twelve things to Keep in Mind When Visiting the berlin tv tower

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Berlin TV Tower is when they open on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  During the peak season, they open at 9 am and during the winter months at 10 am.

Duration required

Visitors need around 45 minutes to explore the Berlin Television Tower and take in the views from its observatory.

Check the weather

Berlin's weather can vary, so check the forecast before your visit. If the weather is cloudy or foggy, visibility from the tower may be reduced.

Avoid large bags

Avoid larger bags or suitcases to the attraction and bring smaller bags to carry them around easily.

Restaurant & Bar

The Berlin TV Tower features a rotating bar and a restaurant with panoramic views. Consider enjoying a meal or a drink while taking in the spectacular scenery.

Bring a camera

The observation deck offers numerous opportunities for stunning photographs. Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the panoramic views of Berlin's skyline.


There are two entrances at the bottom of the TV Tower. The one without a long queue is who have already booked their tickets online, while the other is for visitors who need tickets.

Tickets are timed

You must select the time of your visit while booking tickets online and arrive at the entrance at the specified time. This helps the attraction regulate the flow of tourists.

Fast View ticket

This ticket helps you skip the infamous Berlin Tower queue at the ticket counter and enter through the priority entrance. You can even skip the line for the lift.

Fast View combo

This ticket gets you access to the Berlin TV Tower observatory and a confirmed window seat reservation at the rotating Sphere Restaurant.