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Travel insurance for Cruise travels


Travel insurance is necessary, it goes without saying but when it comes of cruise, having a travel insurance plan for a cruise becomes crucial.

Cruise holidays are far different from usual holidays. It is more fun because you got to spend a lot of time on cruise and it indeed is more fun than it sounds. But it also involved more risk in it than you can think of that’s why going on a cruise without cruise travel insurance is nothing but plan stupidity.

Be it Caribbean, Mediterranean, Australia, Istanbul, or around the world cruise, a right travel insurance is highly recommended.

Why you need cruise travel insurance?

As you may know having an umbrella in rainy season is always better than running for a shelter when it’s rain. You may not know the previous sentence because I just made it but it is true anyway. Answer following question:

  • You miss your cruise due to bad weather, civil disorder, some accident or any reason. Who will pay for your cancellation?
  • If you lost your luggage or it got delayed, who will pay for it?
  • When you are on cruise and some emergency happened and you need to stop your journey middle way and run for the nearest medical facility. Who will pay this additional and unimagined cost?
  • At last minute you cruise got cancelled, who will bear your loss?
  • Your passport got stolen, who will cover the risk?

If your answer for above question is ‘cruise’ or ‘cruise company’, forget about it. Your cruise will not cover any of such risks. These are for instance, there are many more risks involved in cruise travel. To cover yourself and your family from all the risk involved in a cruise trip, you need a smart and cheap cruise travel insurance plan.

Cruise Travel insurance plans

There are lot of cruise travel insurance are available in market all you need to do is better research and planning before buying the best one for you. Mostly cruise travel insurance plans come with time limits for the duration of each holiday, usually between 30 and 60 days.

The nature of cruise travel is like visiting lot of countries during one trip so your cruise travel insurance plan should be multi-trip cover type. Here are few plans which will give you a fair idea about cruise travel insurance plans:

Economy Plan:

This cruise insurance plan is best for travelers who are traveling to New Zealand, South West Pacific, Norfolk Island and domestic cruise around Australia. This cruise plan is light on pocket and covers what is essential.

Benefit: This cruise plan covers overseas medical and dental expenses incurred during the cruise. It also covers any medical expenses which incurred during your cruise journey, whether you were on cruise or on land. Cancellation cost, additional accommodation cost, loss or theft of baggage, theft of passport, are covered in this cruise insurance plan.

Basic plan

Basic plan is almost like Economy plan but it is not limited to few countries only. You can buy this cruise insurance plan for domestic and international cruise with coverage for emergency medical care.

Benefit: This cruise insurance plan covers emergency medical up to $10,000. Loss and damage of baggage, emergency medical transportation, trip cancellation & interruption is also covered in this plan. Do note reason of cancellation of your trip should be listed in your cruise insurance plan.

Classic Plan

Classic plan is one of the most popular cruise insurance plans because it gives you more reasons which are covered under trip cancellation & interruption. This plan is true value of money and gives you a worry free cruise trip experience.

Benefit: Classic cruise insurance plan is really classic, when it comes of benefits this plan has to offer. Emergency medical conditions including existing medical conditions are covered in this plan. Best thing about Classic cruise insurance is covered reasons for trip cancellation & interruption and these reasons are:

  • Delay or cancellation of trip due to poor weather conditions, strike, mechanical problems are covered in this cruise insurance plan
  • If your travel id delayed due to civil disorder, it is a covered reason of cancellation
  • Unfortunately, if some family member dies and you have to cancel your cruise, it is also covered in this cruise insurance plan
  • If your destination is recently was in under some natural disaster and you need to cancel your cruise, it will be covered by your cruise travel insurance
  • If some terrorist happened at your destination within 30 days of your scheduled arrival, you’d obviously like to cancel your trip. If you do so, your cancellation of trip will be covered by this cruise insurance plan

Classic Plan with Trip Plus

This cruise insurance plan is best if you are going on a family vacation and cruising with your family.

Benefits: This plan offers you all the benefits of Classic Plan and you will get the maximum coverage possible. Best thing about this plan is kids of 17 and under are covered in this plan for free if they are traveling with their parents or grandparents.

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