twelve things to Keep in Mind When Visiting the 360 chicago

Best time to visit

The best time to visit 360 CHICAGO is an hour before sunset. The next best time to visit 360 CHICAGO is before 10 am so that you can beat the crowd and go straight to the top.

Duration required

Visitors usually spend 45 minutes to an hour enjoying 360 Chicago observation deck views. Some tourists are known to stay up for more than 90 minutes.

Time limit

360 Chicago TILT lasts for around 2-3 minutes. Depending on the time of the day and the season, you may have to wait for 5 to 15 minutes for your turn at the Tilt.

360 Chicago at night

After dark, from 360 CHICAGO’s 94th floor, you can see the city’s skyscrapers shimmering in golden light. But remember that one side of the building will appear dark since Lake Michigan has no lights.

Check the weather

Check the weather before planning your visit. Visibility can greatly impact your view from the observation deck, so choose a day with good weather.

Avoid large bags

Avoid larger bags or suitcases to the attraction and bring smaller bags to carry them around easily.

Book in advance

Purchasing tickets online in advance is cheaper and saves time and energy, and avoids last-minute disappointment.

Standard ticket

This ticket gets you admission to the 360 CHICAGO observatory in the shortest possible time. You can book this ticket with the 360 CHICAGO Tilt experience or without it.

Sun and the Stars 

360 CHICAGO Sun and the Stars tickets get you entry to the most beautiful observatory in the whole of Chicago twice – once during the day and once at night.