thirteen things to keep in mind when Visiting  whipsnade zoo

Duration required

If you visit with kids, it will take five to six hours to get the most out of the Zoo. However, you will need at least three hours to run through everything at Whipsnade Zoo quickly.

Best time to visit

If the weather is good, the best time to visit Whipsnade Zoo is as soon as they open at 10 am. The animals are in their most active state early in the morning, and the crowd is yet to come in.

Safari bus timings

Whipsnade Zoo’s first Safari bus starts from the Main Gate at 10.15 am.  The Safari bus starts from the Main Gate every half hour, following the same schedule, and the whole trip takes 24 minutes.

Whipsnade Railway

Whipsnade Zoo has two old but impressive steam engines, Excelsior and Superior, and is a visitor favorite. During the train safari adventure, you hear exciting commentary and spot animals.


Hullabazoo is a fun and interactive play area for kids. It has various features that kids will love, including a giant treehouse, a bouncy castle, a sandpit, a musical garden, and a splash park.

Check for Events

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo hosts various events throughout the year. Check the events calendar on the zoo's website before your visit to know any special events that interest you.

Comfortable shoes

The zoo is quite large so you will be walking a lot. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can walk in for several hours.

Take a break

Families planning a picnic can use the indoor picnic area near the Butterfly House. Others can rest and recharge at the various restaurants in the zoo that offer delicious food and drinks.

Book in advance

Buying Whipsnade Zoo tickets online in advance saves time by skipping the ticket counter queue. Depending on the time of the day(and month), the waiting time takes up to 10 to 20 minutes.

Entry tickets

This Whipsnade Zoo ticket gets access to all exhibits, keeper talks, feeding sessions, and shows. And a 10% reduction on all tickets if booked online.