thirteen things to keep in mind when Visiting  centre pompidou

Duration required

Exploring the six floors of modern art displayed at Centre Pompidou takes at least two hours. Moreover, you may encounter Art fatigue after 90 minutes of exploring, so take a break.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is after 3 pm when most of the crowd has explored the museum. Fearing the long queues at the museum, tourists start lining up half an hour before it opens at 11 am.

Book in advance

Booking Centre Pompidou tickets online in advance will save time and energy by skipping the ticket counter lines.

Utilize the map

The interactive map shows external and internal access points, disability access, ongoing events, and current exhibits on Levels 4 and 5 of the museum and Brancusi's Studio.

Wear comfortable shoes

The museum is quite large, and visitors may need to walk around to explore all the different levels and galleries. Wear comfortable shoes for a better experience.

Avoid larger bags

Suitcases and backpacks are not allowed inside the museum. Leave them in the cloakroom before entering the museum, or bring smaller ones to carry easily.

Take a break

A cafe and restaurant are present on levels 1 and 6 to buy food and drinks. We highly recommend taking a break and refueling your energy with delicious food.


The Centre Pompidou has some stunning views of Paris, so bring a camera to capture the amazing architecture and cityscape.

Free entry

Centre Pompidou offers free entry on the first Sunday of each month. Unless you are on a budget holiday, going through the long waiting hours to get inside for free doesn’t make sense.

Standard tickets

This ticket gets access to the permanent collection at the Centre Pompidou, rooftop, and Galerie des Enfants. Book them online to avoid waiting in the queue at the venue.

Baselitz Exhibition

This ticket gets access to the permanent collection at the Centre Pompidou, rooftop, Galerie des Enfants, including the latest temporary exhibition.

Guided tour

A guide accompanies you on this tour ticket, providing skip-the-line admission and showing you all the masterpieces while narrating exciting stories and anecdotes.