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Travel insurance plans for Indians travelling to USA

Travel insurance plans for USA from India

Whether you travel often or not is immaterial, but if you are traveling to the USA from India, you better have an insurance plan which suits your India to USA trip.

Travel insurance is no more a luxury. It has become a necessity for it covers almost all your risks involved in travel. We all know that travel risks can’t be ignored.

Go ahead and do the wise thing – get a travel insurance plan for you and your family before you head out to the USA.

Indians travel to the USA for various reasons. For example, you might be a student who is in the USA for higher studies or you could be a businessperson making several trips to the USA in a year. You might be a parent visiting their children who are settled down in America or maybe you are just a traveler who has planned holiday in the USA.

Whatever be your reason to leave the shores of India and enter the USA, make sure you are not stressed out about the impending travel by taking a good travel insurance plan.

Travel insurance plans for Indian travelers to USA
There are numerous travel insurance plans for travelers who are visiting the USA from India. Lot of insurance companies offers various travel insurance plans for every type of traveler and their family. Here are some of these plans –

Student travel insurance plans

If you are an Indian student studying in USA, you are exposed to a lot of risks which a good student travel insurance can cover for you. For instance, a sudden medical expense that too in a foreign currency can set you back.

If something else goes wrong, you need monetary backup. Because you won’t be able to dig into your student loans or go back to your parent in India asking for money.

That’s why people like you need a student travel insurance plan. Just by paying a fraction of the amount you get your risks covered.

Benefits of student travel insurance plan

A student who is going to USA from India can have the following benefits from student travel insurance plan –

1) Such plans cover emergency medical expenses including expenses of hospitalization. Some also cover the evacuation of the student.

2) Such plans cover the loss of your checked in baggage

3) Such plans cover against bill bond and tuition fees

4) Such plan cover loss of your passport

5) Such plans cover your dental emergencies

6) Some of these plans also cover accident to sponsor

7) Such plans cover family visits

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Travel Insurance plan for individuals

If your purpose of traveling to USA is casual travel, then this insurance plan for individuals is apt for you. As you may be aware, traveling to USA from India entails a lot of risks – the risk of unknown.

Medical expenses including hospitalization in the USA can be prohibitively expensive at such high Dollar exchange rate. Good travel insurance plans for individuals cover you for all such risks at a fraction of the amount.

Benefits of travel insurance plan for individuals

Before you travel to the USA from India, we suggest you take the travel insurance plan for individuals because of the following benefits it gives you –

1) This plan covers for emergency medical assistance, medical and hospital during your trip to the USA. Do note that this insurance plan doesn’t cover cases of pre-existing medical issues.

2) It covers loss of passport and baggage during your trip to the USA

3) This insurance plan covers you against trip cancellation

4) Most of these plans cover you against burglary at your home in India when you are in the USA

5) This plan also covers you against dental emergencies

6) Covers you against personal accident in the USA

7) Most of the companies offering the travel insurance plan for individuals also cover you for a possible highjack by giving you x number of dollars for every day of being a hostage.

Travel insurance for family

If you are traveling to the USA with your family, you should go for this complete and inclusive plan. Especially since it is out of your country and away from your near and dear ones who can jump in to help.

The medical expenses in the USA can be prohibitively expensive since the Dollar-Rupee exchange rate isn’t favorable to the Indians. The travel insurance plan for family is specially designed for families who travel together and travel often. This plan covers the entire family (you, spouse-up to age of 60 and 2 children- under the age of 21).

Benefits of travel insurance plan for family

While traveling with family from India to the USA it makes sense to ensure your travel because any trip abroad can be full of risks and you can do with the following benefits –

1) As a family cover, this plan covers all members of your family for any kinds of medical assistance emergencies

2) It covers loss of passport of any of your family member

3) It covers loss of any checked in baggage during your trip to the USA

3) If your trip gets canceled due to certain reason, that also gets covered. Depending on from where you are getting the insurance, conditions may apply

4) This also covers you against burglary at your home while you are holidaying in the USA

5) Dental emergencies for any of your family member gets covered in this

6) Covers all your family members against personal accident in the USA

Travel insurance for senior citizens

If you are a senior citizen of India and you are traveling to the USA, this is a good travel insurance plan for you.

Benefits of travel insurance plans for senior citizens

Indian senior citizens traveling to USA can avail of these plans because they cover all areas covered by the travel insurance plans for families (as mentioned above).

Do note that this plan does not cover medical emergencies for senior citizens above the age of 85 years.

Companies selling travel insurance for USA from India

When it comes to insurance market and services, India has been growing by leaps and bounds. Indians have started understanding the importance of travel insurance and that it is no longer a luxury.

Almost all leading and well-reputed banks of India such as Bajaj Allianz, HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lombard, Tata AIG, Reliance General, Royal Sundaram, Religare, Apollo Munich and many more provide travel insurance. You can get their quote for travel insurance from their websites or just call them up.

Before buying a travel insurance plan for the USA from India, make sure you do all the necessary research and comparison.

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