And for every additional 15 minutes, it will cost €9.50.


Pets are not allowed to take inside the Gardens of Versailles. However, taking your pets to Versailles Park is possible if they are on a leash.

Allow enough time

The Versailles gardens are stunning, so don't rush through them. Take time to explore and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds around.

Bring water

With a lot of walking the Gardens of Versailles can be exhausting, so bring water to stay hydrated throughout the trip.

Wear comfortable shoes

The gardens of Versailles are especially expansive, and much walking is needed, so it's important to wear comfortable shoes to avoid fatigue.


The Gardens offers fantastic opportunities for both professional and amateur photographers. Bring a camera or smartphone to capture memories and the beauty of the space.

Palace of Versailles

This ticket accesses the Palace of Versailles, including the Grand Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, King’s and Queen’s Chamber, and the Gardens.

Additional sites

Besides everything in the Palace of Versailles and the Gardens, explore the Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate with this access ticket.

Musical Gardens

This ticket is available only for Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday during the summer months when the Fountain Shows or Musical Gardens are on.

Guided tour

With this 75 minutes guided tour, you enter the Palace of Versailles through the priority entrance. Afterward, you can hang around in the Palace or the gardens.