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What can kids do in Las Vegas?

Kids in Las Vegas

Many people believe that Las Vegas isn’t a place for kids or teenagers. This belief is wrong and far from the truth – there are various activities in Las Vegas for children of all age groups – starting from toddlers to late teenagers. So, stop asking what can kids do in Las Vegas.

In fact, if you are an adult but a kid at heart, you may also love the activities we are going to list below:

Free activities for kids

If you are in Las Vegas and haven’t yet seen the fountains at Bellagio, you aren’t planning your holiday right. Make sure you land up at Bellagio around 5 pm so you can see the botanical garden when there is light. Once you are done with the garden, you and your kid can witness the Bellagio fountain in its full grandeur.

There is also an animatronics show called Fall of Atlantis at Caesar’s Palace, which your kid should witness. Your child shouldn’t miss Streetmosphere as well, which is a street full of performers aimed at catching the attention of all kids.

Explore kid activities in Las Vegas and book tickets!

Amusements Parks & Amusement Rides

Las Vegas is full of rides and parks that will appeal to kids of all age groups. We recommend you first try out Big Apple Coaster and Arcade at the New York Hotel and Casino at New York.

Once your child has experienced the same you can move to Insanity, X-Scream and The Big Shot – the thrill rides on top of Stratosphere which are built with kids’ entertainment in mind. Also worth checking out is the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus, which is five acres of indoor fun for children of all age groups.

If you book early you may also get deals and discounts at the Adventure Dome. If your kid is into water activities, it makes sense to show them the Wet and Wild water park. Some children don’t like rides but worry no more for you can take such kids to the Silverton Aquarium the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, and the Dolphin Habitat.

Immersive Action Activities

If you want your children to grow up to be detectives, there is a place in Las Vegas you can take them to – CSI: The Experience.

In case you didn’t know at “CSI: Experience” your kid will go through various crime scenes, notice clues, guess what went wrong and then solve the case. Once he (or she) solves the case, they will also get a CSI Certificate.

Madame Tussaud’s at Las Vegas should be the next stop, especially if your kid is a teenager because then he/she would appreciate the wax models at Tussaud’s. If your kid loves biology we strongly recommend taking him to “Bodies: The Exhibition” where he can get to know everything about the human body.

Now that you know there are a lot of activities that children in Las Vegas can indulge in, please don’t hesitate from bringing your kid on your Las Vegas vacation. It is even possible to leave your kids in your hotel, because most hotels in Las Vegas have babysitters and teenage friendly services within the premises.

Explore kid activities in Las Vegas and book tickets!

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