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Yoga holidays in Barcelona – unlimited urban Yoga classes in English

Yoga holidays in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is a great place to have a yoga holiday. In fact, if you are looking for a yoga retreat in Barcelona you shouldn’t wait anymore. Barcelona provides great options of yoga holidays – both short yoga breaks and month-long Yoga vacations. If you live nearby you can just climb into your car, and head out to Barcelona for a quick yoga weekend.

There are enough options in Barcelona for all kinds of yoga lovers. There are urban yoga centers and rural yoga retreats – the choice is yours. You can land up for a yoga holiday as an individual or plan a group yoga holiday in Barcelona. You may be a beginner, or a semi-skilled Yoga practitioner or a yoga expert…the yoga centers in Barcelona can customize their classes for you.

Why Yoga?

Today we all undergo a lot of stress. Thanks to our lifestyle we all waste our bodies away. This is where Yoga comes in, to bring strength, flexibility, and balance to our body. Besides the physical benefits, Yoga also helps uplift us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever your current lifestyle is, a yoga holiday in Barcelona can bring a new purpose to your life and energize you.

Yoga holidays in Barcelona

Barcelona has been a favorite haunt of yoga lovers for a long time now and tourists from all over the world come here for their Yoga vacations. You have all kinds of options – indoor yoga or outdoors yoga, private yoga lessons or group yoga lessons, low-cost yoga classes or high-end luxury yoga classes…everything is available in Barcelona for you to try.

Barcelona is a major metropolis with a vibrant nightlife and lots of culture which you can combine with your Yoga while you are on your break. As for nightlife, you have the best of European clubs you can visit and when to comes to art and culture there are museums such as Fundació Joan Miró, Museu Picasso, Museu d’Art Contemporani, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya etc.

Because of all these interesting combinations, Yoga holidays in Barcelona have been a popular activity amongst travelers in this part of the world. In short, while on a Barcelona yoga retreat, you can find inner peace as well as enjoy art, history and some nightlife. More about Barcelona

How to decide on yoga holiday package

There are three ways to plan a yoga holiday in Barcelona. You can yourself book a Yoga hostel or a Yoga house online, in Barcelona and be happy with what you get when you land in the Spanish city. The second option is to only book your flights to Barcelona and once you land there, find a Yoga center of your liking and start your daily classes. The third and our recommended option is to go through our checklist, and then book a yoga holiday package for Barcelona from a reputed tour operator. These are important because they will decide your experience during your yoga break in Barcelona. Here is a check list on what to look out for before booking your Yoga holidays in Barcelona –

Size of group: Size of the yoga group is important. The smaller the size, the more individual attention you will get from the Yoga instructors.

Style of Yoga: Check with the tour operator, booking your yoga holiday package, the style of yoga which will be taught at the chosen center. There are various styles such as Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Bikram style Yoga, Yin and Yang Yoga etc. It is better to know the style to avoid late surprises during your Yoga getaway.

Skill level: If you are a seasoned Yoga practitioner you don’t want to sit in a Yoga center in Barcelona and listen to basics. Usually, tour operators have skilled yoga lessons and basic yoga lessons in their Yoga packages but you need to let them know your skill level.

Language of the Yoga classes: Spanish is the predominant language in Barcelona. Most of the Yoga centers have instructors who can converse in both Spanish and English, but there is no harm in confirming the language of instruction at the chosen Yoga center in Barcelona.

Learn about the Instructors: Travel agents will let you know the Yoga centers where you will be taking Yoga lessons during your Yoga break. Since most of these centers have a website, you can check in on your probable instructors. If you don’t get information online, you can always check with your travel agent and get their names and qualifications.

Best Yoga studios / Centers in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has a good collection of Yoga centers which can be part of your yoga holidays. All you must do is identify the style of Yoga you want to indulge in during your Yoga vacation, the budget you are willing to allocate for your Yoga classes and district in which you will be staying during your holidays. Check out our list of the top Yoga centers in Barcelona –

Yoga centers in Gràcia, Barcelona

Yoga & Yoga Barcelona, Gracia

Yoga holidays in Barcelona
Yoga & Yoga Barcelona is a highly recommended Yoga center if you are looking for a long yoga holiday in Barcelona.

Yoga & Yoga Barcelona is an inclusive school of Yoga where the Yoga is taught in a non-competitive atmosphere. The teachers are yogis and professionals dedicated and passionate about the practice and provide personalized training to every student. Yoga and Yoga Barcelona offers regular classes with the group, private classes, and workshops. The classes revolve around Pranayama, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, and Yin & Yang Yoga.

Price of Yoga Classes: 25 Euros for four classes a month
Address: Calle Verdi 169, 1º 1ª
Phone: 68 631 0207

Fundacio Lotus Blau, Gràcia

The Yoga classes at Lotus Blau Foundation revolve around meditation, the study of the Dharma, Mindfulness Yoga and the option to get into Buddhism through practice. This foundation plus Yoga center through its various projects for prisons, elderly people, oncological patients, schools etc also inculcates social commitment. The classes of Mindfulness Yoga have their foundations in the Hatha Yoga of Sivananda and Ashtanga. The core objective of Mindfulness Yoga is to improve strength, balance, and flexibility to achieve positivity in our daily lives.

Price of Yoga Classes: 38 Euros for four classes a month & 55 Euros for unlimited Yoga classes in a month
Address: Carrer de Mateu, 7 Barcelona 08012
Phone: 93 790 2321

Mandiram Yoga, Gràcia

Mandiram Yoga believes that everyone has a unique requirement and hence offers a variety of dynamic yoga classes to suit your personal style. This Yoga center offers prenatal as well as Mother-baby yoga classes.

Price of Yoga Classes: 30 Euros for three classes a month.
Address: Torrent de l’Olla 172 -Barrio de Gràcia / Urquinaona 1, 1-5 -Centro / Roc Boronat 114 -Barrio de Poble Nou
Phone: 93 237 61 80 in Gràcia / 93 301 02 04 in Centro / 93 0153537 in Poble Nou

Yoga Con, Gràcia

Yoga Con Gràcia projects itself as a community yoga center for folks from Gràcia, Barcelona. It is housed in one old factory and one house in the heart of Grace. The objective is to create a quiet and simple environment to practice yoga, so that the body and mind feel at ease. The yoga classes take the practitioner through Hatha, Sivananda, Jivamukti, and Yoga Dinamicó. Kids are also allowed in this Yoga center and they get to attend classes with their parents albeit in a separate room. This center also provides prenatal yoga, yoga for mother and baby etc.

Price of Yoga Classes: 40 Euros for five classes with a validity of three months
Address: c/ Esglèsia 4-10, 4ª planta Plaza Virreïna, Barcelona
Phone: 656 639 455

Yoga centers in Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Shunia Yoga, Sagrada Familia

Situated at the heart of Barcelona, Shunia is a Kundalini Yoga center founded in 1992. Their method of teaching hovers around the word ‘Shunia’ which means zero. The belief is that the moment we know that we are zero and become one, we prevail. The teaching is through pranayama, mantras, asana, mudras and finally the song of the ‘Eternal Sun’ to close the class.

Price of Yoga Classes: Not available
Address: Sicilia, 236 BIS. 08013 / Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Phone: 93 265 89 26

Yoga centers in Eixample, Barcelona

YOGABODY Fitness, Eixample

Yoga vacation in Barcelona
If you are into experimental Yoga, YogaBody is an ideal place for a Yoga holiday in Barcelona.

Yogabody believes in the complete fitness of both mind and body. It welcomes students, mothers, working professionals – literally everybody who can sit down on a mat for more than half an hour. The style of yoga taught in Yogabody helps in loss of weight, increase strength and flexibility, creating healthy habits, and reliving stress. Their promise is “Give us thirty days and we will give you a new body.”

Price of Yoga Classes: 149 Euros for unlimited classes a month.
Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 118, 08013 Barcelona

Barcelona Ashtanga Yoga Nilaya, Eixample

Ashtanga is a complete system of yoga. “Astau” means eight, “anga” means limb. The eight limbs approach to Yoga finds a mention in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a text which first defined Yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga practice involves a sequence of poses that links movement, breath, and gazing point to make the body and soul one.

Price of Yoga Classes: 95 Euros for unlimited Yoga classes a month and 120 Euros for ten guided yoga classes
Address: Carrer d’Arágo 284 (Next to Midas) 1st Floor-2nd Door on Right (1°-2ª Der.) Barcelona 08007

Dona 10, Eixample

Besides Yoga, Dona 10 also offers Pilates, physiotherapy and other beauty services. When it comes to Yoga classes, this center teaches both Dynamic yoga and Kundalini Yoga and you can make your choice. Dynamic Yoga is more physical and more active than the other and is for yoga practitioners who believe the usual Yoga is slow.

Price of Yoga Classes: 45 Euros for unlimited classes a month
Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 107 08029 Barcelona ‎
Phone: 93 439 48 47

Happy Yoga, Eixample

Besides its center in Barcelona, Happy Yoga is also present in San Cugat del Vallés, Palafrugell, and Girona. Both Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga are taught at Happy Yoga centers. In case you want to combine your Yoga classes with some cooking, this will be the school to explore.
Price of Yoga Classes: Not available
Address: Carrer del Bruc, 7, 08010 Barcelona
Phone: 933 18 11 07

Yogaia, Eixample

Yogaia Yoga studio based out of The Dreta de l’Eixample gets its name from the word Yoga and the word Gaia, the Greek goddess of Earth. Yogaia focusses on the practice of Hatha Yoga Raja. The Hatha yoga includes the practice of yoga postures (asana), breathing control and energy (pranayama) and control of the senses (Pratyahara). Yogaia syllabus also includes teachings of Yoga master Andrei Ram Om.

Price of Yoga Classes: 75 Euros for unlimited classes a month and 200 Euros for unlimited Yoga classes for three months
Address: Pg. Sant Joan 121, 08037 Barcelona
Phone:  936 24 35 10

Yoga Mandir, Eixample

Yoga Mandir in Eixample, Barcelona believes that Yoga helps our mind be in balance with our body and once this balance is achieved the positive energy starts flowing. Yoga Mandir follows a registered approach in their Yoga teachings called SATYAM SYSTEMS, which is characterized by being dynamic, fluid and progressive, which in turn helps in obtaining toning, flexibility and muscle strength of the body and mind.

Price of Yoga Classes: 59 Euros for unlimited classes a month
Address: Aribau 70, principal 1a 08011 Barcelona
Phone: 657 550 565

Bikram Yoga, Eixample

This is a certified Bikram Yoga center in Eixample, Barcelona. Bikram Yoga is a wonderful 90-minute physical workout that improves physical strength, flexibility, and balance along with while concentration. Bikram Yoga believes that a good life is the union of body, mind, and spirit and that’s what they try to teach their yoga students.

Price of Yoga Classes: 60 Euros for four classes a month
Address: C/ Pau Claris 97 08009 Barcelona
Phone: 933 025 130

Carlos Claramunt, Eixample

This Yoga school teaches Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and Tantra yoga to its patrons. The teachers are very experienced, which instills a confidence amongst the students.

Price of Yoga Classes: Not available
Address: Gran Vía, 577, Pral 1ª 08011 Barcelona
Phone: 93 451 28 00

Ishvara Yoga & Therapies, Eixample

Ishvara Yoga offers Hatha yoga classes to students willing to learn and inculcate Yoga in their lives. The objective of every yoga lesson is to cultivate a meditative attitude in the student.

Price of Yoga Classes: 54 Euros for eight classes a month
Address:   Rda. Universidad, 20 1º 4ª 08007 Barcelona
Phone:   607 25 05 40
Website: None

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Yoga centers in Sant Antoni, Barcelona

Yoga Bindu, Sant Antoni

Yoga break in Barcelona
Many tourists prefer to stay in Sant Antoni during their Yoga break in Barcelona due to its central location. If you decide to stay here, don’t look further than Yoga Bindu.

At Yoga Bindu center in Barcelona, one can learn dynamic yoga, hatha yoga and kundalini yoga. In each class, a sequence (vinyasa) is presented with a specific focus. At Yoga Bindu, it is believed that after reaching a posture the yoga practitioner should remain in the pose for up to 30 seconds to bring attention to the key muscles that make up the posture to relax or activate them.

Price of Yoga Classes: 75 Euros for four classes a month
Address: Ramblas 40-42, Passatge de Bacardí, 1, 08002 Barcelona
Phone: 933 04 20 62

Yogaroom Barcelona, Sant Antoni

Yogaroom offers a quiet space for you to learn and practice a style of hatha vinyasa yoga fluid and strengthening. They claim to use techniques to activate the biomechanical intelligence of the body with integrated muscle chains. They welcome both beginners and experienced practitioners and train them accordingly.

Price of Yoga Classes: 38 Euros for four classes a month.
Address: Calle Casanova 27, 2º2ª, Barcelona, 08011
Phone: 931 066 355

Gothic Quarter, Sant Antoni

If you love to listen to background music while indulging in Yoga, you should opt for Gothic Quarter Yoga studio. A joint venture by Chilean composer Pepe Arias, and English yoga teacher Lucy Beckwith, this Yoga center is popular amongst music lovers. This center yoga studio specializes in Vinyasa yoga sessions.

Price of Yoga Classes: Not available
Address: Carrer Còdols, 23 08002 Barcelona

Yoga centers in El Born, Barcelona

Ashtanga Yoga Shala, El Born

Ashtanga Yoga Shala specializes in the teaching of Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga involves movement and stretches the whole body in balancing and purifying the physical body in the process. It calms the nervous system and brings an immense sense of physical and mental well-being to the individual practicing Ashtanga yoga.

Price of Yoga Classes: 45 Euros for four classes a month and 80 Euros for unlimited Yoga classes a month
Address: Paseo Isabel II, nº 14 1º 1ª – 08003 Barcelona
Phone: 696 437 464

Yoga & Movement Therapy, El Born

At Yoga & Movement Therapy yoga center in Barcelona, a mix of Hatha Yoga and Western movement approach is taught to the students. The objective of the yoga teacher is always to bring the student’s attention to the present moment. This yoga center helps the student explore inner alignment, ease of movement and mindfulness. It is therapeutic and educational.

Price of Yoga Classes: 38 Euros for four classes a month.
Address: Espai Ronda, Ronda Sant Pere 58, principal 2, 08010
Phone: 625 485 465

Yoga centers in Poblenou, Barcelona

Yogalinda, Poblenou

Yogalinda is a hot Vinyasa yoga studio, where Yoga is practiced in a room maintained at a temperature of 40°C. The heat in the room ensures the muscles are warmed up from the beginning and during hot Yoga one also ends up burning more calories. If losing weight is one of your objectives you should explore Yogalinda Yoga center in Poblenou.

Price of Yoga Classes: 45 Euros for four classes a month
Address: c/ Rosa Sensat 4 08005 Barcelona
Phone: 93 221 1506

Yoga centers in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Sarrià Yoga Asana Chikitsa, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

At the Sarrià Yoga Asana Chikitsa you can learn various styles of Yoga such Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, Yoga Pilates etc. They also offer postnatal and prenatal yoga lessons to women.

Price of Yoga Classes: 4 Euros for five classes a month
Address: Carrer d’Ivorra, 20, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 650 43 20 05

Yoga centers in Les Corts, Barcelona

Zama Ioga, Les Corts

Zama Loga teaches Yoga the Iyengar way, which has been quite popular in the west for some time now. The objective of Iyengar method of Yoga is to internalization of the senses of perception, concentration, and meditation in the practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama (regulation of breathing).

Price of Yoga Classes: 47 Euros for four classes a month
Address: Gran Via Carles III 50-52, Local i 08028 Barcelona
Phone: 649 629 973

Yoga centers in Sants, Barcelona

Escuela Golden Temple, Sants

This Yoga center in Barcelona specializes in Kundalini Yoga. The Golden Temple studio prides itself on creating for its students an opportunity to embark on their inner path and give them a greater sense of life.

Price of Yoga Classes: Not available
Address: Calle Alcolea 108-2º2ª 08014 Barcelona
Phone: 93 4914536

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