sixteen things to Keep in Mind When Visiting the Reichstag

Best time to visit

Tourists believe twilight is best at the Reichstag building because one can see the sunset over Berlin and enjoy an illuminated glass dome. Weekday is the best time to avoid the crowd at the Reichstag.

Duration required

Most tourists need 75 minutes to explore Reichstag Berlin and its Dome. You may need an additional half-hour on weekends and holidays to navigate the crowd.

Reichstag at night

Reichstag Dome is lit at night and offers fantastic views of Berlin. Even though the Dome is open till midnight, the last entry is at 10 pm.

Plenary Chamber

The Plenary Chamber of Parliament is where elected members gather to debate. Visitors can attend sessions in the visitors' gallery when the German Parliament is not in session.

Chamber Timings

During the peak season of April to October, Plenary Chamber lectures start at 9 am and go on till 6 pm.  During the lean season, lectures end early – by 5 pm on weekdays and 4 pm on weekends.

Bundestag exhibition

The exhibition on parliamentary history in the Deutscher Dom traces the origins and history of the German parliamentary system. The exhibition opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm.

Audio guide

The 20-minute audio guide shares information about the Reichstag Building and its surroundings, the Bundestag, the working of the Parliament, etc.

Reichstag restaurant

The first session is from 9 am to 5 pm, and after a two-hour break, it opens again at 7 pm and closes at midnight. You must reserve a table in advance to walk into the restaurant.

Bring your ID

When you arrive at the Reichstag, you will need to present a valid ID or passport for security purposes. Ensure you have these documents with you to avoid any inconvenience.

Bring a camera

The dome's interior offers unique photo opportunities, capturing the intricate design and stunning views, so be sure to bring your camera or smartphone to capture memorable photos.

Book in advance

Buying tickets online in advance is a good idea to save time and energy, as it takes two hours more waiting for the time slot to arrive.

Guided tour

During this guided tour of the Reichstag, a local expert will take you through Berlin’s parliament district and visit the chamber and the building’s dome.

Dome & restaurant

Besides access to the glass dome of the German Parliament and its open terrace, these Reichstag restaurant tickets also reserve a table for you at Käfer.

Private tour

This 90-minute tour starts with you skipping the lines and heading to the Express Security Check counter.  After the tour, you can hang around Reichstag.

River Spree cruise 

On this boat tour, you learn about Berlin’s intriguing history and see all the major attractions from the comfort of a river cruise. The boat is glass-covered and heated during winters.