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Best Zoos in California to visit with family


California has fantastic zoos offering complete entertainment to wildlife-loving families.

Since every zoo in California contributes to animal conservation, besides getting closer to nature, a visit to the zoo also turns educational.

Visitors can stroll through the forests or stay safe in underwater viewing windows to catch glimpses of the wild animals.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo with kids
Image: Sandiegozoo.org

Spread over 100 acres with more than 3,500 animals, San Diego Zoo welcomes around four million visitors annually. 

Many consider it one of the best zoos in the country for its 700+ unique species, conservation programs, excellent visitor facilities, and friendly staff.

No wonder it is the most visited zoo in the whole of the USA. 

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Animals in San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Image: Visitoceanside.org

San Diego Safari Park is a wildlife paradise in Southern California. 

The 1,800-acre Safari Park houses more than 2,500 animals of 300 species in open field enclosures. 

It is San Diego Zoo’s sister and often gets referred to as San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 

Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo
Image: Dailynews.com

Los Angeles Zoo in LA’s Griffith Park is home to 2,200 mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles across 270 species. 

The 133-acre Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens gets 1.8 million visitors annually. 

San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo
Image: It Must be F/8

For more than 90 years, San Francisco Zoo has been entertaining locals and tourists.

This 100 acres of animals and more has something to offer for everyone – from the toddler to the grandma.


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