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Top meditation retreat in India

Top Meditation Retreat India

If we were to look for the top meditation retreat in India, it has to be Dalai Lama’s teachings, in Dharamsala. It is in this serene town that Dalai Lama teaches the meaning of life which then also translates into meditation.

The Lama’s teachings are free to the public, so best is if you book a resort or a retreat nearby during the scheduled Dalai Lama teaching (dates are provided Dalai Lama’s schedule in advance) and keep attending the teachings.

Of course, you always have the option of going for the best option which is the guesthouse run by the Dalai Lama’s brother.

Do remember that you can’t just walk in for Dalai Lama’s meditation retreat of sorts – you need to register first. Registrations work on a first come first served basis as long as seats are available and are opened 3-4 days before the teachings begin.

To register for this event, which we think is the best meditation retreat one can have in India, you need to visit the Tibetan Branch Security Office in McLeod Ganj (near Hotel Tibet) in person.

When you land up for registration for the Lama’s teachings, do bring in two passport size photographs.

Sometimes you may not understand what Dalai Lama is saying because his teachings are in Tibetan language, and gets translated if there is an approved translator around. But even if you can’t understand what he is saying the serenity the atmosphere provides makes it the best meditation retreat in India.

Please note that during meditation, no sleeveless tops or spaghetti straps are encouraged.

Top Meditation Retreat India
Dharamsala, where Dalai Lama teaches is definitely the top Meditation Retreat in India

Items to be avoided at venue of Dalai Lama’s teachings

  • Mobile phones
  • Recording devices
  • Camera
  • Sharp objects
  • Lighters
  • Cigarettes
  • Match Boxes
  • How to get to Dharamsala – the venue of Dalai Lama’s teachings

    Dharamsala has a small airport 18 kilometers away and flights from Delhi and Shimla land there, so you can make your pick. You can also reach India’s best meditation retreat by bus – take an overnight or day bus from Delhi and you will be able to reach your destination easily – within 13 hours.

    About Dharamsala

    At its lowest Dharamshala is around 1250 meters above sea level and at its highest, it is 1980 meters high. If you are coming in summer the top temperature raises till 37-38 degree Celsius.

    During peak winter (which is January) the minimum temperature is 0 degree Celsius and the top temperature can go up to 25 degrees Celsius. If you are traveling to Dharamshala in July, August and September remember to carry an umbrella.

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