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Victoria Peak – Tram tickets, Sky Terrace, opening hours, Garden, hikes

Victoria Peak is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong, attracting 7 million visitors annually.

It is the highest point on Hong Kong island, which is why the locals refer to it as The Peak.

Besides the excellent views of Hong Kong skyline, The Peak also offers diverse entertainment options such as Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Sky Terrace 428, Madness 3D Adventure, hiking trails, etc.

Getting to Victoria Peak by the Funicular Railway Peak Tram itself is lots of fun.

This article covers everything you must know before booking tickets for Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.

What to expect at Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak offers stunning panoramic views of the city skyline, Victoria Harbor, and the surrounding landscapes.

Two shopping and leisure centers are built on the top of The Peak – Peak Tower and Peak Galleria.

The Peak Tower has a large upper terminal of the Peak Tram, and from its terrace, visitors can look down to the city.

A little further up is Sky Terrace 428, from where guests can enjoy a better view.

Where to buy Tram tickets

You can buy Victoria Peak Tram tickets at the Tram stations, or you can buy them online.

When you buy them at the station, you will be forced to stand in two lines – the line at the ticket counters and the line to board the Peak Tram.

1. Queue at the ticket counters

Crowd at Peak Tram stations
Check out the crowd to buy Peak Tram tickets at the Lower Peak Tram station. When you buy your Peak Tram tickets online, you avoid these queues completely. Image: HongKongBoothy
Skip the long lines at Peak Tram Station
When you buy your tickets online and reach the station, you stand in the shorter line – the one reserved for “pre-purchased ticket holders”. You show your online ticket on your mobile and enter the Peak Tram Terminus. Image: Klook.com

2. Queue to board the train

Queue to board Peak Tram train
During crowded times this wait to get into a Peak Tram can even last 30 minutes. Image: Jorge Lascar

We recommend below two types of Victoria Peak Tram tickets –

Peak Tram Sky Pass

This is the cheaper option.

When you buy the Peak Tram Sky Pass, you can skip the line at the ticketing counter (because you already have the ticket), but you must stand in the long queue to get into the Victoria Peak Tram.

Peak Tram Fast Track ticket

This is the costlier option but can save you up to two hours of waiting time.

When you buy Peak Tram Fast Track ticket, a guide handholds you and gets you to the front of all the lines and ensures you sit in the Peak Tram without waiting.

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How do online tickets work

Go to the Peak Tram booking page, select your preferred date and the number of tickets, and buy the tickets right away.

Once you purchase Victoria Peak tickets, they get delivered to your email address. 

There is no need to get printouts of the ticket. 

You can show the e-ticket on your smartphone when you visit the attraction.

Remember to bring your official IDs.

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Victoria Peak ticket prices

The cost of a ticket for a person for round trip Peak Tram, Sky Pass, and Madame Tussauds is HK$400.

The One-Way Peak Tram and Sky Terrace tickets 428 are priced at HK$180.

The Round-trip Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428 ticket is available at HK$210.

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Victoria Peak tickets

During your visit to Victoria Peak, there are only three places where you will need tickets to enter.

– Peak Tram
– Sky Terrace 428
– Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Rest of the places such as Green terrace, 3D Adventure, Nature walks, Victoria Peak Gardens, etc. are all free activities.

Of these three paid experiences, the Peak Tram and Sky terrace tickets are most important because, without these two, your trip to Victoria Peak will be incomplete.

You can spend a little extra and buy the Fast Track tickets, which help you save up to 2 hours of waiting time at the Peak Tram station.

Or if you are on a budget, you can buy the regular tickets online, which save you about an hour because you won’t have to stand in ticketing lines.

Fast Track ticket

Victoria Peak Fast Track ticket is very flexible, and you can handpick the experiences you want to add to this ticket.

The two most popular combinations are: Peak Tram + Sky Pass + Madame Tussauds and Peak Tram + Sky Pass.

Sky Pass gets you access to Sky Terrace 428, which is an observatory on Victoria Peak offering excellent views of Hong Kong skyline.

When you buy this ticket, you get onto the Peak Tram through the exclusive line for Klook’s customers. There is no waiting.

Ticket Prices

Peak Tram round trip + Sky Pass + Madame Tussauds: HK$400

One-Way Peak Tram & Sky Terrace 428: HK$180

Round trip Peak Tram & Sky Terrace 428: HK$210

Sky Pass

When you purchase Peak Tram Sky Pass online, you skip the queue at the ticketing window and wait in the line for ‘Pre-purchased Ticket Holder.’

Because of this, you save almost one hour of waiting time, at the Peak Tram station.

Besides the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak, this ticket also gets you access to Sky Terrace 428.

Ticket Prices

One Way Open Date Tickets

Adult Ticket (12+ years): HK$129
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): HK$64
Senior Ticket (65+ years): HK$64

Round Trip Open Date Tickets

Adult Ticket (12+ years): HK$158
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): HK$79
Senior Ticket (65+ years): HK$79

One Way Fixed Date Tickets

Adult Ticket (12+ years): HK$120
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): HK$60
Senior Ticket (65+ years): HK$60

Round Trip Fixed Date Tickets

Adult Ticket (12+ years): HK$149
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): HK$74
Senior Ticket (65+ years): HK$75

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How to go to Victoria Peak

There are four ways to reach Victoria Peak Hong Kong – by taxi, by bus, by Peak Team, and by hiking.

Bus to Victoria Peak

Bus No. 15 is the second most popular option (after Peak Tram) to get to The Peak.

Locals love the Bus ride because of the scenic route it follows.

To board Bus No 15, first, you need to reach MTR Central Station.

Then head for Exit A of the Station.

Once you step out of Exit A, look across, and you will see a bus stop – that’s where you will find the bus which can take you to Victoria Peak.

This location is near Star Ferry Pier 8.

The Bus journey from MTR Central Station to Victoria Peak takes anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Cost of the bus ticket from Central Bus Terminus to Victoria Peak is HK$ 9.80 per person.

Kids below 12 years of age and Seniors above 65 years get 50% discount on their bus fare.

Important: Many tourists confuse between Bus No. 15 and Bus No. 15C. To get to Victoria Peak you must board Bus No. 15 and to go to Peak Tram’s Lower Terminus get onto Bus No. 15.

Taxi to The Peak

If you prefer a private mode of transport, and money isn’t an issue Taxi is the best way to reach Victoria Peak.

As a rule, in Hong Kong Taxi drivers must strictly go by the meter.

If you hire a Taxi from Central Station, in 20 minutes, you can reach Victoria Peak.

However, the ride will cost you HK$ 100, which makes it the costliest option.

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Victoria Peak Tram

Peak Tram is one of the world’s oldest and most famous funicular railways and is used to go up the Victoria Peak.

It is often referred to as Victoria Peak cable car and is the most preferred way to go up The Peak.

So much so, 4 million tourists board Victoria Peak Tram every year.

Tram hours

Victoria Peak Tram is open 365 days a year, including public holidays.

The first Peak Tram leaves for the Victoria Peak at 7 am, and the last Tram stops at midnight.

Tram stations

The Victoria Peak Tram in Hong Kong has six stations.

The upward journey towards the Victoria Peak starts from the lowest station called Garden Road Lower Terminus.

The Tram passes by four not-so-important stations before it reaches the Upper Terminus on Victoria Peak (also known as Peak Tower Station)

All tourists get down at the Upper Terminus.

The Peak Tram takes only seven minutes to cover the 1.4 Km (0.86 miles) long journey to Victoria Peak.

In effect, Peak Tram is the fastest way to reach Victoria Peak.

Well, almost.

Since Peak Tram is very popular with tourists in Hong Kong, there are massive lines which sometimes result in a waiting period of up to two hours.

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Victoria Peak hours

There are lots of things to do and see at Victoria Peak Hong Kong.

We list below the opening hours of all the major attractions at The Peak.

Sky Terrace 428

The Sky Terrace 428, the Observatory from where you get to see stunning views of Hong Kong opens at 10 am on weekdays.

On weekends and public holidays, to cater to the surge of tourists, they open early – at 8 am.

All through the week, Sky Terrace 428’s closing time is 11 pm.

The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower houses the Upper Terminal of the Peak Tram and a lot of the restaurants, shops and entertainment options (including Sky Terrace 428) at Victoria Peak.

From Monday to Friday, The Peak Tower opens at 10 am and closes at 11 pm.

On Weekends and public holidays, it opens at 8 am.

The closing time continues to be 11 pm even on holidays.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Madame Tussauds at Victoria Peak is one of the must-visit attractions, and it opens daily at 10 am. Book Your Visit

It closes at 10 pm every day.

Madness 3D Adventure

This free to enter, interactive 3D experience at Victoria Peak opens at 10 am and closes at 11 pm, every day.

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How long does Victoria Peak take

If you plan to walk up to the Victoria Peak (following the path beside the peak tram track), it will take 1 hour.

Apart from the Victoria Peak if you wish to explore Peak Galleria, Lugard Road, Peak Tower, Peak Circle Walk, and Victoria Peak Garden, you may need 6 to 7 hours.

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Victoria Peak at night

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong offers fantastic views and entertainment opportunities all through the day.

After all, the entertainment options, viewing platforms, restaurants, bars, etc. are open till 11 pm.

Victoria Peak at day or night

Victoria Peak at day and night offer different charm.

Tourists with enough time on hand, try and arrive at Victoria Peak by 5 pm and stay on for the sunset to transition into the night (usually by 8 pm).

Some even sneak in a quick walk to go around the Peak to see day views from all sides of the mountain, and then sit down for a drink and watch the night view.

Traveling to Victoria Peak at night

Since everybody wants to combine the day and night experience at Victoria Peak, Peak Tram is very crowded from 4 pm to 7 pm.

From Monday to Thursday, waiting time between these hours can be around 45 minutes, and during the rest of the days (and public holidays) it goes up to 90 minutes.

We recommend you buy the Peak Tram Fast Track combo (no waiting at all) or Peak Tram Sky Pass (reduces your waiting time by 50%).

If budget is a concern, you can always take the bus to Victoria Peak at night.

You can board bus number 15, from MTR Central station (near Star Ferry Pier 8).

This bus goes through central Hong Kong, then through Wan Chai before starting its climb up Peak Road.

If you start later than 7 pm, the bus gets you to Victoria Peak in a little more than 30 minutes because there is hardly any traffic at night.

The bus drops you at the last bus stop called ‘The Peak’ right in front of the shopping mall called Victoria Peak Galleria.

View from Victoria Peak at night

View from Victoria Peak at night
The stunning Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Peak, after the lights come on. Image: Carl Nenzen Loven

At night, Hong Kong lights up like a futuristic Metropolis, and it seems as if all the skyscrapers are competing for your attention.

Each building displays its flashing lights, bright animations, and even lasers to woo you.

If you are watching Hong Kong’s night view for the first time, it gets magical.

Beyond the city’s skyline lies Victoria Harbour reflecting its charm over the concrete.

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What to do in Victoria Peak

There is a lot to do and see at Victoria Peak, HK.

No wonder more than seven million tourists visit this destination every year.

Besides the regular shopping, dining, and roaming around here are some attractions you must try.

Peak Tower

The wok-shaped Peak Tower building is the center of all entertainment at Victoria Peak.

Besides housing the Upper Terminal of the Peak Tram, it also offers shopping, dining, and fun activities.

Attractions such as Sky Terrace 428, 3D Adventure, Madame Tussauds, etc. are in this building.

The Peak Galleria

The Peak Galleria is right opposite the Peak Tower and is yet another shopping complex with lots of restaurants.

The biggest attraction at Peak Galleria is the Green Terrace from where you get to see views of Victoria Harbour, Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and the South China Sea.

Madame Tussauds

Located at The Peak Tower, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is a hit, especially with the younger generation.

It is a perfect place for numerous selfies with the wax statues of celebrities from the world over.

Some of the famous faces you can see are Donald Trump, Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, etc. Buy The Ticket

Sky Terrace

Sky Terrace 428 is the highest observatory in the whole of Hong Kong. It is also referred to as Victoria Peak Sky Terrace.

At 428 meters above sea level, it offers stunning 360-degree panoramic views of Hong Kong and beyond.

This viewing platform has an entry ticket, and the best way to ensure you don’t miss it is by booking one of the two combo tickets available.

You can choose between Fast Track Combo (VIP Peak Tram tickets + access to Sky Terrace) or Peak Tram Sky Pass (Regular Peak Tram tickets + Sky Terrace entrance).

Madness 3D Adventure

Madness 3D Adventure is a unique interactive experience, which you can enter for free.

You get to see 3D artworks of famous Hong Kong scenes, created by local artists.

Some of the popular 3D activities include bungee jumping from Sky Terrace 428, pulling the Peak Tram up the mountain by yourself, etc.

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Best viewing spots in Victoria Peak

Tourists love to look at Hong Kong’s stunning skyline from the numerous vantage points on Victoria Peak.

We list below four places on The Peak from where you can get amazing views.

Sky Terrace 428

Sky Terrace 428 is the highest viewing platform in the whole of Hong Kong.

This observatory is on the top floor of Peak Tower.

On a good day, it offers unobstructed 360-degree panoramic views of the skyscrapers, Victoria Harbour and New Territories.

Sky Terrace 428 has an entrance fee. We recommend you buy the Peak Tram Fast Track combo, which also includes access to the Sky Terrace.

If you want cheaper access to the Sky Terrace, try the Sky Pass.

Lion’s Pavilion

The Lion’s Pavilion is yet another spot from where you can look down on Hong Kong Island.

You need to take a short walk towards the left of the Peak Tower to reach the Lion’s Pavilion.

However, since the entry is free, this multi-level viewing platform is always crowded.

This Pavilion has benches for visitors to sit, relax, and enjoy the skyline.

The Peak Galleria Green Terrace

The Peak Galleria is right across the Peak Tower.

It is a multi-level shopping complex with an observation deck on the third floor.

Its free-to-enter observation deck is also known as the Green Terrace.

Even though the Green Terrace is not as high as Peak Tower, you still get excellent views of Victoria Harbour, etc.

Lugard Road lookout

Since this viewing spot requires a bit of a hike, it isn’t as popular with the regular tourists.

However, if you don’t mind putting in a little bit of an effort, we highly recommend you try the Lugard Road Lookout.

To reach this spot, you need to walk along the Peak Circle Trail for about 15 minutes.

To get onto to the Peak Circle Trail, from the Peak Tower, head towards Lugard Road and continue walking.

This viewing spot has no entry fee.

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Victoria Peak Garden

The Victoria Peak Gardens are 30 minutes by walk from the Peak Tower.

However, it is best to drive up or order a taxi.

If you are visiting Victoria Peak with kids, this Garden is a must-visit.

Much before it became a lush Victorian-style garden, this was the site of Mountain Lodge, the residence of the Governor of Hong Kong.

Benches, pagodas and Victorian garden fittings such as wrought iron railings add charm to the Garden’s winding paths and open green lawns.

After demolishing the Governors’ residence, the old Gate House has been kept intact.

Since families like to spend time here, facilities such as public restrooms and refreshment stall exist.

While both Peak Tower and Peak Galleria offer views only in the Northern direction, the Victoria Peak Gardens offer 360-degree views.

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Victoria Peak hikes

Locals in Hong Kong love walking and hiking, thanks to the numerous offbeat paths and trails in the region.

But they aren’t great fans of the Victoria Peak hike because they think it is one long uphill struggle without much variety.

However, Victoria Peak trails are quite popular with visitors.

Hikes involving Victoria Peak

There are three ways you can indulge in a Victoria Peak hike –

Victoria Peak Hikes

1. A climb up to Peak Tower on Victoria Peak mountain
2. A climb from Peak Tower to the top of the Victoria Peak mountain
3. Hiking down from the Victoria Peak

None of these trails are long or complicated, but they offer fantastic views.

Now let’s explain these three different hikes in detail.

Hiking to Peak Tower, Victoria Peak

The Peak is Hong Kong’s most famous attraction and offers excellent views from the top.

And when you hike to the top, you get to see the stunning views unfold in front of your eyes with each step you take.

The hiking trail to the Peak is easy, but be ready for a steep incline.

MTR Central to The Peak hiking route
Some call this path a walking route and some call it a hike, but however you categorize it this path definitely has some of the best views. Map Courtesy: Thepeak.com.hk

You start this hike from Exit J2 of Central MTR Station and follow the path as shown in the map above.

This Victoria hike trail is 2.8 Kms (1.75 Miles) long and takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

Hiking from Peak Tower to the Summit

There are three hikes which start from the Peak Tower and go higher up Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong trail

Hong Kong trail map
Map Courtesy: Thepeak.com.hk

At 3.5 Kms (2.2 Miles) this is the longest nature walk trail at Victoria Peak.

It is also known as the Peak Circle Trail and is quite popular with the locals, especially the runners.

From Peak Tower, you need to head towards Lugard Road.

If you stick to your right, you will reach Harlech Road.

If you stick to this road, you will be back to the place from where your hike originated.

You thus end up circling the Victoria Peak.

Fifteen minutes into this walk, you will reach the Lugard Road lookout, which offers excellent views of Hong Kong.

If you walk at your own pace, the Hong Kong trail takes 90 minutes to complete.

Mount Austin Road trail

Mount Austin Road trail map
Map Courtesy: Thepeak.com.hk

This hike starts from Tram Terminus at the bottom of Mount Austin Road.

Hiking up Mount Austin Road, all the way up to Victoria Peak Gardens, via Mount Austin Playground can get very exciting.

Once you reach Mount Austin Playground, a park popular with families, you can decide to continue further or walk back.

If you get back, it will be a 10-minute hike.

Victoria Peak Garden trail

Victoria Peak Garden trail map
Map Courtesy: Thepeak.com.hk

If you continue walking beyond the Mount Austin Playground, towards Victoria Peak Gardens and Mountain Lodge the hike gets a bit steeper.

Once you reach Victoria Peak Gardens, you will be 554 meters (1820 feet) above sea level, just the perfect height for a 360-degree unobstructed view around you.

Victoria Peak Garden has a small refreshment kiosk, so you can relax for a bit before walking down.

This hiking trail lasts for 40 to 45 minutes.

From Peak Tower to base

Pok Fu Lam Country Park trail map
Map Courtesy: Thepeak.com.hk

To get to the bottom of the Victoria Peak, you need to take the Pok Fu Lam Country Park trail.

This hiking trail goes down the western side of Victoria Peak.

To catch this hiking trail, you need to keep Peak Lookout Restaurant to your right and head South on the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road.

You will cross Peak Galleria on your left.

You will hit a barrier on a wooden path, that’s when you need to take the small road going down towards the right.

This road takes you directly to Pok Fu Lam Country Park.

Stick to the trail, till you reach Pok Fu Lam Road.

Pok Fu Lam Country Park trail is one route, so it is not possible to get lost.

Since it is a downhill hike, it takes only 45 minutes.

Once you reach Pok Fu Lam Road, you can cross the street and board Bus No. 7, 71 or 91 going downhill.

If you need to catch the MTR, you can get down at the HKU Station.

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Victoria Peak restaurants

Restaurants in Victoria Peak Hong Kong offer a perfect mix of both Global and local cuisine.

If you decide to have lunch or dinner at The Peak, you can choose from these four restaurants, which also offer amazing views.

All these restaurants are in The Peak Tower.

Their pricing is also quite similar – a reasonable lunch costs approximately HK$ 175/person while dinner is likely to put you back by around HK$ 300/person.

1. Wildfire+

This Pizza Bar and Bar is the perfect place to enjoy some perfectly charred, thin-crust pizza with a drink of your choice. 

Two of the other tourist favorites are the Grilled M5 Wagyu Tomahawk Steak and Homemade Gnocchi.

Opening hours: 12 pm to 11 pm, daily
Location: Shop 102, Level 1, The Peak Tower

2. Fujiyama Mama

Fujiyama Mama offers an exquisite Japanese dining experience, with sensational views. 

The cuisine is a nice mix of Japanese food items delivered Western-style.

Do check out their signature dishes such as Fujiyama Mama Sashimi, Kimchi Gyoza, and Mama Karaage.

Opening hours: 11:30 am to 11 pm, daily
Location: Shop 204, Level 2, The Peak Tower

3. LúFēng

Lu Feng is a 1960s and 1970s style restaurant offering excellent Hong Kong cuisine, all day long.

If you love Dim Sum, Wok-fried dishes, Barbeque meat, and Hong Kong-style seafood look no further than Lu Feng.

Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm on weekdays, 10 am to 11 pm on Sat, Sun & Public holidays
Location: Shop 3A-B, Level 2&3, The Peak Tower

4. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant

Bubba Gump is the only restaurant chain in the whole world, themed on a popular movie.

Based on Forrest Gump’s life, philosophy and love for Shrimp, this restaurant offers a family-friendly fun-dining experience.

During your visit, do try out their specialties Dixie-Style Baby Back Ribs, Accidental Fish & Shrimp or Shrimper’s Heaven.

Opening hours: 10.30 am to 11 pm, daily
Location: 304 – 05, Level 3, The Peak Tower

>> Reserve table at Bubba Gump Shrimp


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