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Travel insurance plans for age 70 and above


Every year more and more people are including world travel in their post-retirement plans. But many people over the age of 70 find it difficult to buy an insurance plan at a reasonable price. Travel insurance is expensive and it becomes tough to get an insurance plan easily as you get older, especially when you cross 70. It’s because the insurers find old people more at risk of injury and illness.

Key Features of travel insurance plan 70 and above

*Other than the cost for premium, travel insurance plan for people over 70 is quite similar to any other policy for young travelers. These plans also cover emergency medical expenses and other unforeseen mishaps that may spoil your trip.

* Travel insurance plan for over 70s are designed to meet the needs of an older traveler who is going on a cruise, visiting a new destination or going for a foreign trip.

* Since the travel insurance company gives you cover for medical expenses, prior to buying the plan, you must tell the insurer if you have any pre-existing medical condition. This will help you at the time of claim.

* Travel insurance plan for over 70s gives you medical care. If you are traveling to a foreign ground, getting medical care on a holiday could cost you a high amount. If you have bought a travel insurance plan, the expense will be borne by the company.

*Travel insurance plan also covers for lost or stolen bags, cost of canceling, delaying or cutting short your trip, hospital stay, personal accident, loss of personal money or missed departure.

*Travel insurance plan covers you as a personal liability, in case you are being sued for accidentally injuring other person or for damaging their property.

* If you are planning to go on a non-standard holiday that includes adventure sports like skiing or diving, you may have to pay extra premium for the cover.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the disclosure of any pre-existing medical condition before buying a travel insurance plan. The insurer may ask you for a specialist cover where you will have to pay extra premiums. If you are not answering medical related questions truthfully, it may cause problems for you while availing the benefits of your travel insurance plan.

When you reach at the age of 70 you ought to work more carefully in order to find a perfect travel insurance plan for yourself. To know what sort of plan you exactly want, you should review your health and go through complete medical checkup before purchasing the travel insurance plan. According to your current health situation, you should decide your destination. You should also have a fair idea of kind of activities you will do during your trip, how long your trip will last.

If you want to get the true value of your money and maximum benefits of your travel insurance plan, you should go for the plan that includes the following:

1) Emergency medical conditions coverage

2) Ambulance service coverage

3) Loss of baggage or personal items coverage

4) Accidental death coverage

5) Hospitalization charges coverage

6) Pre-existing medical conditions coverage.

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