Team of Writers

At, we have expertise in the travel domain.

Our talented writers (who also double up as researchers) are qualified with multiple degrees across a range of subjects.

Some have been in travel writing for many years while others have learned how to write about tourist attractions, after joining us.

Together, we have tried to eliminate the element of surprise in travel by researching and writing about 125+ tourist attractions in 16 cities.

We expect to cover 250 attractions by the end of 2020.

Over the last two years, we have grown to a team of 17 writers.

Jamshed V Rajan
He is a two-faced traveler, who enjoys both the hustle-bustle of an urban holiday and the serenity of a break from rest of the World. >>

Rekha Rajan
She loves to travel, and when not on the move, she reads about popular destinations or talks to travelers on forums. >>
Barkha Tiwari
She is a holidaymaker comfortable with vacations on sandy beaches, wildlife getaways, Cruises, or cultural breaks. >>
Pooja Das
She loves to explore city streets taking in the people, colors, smells, sounds and the overall culture surrounding her. >>
Shubhajyoti Sengupta
He travels to remote tourist destinations which offer activities, experiences and memories he has never tried before. >>
Uplabdhi Kamboj
Driven by a passion for the outdoors, she connects better with nature, and wildlife than Museums and monuments. >>
Vrinda Bhatia
She doesn’t prefer well-known destinations and clichéd touristy activities. If there is a twist in the itinerary, she’s game. >>
Anshu Pandey
While travelling she loves to be surprised by delicious food, splendid cultures, beautiful people and their stories. >>
Ankita Roy
Besides good seafood, this Engineer is a sucker for the way sand feels on the feet, and sea breeze on her face. >>
Divya Madaan
She loves to visit popular holiday destinations because they are easy to explore as a tourist. She hates surprises! >>
Mahek Chhabra
For her, destinations don’t matter as long as she can get out of her city. If there are no schedules to keep, even better! >>
Priyanka Dwivedi
Not wanting to leave anything to chance, she prefers sightseeing with the assistance of tour guides. >>
Yashika Bhati
From walking the coast of Thailand to being barefoot on the sands of Sahara, she loves all vacations. >>
Era Kaundal
In love with the beauty around her, she dreams of exploring the beautiful sights and people from all around the world. >>
Shobha Mahapatra
She loves to try local cuisine, clothes and language for it helps her build friendships everywhere she goes. >>
Garima Boken
One fine day, she plans to leave her studies and work and go on a backpacking trip with no end in sight. >>
Deeksha Anand
She prefers long vacations to short ones because they help her learn the diverse cultures better. >>
Divya Sachdeva
She doesn’t follow the usual traveler’s convention and rules and has her own definition of a holiday. >>