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Walking holidays in Poland – guided private and group walking tours

Walking holidays in Poland

If you’re thinking of taking a self-guided holiday on foot, then Poland offers you a superb destination. Poland is a hiking paradise.

With over 15,000 miles of trails, marked for trekking, Poland is the best choice in Europe for these kinds of group walking holidays. If you are an active adult or a teenager, you are bound to create memories on these walking holidays in Poland.

The climate in Poland is certainly not a hurdle for it is comfortable throughout the year, with the summer temperature going up to 20 degrees. The various mountain ranges and the dense forests offer a spectacle for the hikers.

Walking holidays are the self-guided tours which allow the active travelers to explore a place, in more details. You can indulge yourself in a stroll down the track for days and even weeks.

The variation of the route helps you chalk out a very detailed hiking plan down the mountain ranges of Poland. The gentle ups and downs of the mountain peaks will certainly keep the hikers engaged.

Walking vacations give you the freedom to know a place, at your own time and convenience. Equipped with accurate route information you can enjoy an entire holiday on foot.

There are enough walking tour agents available who can help you plan these vacations. Do mention your preference – singles walking holiday or a group walking holiday – and the tour operator will do the rest.

While speaking to the travel agent, you should know that singles walking holiday is also known as a private guided walking holiday.

What to expect on walking holidays?

Walking and hiking had been a long-lasting tradition for various Polish families as well as the youth. Self-guided holidays are very popular in the Polish highlands. With about 23 National parks and more than hundred landscape parks Poland offers her hikers a rich landscape to traverse.

Walker’s holidays in Poland allows the hikers to explore the beauty of rural Poland. Poland is a heaven for nature enthusiasts. Apart from the hills, forests and natural parks, the country also has various protected areas with endangered flora and fauna.

It is only the trekkers who can enjoy the beauty of the traditional architecture of Zakopane. It is only through the group walking holidays who can savour the taste of original smoked cheese of Poland.

The travelers on foot can also enjoy the spectacle of the Tatrzanski National park. It is a very popular destination for walkers and hikers. If you wish to wander around the Polish spruce and pine forests, whilst exploring the beauty of the forests and the hills, then it is the perfect place to be. Filled with lakes and ridges, forests and mountains, Poland will enthrall the hikers, to their hearts’ content. More about Poland

You can head towards the historic Krakow and get a glimpse of medieval Poland. The cathedrals, the castles, and the marketplace will allow the travelers to connect with the past of this enchanting European count, y.
Polish walking holidays can sometimes get challenging – for instance if you choose the route that requires you to climb the 2499 metres high Mt. Rysy peak.

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Hiking holidays in Poland

Hiking holidays in Poland
Poland has a network of 15,000 waymarked hiking trails – which makes it one of the best hiking holiday destinations in Europe. No hiking holiday in Poland is complete without walking a trail on the Tatra Mountains.

Poland allows the wanders to traverse the depth of the vast mountain ranges and dense fragrant forests. Hiking holidays in Poland and self-guided holidays will allow you to enjoy a wide variety of landscapes.

With medieval cities and great natural parks, Poland offers itself as the perfect country to traverse by foot. It caters to the taste and preferences of all kinds of hikers. For foot travelers, Poland has towns and cities like Niedzica and Krakow, where they can immerse themselves in the magic of medieval Europe.

The castles and the forts will take the hikers back to the days of knights and ladies. Also, the hikers can feel the chill of the Auschwitz and the concentration camps. Travellers can also enjoy the mountains and the steep cliffs. The 2499 metres high Mt. Rysy throws quite a hiking challenge. Also, the parks and the forests let the travelers get lost in the wilderness.

The parks and the reserved forests comprise a major portion of the trail, where the hikers can enjoy the view of the woods. Sightings of animals are also not rare. Various animals like the deer, moose and rabbits are very common and numerous species of birds can also be sighted and heard down the track.

While hiking in the Polish highlands the travelers on foot can also enjoy the enchanting Sucha Beskidzka, which is a renaissance castle along with wooden country inn. Zawoja, a town popular for its winter sports activities, is also a great destination to include in the hiking route.

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Walking holiday tour package – important things to know

Difficulty of the route: Tour operators generally have walking/trekking routes of various difficulties and can offer you the one best suited to your needs. Do note that their suggestion of a route depends on what you convey to them about your walking/trekking abilities. Tip: Be honest.

Duration of daily walks: It is important to know how many hours a day you will be walking. This will also give you an idea of stops in between – maybe you will spend some time on the banks of a lake on the way, or visit ancient ruins etc – and help you be prepared. It is important to check on this before you book your walking holiday tour package.

Distance of daily walks: You need to know the number of miles/kilometers you will be walking a day. Being aware of this will help you put in some practice before your walking holidays begins.

What to Pack for a walking holiday in Poland?

There are two reasons for traveling light on a walking vacation – the fact that you will be carrying most of your stuff, and the fact that Poland’s temperatures during the walking/hiking period are soothing. The reduced weight of the luggage will not only help you cut down on the flight cost but will also help you gain extra steps.

Make sure that you follow these tips before going on a solo trip on foot in Poland:

Keep it Crisp: Don’t put in clothes which you are not going to wear on a trip. Remember that the weather will be comfortable and you don’t need to change that often.

Make a List: Make a short list before packing. List down all the essential things you need to carry before you start to pack. Think ahead and list down the bare minimum things.

Follow Pack-n-Half Rule: After your packing is done, recheck what you have packed. If it means unpacking, do it. Many times a second look at your bag can help reduce a significant number of items.

Dual Purpose Clothing: Add more dual-purpose clothing in your baggage. For instance, zip-off trousers can act as shorts and zip-off jackets can be worn many ways.

Think of Layering: If you are unsure of the weather take many lighter clothes, instead of heavy ones, which will take up more space in your backpack.

Merino Wool Clothing: Merino wools are walking travelers’ best friend. Outfits made of merino wool take much less space in your baggage and it is also much lighter when compared to regular wool jackets.

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