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Travel insurance policy for India – individuals, family & seniors

Travel insurance plans for India

India as a travel destination has become quite popular and with that, the need for travel insurance policy for India has gone up.

With globalization, more people are traveling to different parts of the world quite easily for various reasons like tourism, business, honeymoon etc. However, many people don’t have a travel insurance while they are on a trip. It is very necessary to have travel insurance when you travel to various locations particularly exotic destinations like India because God forbid calamities can happen anywhere and as the saying goes better safe than sorry. It provides you an umbrella to cover all the risks – medical and non-medical – and thus has become a necessity. Not just India, any time you travel overseas you should buy an insurance policy for yourself and be safe. Idea is to buy the cheapest yet the best insurance policy, after comparing all the available quotes online. The objective of a good extended insurance policy is to give you peace of mind during your travels.

People travel to India for various reasons like tourism, experiencing the rich culture and visiting various monuments and national parks. People also come for their higher studies and these days medical tourism has also become very popular. The low cost and yet high quality of treatment has meant good surge of medical tourism to India. Whatever your reason, always have a travel insurance to cover you up when you visit India.

The destination you are traveling decides the insurance cover you need, and thankfully buying an insurance policy in India is much cheaper than it is in USA or European travel. This is because of the cost difference in medical treatment in different destinations. Once again, before you buy a policy do a proper comparative analysis where you compare policy features such as online services offered, the payment options, the network of hospitals, is a toll-free number for emergency contact available etc.

Travel insurance plans for India

Various insurance companies provide travelers with different insurance plans to suit the various needs. If you go online and try to compare whats on offer you will notice that there is a choice of varied policies fro insurance for individuals, insurance for families and insurance for senior citizens. Do all the reading and comparison, and then choose the plan that fits the bill for your India travel. Always compare the plans and policies. Idea is to not go by just the sum insured and the premium to be paid. Some of these policies offer you cashless hospitalization anywhere in the World, so do check and compare before you buy.

Travel insurance for individuals travelling to India

Traveling to India can expose a person to lots of risks. Travel insurance for individuals is thus tailored to cover you from various mishaps like theft, baggage loss, trip cancellation, medical emergency etc. The insurance policy covers you from all of these for just a fraction of money you would otherwise need.

Benefits of individual travel insurance

1) Covers expenses of hospitalization.

2) Loss of baggage and other incidental expenses

3) Cover for missed flights, delayed or canceled trips

4) Emergency cash advancement in case of need of cash immediately while traveling

5) Covers for loss against burglary at home while you were traveling

Travel insurance for family travelling in India

India being an extremely diverse country attracts lots of families for tourism and it becomes very hard in case of any mishaps as children can get affected as well. This leads to a major blip in your travel plans, which you can avoid by being careful and buying a cheap and yet best travel insurance policy before you start your travel to India. It is very important that you have an insurance policy that covers the whole family in case anything goes wrong. Family insurance plans generally cover the couple and up to two children (21 yr old). If you have a third kid you can always get an individual travel policy separately for him or her.

Benefits of family travel insurance

1) Covers expenses of hospitalization for the whole family
2) Loss of unchecked baggage and other incidental expenses
3) Covers you against trip cancellation, trip curtailment
4) Covers loss due to burglary while you were traveling

Travel insurance for senior citizens travelling to India

If you are gong to travel to India with your parents or grand parents, there are good insurance policies, which can cover them too. These tend to be a bit costlier than other policies because of the risks involved. Traveling to India can expose senior citizens to lots of risks, to the best thing to do is to compare insurance policies online and just go and buy one. Travel insurance for senior citizens is thus tailored to cover you from various mishaps like theft, baggage loss, trip cancellation, medical emergency etc.

Companies that offer insurance package

There are many companies that offer attractive insurance plans or policies for everyone according to their needs. You can compare different policies online, check on their claim policies, claim amounts, settlement history, insurance features, customer reviews online etc and purchase the best one for yourself. Most of the companies provide the facility to purchase the plan online itself. Some of the prominent companies offering travel insurance are Tata AIG, Bajaj Allianz , HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lombard, Reliance General, Royal Sundaram, Religare, Apollo Munich etc. These companies also provide you with an online chat support team if you have any queries.

Important: While you are comparing the travel insurance policies for your travel to India, do check out their record for settlement of overseas travel insurance claims. Read reviews about every company that offers insurance policies and then go ahead and buy it online.

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