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Summer vacation in San Francisco with family and kids

Summer Vacation in San Francisco with family and kids

Summer is here and there are various reasons to celebrate the King of seasons. The most important of these reasons is the summer vacations, where everybody in the family including the kids can let their hair down. In United States, there are many places where a family and the kids can have a good summer vacation, but nothing beats San Francisco. If you are looking for a memory filled summer vacation, nobody can offer it to you and your children better than the city of San Francisco. Here is a list of things you can do during summer vacation in San Francisco, with your family and kids.

Summer vacations give us a chance to pursue all kind of fun activities. As a kid, these two months feel like a long party which just goes on and one. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create ever lasting memories for your kids – take them on a holiday to San Fransisco!

Kids’ activities in San Francisco

If you are a kid, there are so many interesting places to see and so many fun things to do in San Francisco. In fact, you will enjoy San Francisco even if you are an adult going with your kid.

1. Cable Car in San Francisco

For an authentic San Francisco experience, take a ride in the Cable car. These cars are the most fun and fast way to get around the city. Your kids will love the experience, as it is a tremendous fun for kids of all age. There are three lines. The most interesting ride, where you can see the delightful scenes of the hill city of San Francisco, is the Powell-Hyde line.

2. California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

One of the world’s largest museums of natural history, California Academy of Sciences is a renowned scientific and educational institution. This is an amazing place for kids and adults alike. They will surely love to know the past, present and future of nature. This summer vacation let there be some learning too for your kids.

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3. Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Steinhart Aquarium is one of the most biologically diverse and interactive aquariums in the world. This is a wonderful place and during your summer vacations in San Francisco with your kids, this becomes a must visit destination.

4. Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise, San Francisco

Sailing right under the Golden Gate Bridge, this very popular Bay Cruise is one of the top thing to do in San Francisco. Blue and Gold Fleet offers you various types of ferry and water excursion. Bay Cruise Adventure, Escape from the Rock Cruise and very-popular Rocket Boat. We assure you that your kids will never forget this summer vacation.

5. Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, San Francisco

This is one of the best places in San Francisco to have some fresh local food. Since 1993, this market has ben playing an important role of linking up urban inhabitants and local farmers. This market opens Tuesdays 10 am-2 pm and Saturday 8 am-2 pm. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend here, but just visit this market once during your summer vacation. We can guarantee a lot of fun even as you explore the food stalls.

6. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

Located in San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island is not just an island, it is a place of great historical significance. Once was a prison for dangerous criminals, this island is now one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco. A tour to this island is very popular so you must do your bookings in advance.

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7. Marina Green, San Francisco

Located in Marina District, Marina Green is one of the best picnic spots in San Francisco. If you are running short of time, a great picnic with family and kids on Marina Green will be enough. During summers this spot is beautiful and pleasant.

8. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Golden Gate Park is one of the best parks for children in San Francisco. A visit to this park is on in the list of every visitor who comes to San Francisco on a family vacation. This park has a strong family appeal because of its best swings, huge open space and playground, horse rides and many more activities that are fun.

9. Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Located in PIER 39, Aquarium of the Bay is a very interesting thing to experience in San Francisco during you summer vacations. Your kids and everyone in the family will love Under the Bay, Discover the Bay, and Touch the Bay experiences.

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10. Ella’s, San Francisco

Ella’s is very easy to reach and has a great reputation for being kid’s friendly restaurant in San Francisco. If you want to avoid the long lines and rush, try to reach Ella’s before 9 am. Food is exceptionally delicious here. This summer vacation go experimental with food.

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