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Winter sports are lots of fun for adventure junkies. If you have noticed, there has been a great hike in the popularity of winter sports in recent years. Lots and lots of people are going for these sports every year. People scoring a winning goal during an ice-hockey game or going sledding to the bottom of a giant hill, all are once in a lifetime moments. But while sitting on a sled or going on your skates, just a wrong slip cause a serious injury anytime! To avoid the bulky medical bill in such an unwanted event, you are strictly advised to buy winter sports travel insurance that would cover you with maximum benefits.

What are winter sports?

Winter sports are the type of recreational sports that are played during extreme cold areas in winter. Some of these winter sports include ice skating, sledding, ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, bobsleigh, bandy and many more. All these winter sports are considered to be very dangerous because of the inherent risks in them.

It is highly advised to purchase a comprehensive winter sports policy that will give you optimum cover for the serious mishaps like slipping on the slope, or on the loss of your valuable sports equipment like skates or snowboards. For adrenaline junkies, winter sports are usually on top of their to-do list. Since there are very high risks involved in these winter sports, buying travel insurance should be the first thing on top of your list.

We all know that getting ideal travel insurance that would cover all your risk which you may face when you are participating in winter sports. We are here to make these insurance tasks easy for you by giving you apt advice before you buy winter sports travel insurance.

Winter sports trips are way too expensive but the travel insurance for these sports is relatively of low cost so getting an optimum cover for the panned winter sports is the foremost thing you should do. You must not assume that a standard travel insurance policy will cover you for these high risk sports. It is very unlikely for a standard travel insurance plan to give ice hockey, snowboarding, heli-skiing, so it is necessary to get an additional cover for these sports. An ideal winter sports travel insurance plan must cover the specific sports for which you are taking this trip, your emergency medical and hospitalization expenses and other mishaps that may spoil your trip.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance:

Winter sports travel insurance plans differ from standard travel insurance plans in certain ways.

Standard travel insurance policy may not be appropriate for a ski or ice skating or any other winter sports holiday. Winter sports travel insurance plans are specially designed for the people who are sports lover and who spend their winters sporting!

Before you buy winter sports travel insurance plan you must make following things sure:

* What are the sports in which you’ll be participating?

* Ensure that you include that winter sports cover in your plan.

* What is the maximum amount for medical and other cover?

* Consider cover for necessary things such as valuable sports equipment, travel disruption.

* Will you be able to participate in more than one sport?



Winter sports are extremely dangerous because of the high number of health related risks involved in them. Any injury can cause seriously spoil your entire trip and can cause lifetime damage. To avoid the huge medical bills and excessive hospital charges, getting maximum medical coverage should be your foremost priority. Winter sports insurance policy may not give you cover if you fail to disclose any of your pre-existing medical conditions. You may add cover for any pre-existing medical conditions while filling up the necessary details.


Commonly an insurer covers the regular sports activities such as ice skiing, sledding etc. Some plans may include off- paste skiing. This type of skiing is usually done in the unmarked or unpatrolled area. You may need to have a skilled instructor if you go off-piste skiing. You will be covered for an off-piste ski only if you are accompanied by a fully trained ski instructor.


Since winter sports are full of extreme risks, huge accidents are likely to occur during such sports. We come across many cases where people get permanently disabled or even lose their on winter sports trip. If such an unwanted event happens to you, the heavy expenses shall be covered by your insurance provider.


Along with the above mentioned benefits, winter sports travel insurance policy also covers you for some ordinary losses such as lost baggage, passports and other valuables, trip cancellation due to bad weather or any other reason. This plan also covers you for any such event where you damage someone’s personal liability or are sued by someone on your trip.


*You must read the small prints very carefully before buying a travel insurance policy as it will give a thorough knowledge of all the terms and conditions of policy.

*Before buying travel insurance policy you must make sure the specific sports of your interests are covered in it.

*Be specific about the category of sports for which you are going because for some dangerous sports the company designs entirely different policy. You’ll have to be sure of the winter sport activity as it is being covered in your plan or not.

*You must prefer the plan that would give you optimum cover to the areas like medical expenses, specific sports coverage.

* You are always expected to ski safely. In order to avoid dangers you must never overlook any official warnings or advice.

* For an off-piste ski cover you’d be provided with well-trained ski instructor.

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