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Travel insurance plans for travelers aged 65


Most of the people across the world aim to retire by the time they turn 65. That’s the age when you want to just sit and relax, with a lot of money in your pocket.

A lot of people look at their retirement as the perfect time to travel the world as well. But despite you being in good health and high spirit for traveling, some of you will find it difficult to find the right travel insurance plan at an affordable price.

As you grow older, there are also chances of deteriorating health. This will also result in a higher premium price when you opt for a travel insurance policy at the age of 65.

What coverage do you need at the age of 65?

When you reach the age of 65 you ought to be careful to find the perfect travel insurance plan for yourself. To know what sort of plan you exactly require, you should first review your health.

Almost all the firms providing travel insurance plans insist that you go through a complete medical checkup before opting for one. It’s also advisable to decide your destination based on your current health. You should also have a fair idea of the duration of the trip and the kind of activities you will do during your trip.

To ensure true value for money services and maximum benefits of your travel insurance plan, you should go for the plan that includes the following:

Trip interruption or delay coverage

You should go for such plans which offer you coverage for trip interruptions or delays. It’s better to be equipped with a travel insurance plan, which will help you in such unforeseen situations.

Emergency medical conditions coverage

Though it may not sound very pleasant but the bitter truth is that at the age of 65, there is a higher risk of injury or sickness. So you must go for such a travel insurance plan that can provide you maximum amount of emergency medical coverage.

Ambulance service coverage

If there is any such travel insurance plan that provides you coverage for ambulance charges, it will be best for you.

Loss of baggage or personal items coverage:

Coverage in case of loss of baggage or personal items should also be one of your priorities when you search for the perfect travel insurance plan.

Accidental death coverage

It may sound cruel, but the reality is anything could happen to anyone, at anytime! Just to be on the safer side, opt for a travel insurance plan that provides you with accidental death coverage.

Hospitalization charges coverage

Hospitalization in a foreign land can be a tricky affair as you may not be fully aware of the terms and conditions, cost involved etc. If things take an unpleasant turn and you need to go to hospital during a holiday, it could definitely cost you a fortune. Keeping this in mind, you should always opt for a travel insurance plan that will ensure coverage for such sudden expenses.

Pre-existing medical conditions coverage

With age you are more prone to health issues and risk regarding health. In order to get the right level of coverage you need to tell your insurance provider everything about your pre-existing medical conditions.

It is common to be prescribed some regular precautionary medication at the age of 65. It is important to declare all your present as well as past medical conditions when buying the travel insurance plan.

Single trip coverage plan

At the age of 65, single trip coverage plan is the best type of plan for you because at 65, buying an annual policy may be unbelievably expensive. In case you travel four to five times within a year than you should consider buying an annual multi-trip policy. It will save you a lot of time and money.

Travel medical insurance plan

Without any doubt, travel medical insurance plan is a must for anyone at the age of 65, who is planning a holiday. When you are on a holiday, domestic or international, things could go wrong and unforeseen incidents and mishaps could occur anywhere.

All you can do is to be prepared for everything. If you have a travel insurance plan that covers your domestic and international trips, you can travel peacefully.

Benefits: Travel insurance medical plan is one of the best plans for so many reasons.

  • Travel medical insurance plan covers you against all unforeseen risks during your trip.
  • Travel medical insurance plan offers you coverage from emergency medical situations and hospitalization.
  • Chances are that you may find yourself in complex situations and you need help from local people around. You may or may not be familiar with local language. In such situations, your travel medical insurance provider can help you with emergency services.

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